About Us


Modish Living is the result of Hellen & Chris Barlow’s desire to encourage the sale of beautifully crafted rustic and sustainable furniture in the UK, with a high focus on using reclaimed wood. This dream has been made possible through teaming up with local craftsmen as well as extending the relationships to specialist suppliers and increasingly working directly with overseas workshops and factories.

Our concept is to continuously identify new luxury rustic designs at various price points, ensuring the offer of sustainable and reclaimed wood furniture is accessible to everyone. We foresee that demand for sustainably sourced furniture, including rustic furniture made using recycled materials, will continue to grow. And we are excited to be part of this growth!



Customer Care Advisor

With a passion for, and years of experience in customer service, Esta will ensure you receive the highest level of customer care possible throughout your interaction with Modish Living.



Operations Logistics Coordinator

Victoria joined our Logistics department and oversees the smooth delivery of our products.



Marketing Executive

From the magical Danube Delta in Romania, Edwina creatively leads the way with social media campaigns for Modish Living, as well as building engaging product pages for customers to enjoy. 



Social Media Consultant

Having lived in South Africa for 20 years, Christa now soaks up the beautiful vibe of the American culture whilst managing social campaigns across Pinterest, engaging with customers.



Content Writer

As our in-house Content Writer, you could say Candy has a way with words. With years of writing experience behind her, she helps create the copy you see on our website to describe our beautiful furniture.




Jo is a keen interior design enthusiast and seasoned writer. Currently based just outside Manchester, Jo is our in-house design editor focusing on offering interior advice and tips

Modish Living Office Dogs


Modish Living is run from a large 2000sq ft studio in Hove where we would welcome you in to view many beautiful pieces of furniture. Modish Living was started out of a passion for beautiful sustainable design and a belief that reclaimed wood offers us an extraordinary material for making high-quality furniture. Since the launch of Modish Living in 2012, we have now grown to offer the widest range of reclaimed wood furniture in the UK.

The wood we use for our furniture comes from a variety of sources. Having always come from sustainable sources, we also focus on wood that has come from a previous industrial life, where the wood is rescued, dried, sanded and restored to reveal a material of age and character never seen in new wood. In reclaimed wood, it is the nail holes, cracks and burls in the wood that hint at its decades of previous industrial life and give a character, look and feel that is unrivalled. We are proud to work with some truly exceptional craftsmen in the UK and overseas, with decades of experience in furniture design and manufacture.