Welcome to Modish Living

The shop that is ethical, sustainable and kind to the environment?  Find high quality upcycled and reclaimed wood pieces of furniture here, ones that are full of character and history.



reclaimed wood dining table 

We work with high quality rescued timber found in barns, houses, factories and more, and make new furniture which is full of history and character.  We search for old unwanted wood furniture, giving it a new life by restoring and upcycling.  We support small businesses that work hard to succeed in this line of work, ensuring strong fair and sustainable partnerships are created. 

Wherever possible, we work to reuse old materials.  We build with character and history.  

All our partners are enormously valued.  We work to build a strong sustainable partnership, one that creates something good for all involved, including our carpenters and our customer.  

Modish Living, the beautiful and sustainable way to shop!