Caring for your wood furniture

Caring for Timber

Provenance can be described as the pedigree of a product or material, where it has come from, how it reached its destination and became the piece of furniture that we have created for you. We place emphasis on provenance at Modish Living, meaning that we source the best materials from anywhere in the world. We salvage timber from barns and distilleries, from disused railways, to decommissioned fishing junk and old Chinese doors.

We work with its imperfections, making these marks and indentations marks of beauty, age and character. As a result, the furniture we create is unique and coveted by many.

You will need to take steps to protect it from stains, scratches, water marks and coffee rings but, as the wood ages, you will notice how it matures, allowing you to see more of its history and pedigree.

english beam dining table

Salvaged from old buildings such as barns, genuine English reclaimed timber can be over 150 years old. We remove all nails and fixings and give it some tender care to bring out the best in its grain and features. It can be cracked and give off a colour on a cleaning cloth, both of which should be expected and decrease over time.

boat wood tv unitIf there is one piece that tells a story, it is weathered vintage boat wood.

After decades of exposure to sea and weather, there are unique colorations, patterns, cracks, oil marks and textures that make any item completely unique.

Cracking is natural and not a sign of a defect. Sometimes treated with a stain to even out colour, it is also natural than in the initial stages, there may be a slight transfer of colour onto your cleaning cloth. Again, this is nothing to worry about and will lessen over time.

reclaimed railway sleepers

Cracked through many years of use, reclaimed railway sleepers have a pleasingly rugged texture. His unevenness, the years of adventure and train travel create pieces that are authentic and delightful.

Used in the Kensington collection, the sleepers are normally topped with glass. Simply use a mild, soapy solution and warm water to keep the glass sparkling.

rough sawn oak dining table

Our rough sawn oak is handcrafted by hand, a process that takes skills and many hours. What is achieved is a high quality and smooth finish that doesn’t compromise on the oak’s character.

Complete with a protective clear coating, any item made from rough swan oak will last years and years.


Hard and durable, oak is treated with a protective lacquer, again to give it durability foe decades to come.

general care tips for wood from modish living

To keep your reclaimed wood items looking fantastic, follow this straightforward guide;

Wipe up spills as soon as possible

To prevent patches of discolouration, clean the whole item rather than smaller areas each time

Never use bleach or an abrasive cleaning material

Furniture polish accumulates over time, leaving a residue – simple wipe the item clean with a soft, dry cloth.

To keep your item in great shape, remember;

Use coasters and placemats to protect the top

Rotate the item if it’s in full sun as this can cause uneven fading

Conditioning oil can be useful to prevent stains but will later the wood colour

As temperature changes, wood changes too but smaller cracks are normal – keep your item at a constant temperature to prevent over-drying or swelling.