Roger, Master Craftsman, UK

Roger, Furniture Designer & Master Craftsman

Roger has over 45 years experience working with reclaimed wood and sustainable oak.

What Roger says:

“I just do what I love, you know. I love finding old wood and giving it another life. I love the history and character that comes with reclaimed wood. I find wood that has been in old buildings working hard for many years, and I help to it by placing it in more gentle surrounding. I sort of help the wood retire. And I love it!”

Here’s some more of Roger’s pieces of work.

What we say:

“Roger is simply amazing! He’s a man with a passion. Someone who loves to make handcrafted wooden furniture. Watching Roger at work, you can’t help but smile. His facial expressions give away all the excitement he gets from finding old aged wood rescued from buildings. It’s simply amazing what he does with it. And how he works with the history of the wood.”