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Husband and wife, Chris & Hellen Barlow, co-founded Modish Living in 2012 with an idea born around a wooden kitchen table. The idea? To create an online boutique selling a handpicked collection of beautifully crafted reclaimed, rustic and sustainable furniture and interiors. Their sharp interior eye and impeccable taste helped make their dream a reality and in just a short space of time, their small seed of an idea outgrew their kitchen table to become the online store you see today.

A passion for beautiful sustainable design and a belief that reclaimed wood provides an extraordinary material for making high-quality furniture remains at the heart of their vision.  They fell in love with reclaimed wood furniture because of the story each piece told. A humble scaffold board lovingly restored and reinvented as a chic industrial dining table or 100 years old wood rescued from an old barn or warehouse and given a new lease of life as an elegant sideboard. 

It is the nail holes, cracks and burls in the wood that hints at its previous life and gives it its unrivalled character, which you simply don’t get with new wood.  In the hands of talented craftsmen, each piece of furniture retains the imperfections of its past whilst becoming a modern-day, one of a kind showpiece. 

No longer just reclaimed wood, Modish Living is now an interior destination for furniture and homeware that has a focus on being sustainably sourced, skilfully crafted and environmentally conscious. Hellen and Chris, together with the Modish Living team, continue to discover and work with some truly exceptional craftsmen and suppliers in the UK and overseas to create luxury, contemporary furniture for stylish, sustainable homes.  

We hope our collections inspire you to create the home of your dreams!

Hellen and Chris Barlow




Finance Assistance

Keeping an eye on the numbers is Esta’s strong point. Her eye for detail ensures the smooth running of our finances.




Operations Logistics Coordinator

As a former buyer, Victoria brings a wealth of retail experience that guarantees the smooth delivery of our products.




Content Writer

You could say Candy has a way with words. She is responsible for helping to create the copy you see on our website to describe our beautiful furniture.


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