About Daniela

About Daniela PavanWe feel really proud to work as a close team here at Modish Living.  Daniela Pavan is not only a valuable member of the team, but she leads the marketing that takes place, always working hard on the next idea. Daniela's marketing approach is diverse and energetic, something we just love!

1) What led you to launch your own virtual business?

A few years ago I took a six-month sabbatical and fell in love with the idea of a nomadic lifestyle. Today's technology breaks any boundaries and makes it totally possible, allowing people to work virtually, no matter where they live

My background is in Business and Economics, and I had 9-to-5 jobs for many years, as a Digital Project Manager, leading developments on different platforms (Digital TV, Web, Mobile). Guess what? All of them can have content created anywhere and delivered through the Internet!

Today, with my own business at DanielaPavan.com, I help brands build a better digital identity to create successful relationships with their customers.

work with a virtual team of highly skilled professionals (developers, writers, designers) based in different countries. This formula has been successful for me so farand I believe it will become soon popular with many other businesses. 

2) Tell us about your first marketing success.
Can I pick two, that happened roughly at the same time? Thanks!
a. Being a founding member of the team at Fastweb that built the
firm's social media identity, still very active especially as customer service channel.
b. Interviewing  successful women in technology for Girl Geek Life, an Italian blog focused on technology, discussed from a woman's perspective.
Both these experiences have been successful in terms of people's receptionas well as for my professional growth. 
3) Where would you say you get your inspiration from? 
My first source of inspiration are the people around me. By listening to my friends and their needs, by observing people while traveling, I always put my brain at work to find new ways to use technology to solve their problems. 
The second is the combination of my natural curiosity and desire to learn. I always take my Kindle with me and read about usability, branding, psychology, digital evolution, etc.
Then running helps me think, and yoga allows my brain to cool down a little. 
Last but not least, I look up to two models from the past: Steve Jobs and Audrey Hepburn. I ultimately aspire to achieve a visionary leadership,the ability to understand people's needs even before they know them, while always acting with elegance and sensitivity.
4) What would a typical day be like for you as a marketing expert?
I chose this job because I don't really like following a routine. Now every day is different for me! :)
However, of course there are specific tasks that I have to deal with daily or weekly, such as reading and writing emails, and surfing the web for
articles and social media feeds related to my field. This is a great way for me to learn and keep myself up to date with what is happening on the market, what new technologies are out there ready to be tested, and what campaigns are really working.
In one sentence, the Web is my daily food for thought! Then two keywords can describe the secret sauce of my work: planning and monitoring.
During the weekend I make sure to plan for an effective and productive week, coordinating my virtual team, and then I constantly measure the results of what we are doing.
I spend some time every day collecting data from analytics tools and social media to understand if my strategies are effective enoughor if I have to develop anything different. I keep experimenting and learning.
5) how do you know if you've got your marketing right? 
From Google Analytics to review how a website is performing, to email marketing tools to analyse how a campaign is working and how many leads a brand has obtained, data is always abundant. 
The key is to use it wisely and efficiently, by defining on day one which KPIs are related directly with the brand's goals, and then studying them to monitor the performance.

6) What has your biggest challenge been when running marketing campaigns / or setting up your own business 
Organisation is always a challenge in this field. There are so many people and so many tasks involved on any single project! This is why I believe that good planning, to prioritise tasks and manage the team effectivelyis  key for my success.
7) For someone else looking to start their own marketing campaign/business - do you have any top tips you can share?
My suggestion is to be curious and never stop learning. This field evolves so fast, that it is absolutely mandatory to keep up with new technologies and tools, being able to translate them into outcomes