Greener dining

green natural reclaimed wood dining table

Here at Modish Living, we are always looking at what people use in their every day lives.  It's this focus that always brings us back to the kitchen and dining room table.  

The reclaimed wood dining table seen in the image above is our signature piece of furniture.  We launched this dining table to our Moss range during the summer of 2013, and since the day it was launched, it has proved to bring around lots of conversations about it's historical use.  Nail holes and markings, all contribute to the beauty of this design.  

We often talk about the beauty of our products, however the other true beauty about our reclaimed wood furniture ranges are how all our products make a positive impact on the demands of natural resources.  Using timber which is rescued from old building across the UK, means less waste goes in to our landfills and less demand is put on our woodland (or indeed global forests).  


We would therefore like to thank all our customers for their support!  The more people we can get to buy either from managed and certified woodland, reclaimed wood, upcycled, recycled etc..  the more the world is moving in the direction of a healthier planet!



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