Avoid Cheap Copies

Modish Living take great pride and care in ensuring Reclaimed Wood Furniture made available to you is from genuine high quality wood and craftsmanship.  

We would however like you to be made aware that there are now many companies selling cheap low quality imitation reclaimed wood furniture.  Often it's difficult to tell the Modish Living ranges apart from these low quality copies, as the photography is sometimes copied and used.

 Genuine Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Some of these companies also claim to sell cheap reclaimed oak, however genuine reclaimed oak is not a cheap material.  This can in itself be a warning sign for you!  

But the real disappointment you get from these imitations is the end quality.  Imitations may include veneer backs, sides or drawer bottoms, not solid wood as seen through-out our ranges.  

Other companies may also copy our look with portraying thick chunky styles.  However, unlike the Modish Living ranges, theirs will some times be thin planks designed to look thick, but will be hollow on the inside.  Our thick table tops, such as our Moss range, is genuine thick reclaimed timber sourced in the UK.  This end quality does not compare to imitation designs that have been imported from China.  

Also, our imported Indian Reclaimed ranges, such as the Mary Rose range is made using genuine reclaimed painted wood, often up to 150 years old.  The finish will be a high spec, which includes the framing of doors on the inside as well as the outside.   You can also sometimes see cheap imitations where the paint colouring is repeated and overlaps from one plank to another, indicating the paint has been painted on and buffed off, to create a reclaimed wooden affect.  

If you are unsure about something, then we are happy to discuss any ranges with you, so please feel free to call us any time on 01273 499057.  

As we are so passionate about showing you the quality of our ranges, we have now opened our home as a studio to allow viewings of our furniture.  Should you wish to see an item in our home, please contact us to arrange visit, which is by appointment only.  

Even if you decide to not purchase from us, we would still happily discuss with you what quality aspects to consider and look out for.  Such as dovetailed drawers.  

We love high quality wood furniture, and we want all our customers to love their furniture too!  Don't be drawn in by massive discount sites, as often these are not genuine.  Genuine reclaimed timber and high skilled craftsmanship is not cheap.  Which is why our pricing is not cheap.  So if our products can be found much cheaper elsewhere, then be aware that this may be an imitation and not the genuine thing.