Fabrics & Leathers

Caring for Craftsmanship

Modish Living furniture is to be enjoyed. We also understand it needs to be practical, and able to withstand the rigours of everyday life and use. With a little care and attention, you can continue to enjoy your lovingly crafted furniture for years to come. With age and use, furniture and materials will develop their own patina, unique colouration that marks it out as a unique piece, full of history and character.

care for leather birley brown cerato sofa

To keep its richness and its original surface, we use aniline leather. This ensures the unique markings and patterns on each piece can shine through, making an item unique and delightful.

Real leather is a natural produce therefore, no two pieces are the same. Scars, branding marks, creases and variations in the grain will not compromise its beauty nor its strength and durability. In fact, these marks tell its story.

And over the years, it will gain more character as use adds to this uniqueness. These marks, the scuffs, the stains and so on are all normal, and part of the item being enriched with your history. These marks are normal, and shouldn’t be of any concern.

We offer a variety of leathers in different textures and finishes. In the first few weeks of use, it is perfectly normal for leather to become wrinkled and creased, none of which are of concern.

It is also one of the easiest material to look after. It is natural robust and durable, perfect for any home. Growing more beautiful with age, leather-clad furniture is an investment and, with the love and attention, will last generations.

To make sure your leather sofa or upholstered items last for years, follow our simple straightforward maintenance guide;

Lightly dust and vacuum on a regular basis.

Keep leather away from radiators and fires – this will dry out the leather, aging it prematurely.

Protect leather from direct sunlight and moonlight as both will cause fading, decolouration and cracking.

Never sit on the arms or the back of a leather sofa as this can cause discoloration as well as damage.

Some fabrics, such as dyed denim, can transfer colour to leather, especially lighter-coloured items.

Always use cleaning products designed specifically for leather and not ‘standard’ cleaning materials that may be too abrasive.

Care Guide for Aniline Leather

Aniline leather refers to full grain leather that has an aniline non toxic dye on it, giving you the desired coloured finish for your leather. Full grain leather such as Aniline Leather, is considered the best quality leather to use for upholstery of furniture. This natural looking leather is the purest form of leather selected from the the best quality hides.

Aniline leather comes in it’s natural long lasting form, however as there is no protective coating on the surface of this leather, it may mark and stain, which forms part of it’s beauty and uniqueness. To minimise any stains or markings, there are some easy tips to follow such as regularly cleaning the main contact areas.

Because Aniline style leather has no surface coating to protect it, you can care for your leather by using a Aniline Leather Conditioner or a non toxic Aniline Leather Balsam Conditioner.

Hydrating your Aniline leather with either a specialised conditions will maximise the softness of your furniture and help restore it’s colour and texture. A little regular attentions will mean your Aniline leather furniture will looks it’s best for longer!

care guide for upholstery dining chairs

We have a wide range of upholstery, seating, rugs and cushions. Like leather, upholstery adds texture and depth to a room.

Delightfully tactile, fabric is the perfect addition but keeping it clean and in tip-top condition needn’t be problematic either.

Velvet is soft and luxurious, a sumptuous fabric that oozes glamour and sophistication. Rich in texture and colour, velvet is enjoying a modern-day renaissance, with its short-pile adding a subtle, yet glamour sheen to a modern interior design scheme.

Made from 100% polyester, caring for velvet is simpler than you think;

Spot clean with a mild but water-free solvent or a dry-cleaning product, always following the manufacturer’s directions carefully – test a small, out-of-sight-patch first

Use a very soft brush to brush the nap of the fabric whilst cleaning

As you brush or move the nap, the colour of the velvet may appear to change – brush it back again, and the slight colour change will be restored

For ground-in marks and stains, seek the advice of a professional upholstery cleaner

care for linen dining chairs

We use a range of fabrics to give our items a modern edge, without compromising on durability or style;

Woven Linen is a durable material. Thickly woven, it is extremely soft to the touch but gives a casual, but luxurious look to an item.

Scuff Linen is spun for premium quality and durability. The material undergoes a pigment dye, followed by a signature vintage wash that creates a truly unique appearance.

Keeping woven and scuff linen looking fantastic is simple;

Spot clean with a suitable upholstery shampoo, a mild dry cleaning solution or a mild detergent but do not saturate with liquid.

Cushion or slip covers that can be removed can be dry cleaned but this can alter the shading and colour.

For furniture with fixed covers, consult with a professional upholstery cleaner.