Measuring up for furniture


When choosing your furniture, make sure it's in good proportion with the rest of the room.  One way easy and great way to check this is by using newspapers to mark the area.    


A key thing to remember is to make sure you have enough space for your furniture to open doors, windows, drawers etc.   If you are buying a dining table it's good to make sure you have enough space to push your chair back, either allow for at least 60cm or try out using a similar sized chair or object.  When buying a wardrobe, make sure you can open the doors fully, especially if there are drawers in it.  If you're ordering an extendable dining table, make sure you have enough space to add both sections in to the sides, and still allowing space to walk around.  


When deciding where to place your reclaimed wood furniture in your room, try to avoid placing it in direct contact to radiators or sunlight.  Excessive heat can cause the wood to crack, and direct sunlight may cause the wood to bleach and become lighter.