What is reclaimed wood?

 Often we all nod and smile when we talk about reclaimed wood furniture, all agreeing that yes it's ethical and sustainable.  

Here at Modish Living, we've noticed that many people are actually unsure what reclaimed wood means?   We get asked if it's some old piece of furniture painted up (similar to shabby chic).  Or if it's a piece of furniture that's put to another use (often referred to as upcycled or repurposed furniture).  Or is it just any unwanted old piece of wood found on the street... 

The term 'reclaimed wood' is used slightly differently to this. Across the world, we find homes and buildings are either falling apart, or being bulldozed down to make room for bigger and better ones.  Often the timbers in these historic buildings are still fantastic quality and solid, therefore completely reusable.  This wood is therefore salvaged and although it can be used in many places such as flooring, decking, paneling, we like to find ways to reuse this by building new and contemporary wood furniture.  

There is a huge environmental reason why it's good to use reclaimed wood, however there is also another reason - trend and beauty!

One of the beauties of reclaimed wood is the history it comes with.   The aging feel and look of the wood acts as a complete treasure when combined with more modern looks in your home or business.  Reclaimed wood used at Modish Living for making furniture is reliable, tough and sturdy.  With it's history bursting through, showing notches, nail holes and other characters of construction, is makes an excellent conversation, bringing in not only the ethics of the table, but history and craftsmanship.


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