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Handmade by Master Craftsmen

At Modish Living Ltd we work with a small number of craftsmen and designers in workshops in the UK as well as small, often family run businesses overseas. We pride ourselves in offering furniture which is traditionally crafted.  All our reclaimed wood ranges are handmade, meaning every piece is unique and has been made with love and pride.

Modish Living Craftsmen


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Founders of Modish Living
Sitting near the Sussex coast the Modish Living Showroom is run from a large 1000sq ft old barn where we would welcome you in to view many beautiful pieces of furniture. 

Modish Living Ltd was started by husband and wife team Hellen and Chris Barlow.  The company came to life out of a passion for beautiful sustainable design and a belief that reclaimed wood offers us an extraordinary material for making high quality furniture.  

Hellen's background in e-commerce and Chris' logistics and operational experience came together to create Modish Living in 2012.  Since then we have grown to offer the widest range of reclaimed wood furniture in the UK. 

The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood

The wood we use for our furniture comes from a variety of sources. Having always come from sustainable sources, we also focus on wood that has come from a previous industrial life, where the wood is rescued, dried, sanded and restored to reveal a material of age and character never seen in new wood. Some will have served as roof joists for over 100 years in Victorian buildings and is rescued prior to demolition. Click here to see our range of furniture handmade in the UK from locally sourced wood.  

Either way, it is the nail holes, cracks and burls in the wood that hint at its decades of previous industrial life and give a character, look and feel that is unrivalled.  

What's more, as well as a wonderful material, it's completely sustainable and as a material for furniture manufacture, it helps contribute to a reduction in deforestation. 

We are proud to work with some truly exceptional craftsmen with decades of experience in furniture design and manufacture.  Their combined knowledge and skill is humbling and each of them is passionate about quality and committed to working with these beautiful reclaimed materials.  

Bespoke Design Service

What's more, as our furniture is handmade, certain pieces can be made to you specific requirements. We do not charge any more for bespoke work and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements.  Please call us on 01273 499057 or check our Bespoke Design Service page. 

We welcome all feedback, ideas and pictures and would love to hear from you, so please get in touch!