Well loved and sumptuously soft


Genuine leather is unlike any other fabric. Sumptuously soft, it has a timeworn, well loved appearance that gets better with age. It’s also totally unique, with its own characteristics that will differ from hide to hide.

Genuine leather salutes the pedigree of the hide and with this comes variations in its finish and appearance. This is what we love about real leather. Each hide has its own natural characteristics, which not only gives each piece of furniture an authenticity, but makes every piece unique and one of a kind.


Perhaps the most distinctive of a sign of authenticity is the mark which was branded into the side of the cow. Surface scratches and scars are natural skin blemishes on all hides and adds special character to a piece of leather furniture. The marks won’t jeopardise the integrity of the leather, but will add to the authentic appearance of upholstery.


We all get them, right? The natural appearance of wrinkles in the leather is another distinctive feature of premium quality leather. You may even notice smaller holes that look similar to small pinpricks, but are simply bite marks left by flies or insects. Again, these won’t hurt the strength of the leather but will add to its distinctive look.


Lines which look like the veins of a leaf or a piece of marble are often seen on leather pieces. These are all part of the hide’s make-up and is not a fault; it will have no effect on the durability of your furniture.


These small round marks on the leather are known as blisters. They can naturally occur on the hides and are to be expected. All part of your leather furniture’s distinct personality.


The natural imperfections and robustness of leather is what makes it the ideal investment piece for the home. New marks, scars and light scratches all add to its character without compromising its quality or resilience. That’s why we love leather, warts and all!

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