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It all started with an idea born around a wooden kitchen table

Modish Living was founded by a husband and wife team in 2012 with an idea to create an online boutique selling handpicked, beautifully crafted reclaimed wood furniture. In a short space of time, their small seed of an idea outgrew the kitchen table to become the online store you see today, offering not just reclaimed furniture, but rustic and sustainably sourced pieces from the UK and around the world.

In 2023, Modish Living acquired new owners who continue to uphold the company’s passion for high-quality reclaimed and sustainably sourced furniture for the home. We celebrate the natural imperfections and character that only rustic and reclaimed wood can give. Each piece has its own story whether that’s a chic rustic dining table made from 100-year-old wood rescued from an old barn or a mature mango tree no longer producing fruit and crafted into an elegant wooden sideboard with a new tree planted in its place.

We believe in high-quality, eco-conscious pieces that will not only be part of your home for years to come but will become part of the family.

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