Sheepskin care & cleaning guide

sheepskin care and cleaning guide
When buying a beautiful sheepskin rug, it's important to look after it well so that it keeps looking beautiful and fluffy for many years to come.
The general rule of thumb is to brush your rug to keep the dirt and dust off.  The best way to do this is by getting a wire sheepskin rug brush, as the wire teeth keeps the rug in perfect condition.  You can buy these in lots of places, however one we like to use is from Lambland
If you have pets in your home, you might have a similar pet brush to this.  This too can often make a good cleaning brush for your sheepskin rug. 
However if a gentle brush won't quite do the trick, and more intensive cleaning is required, then you can wash your rug in your washing machine on a very gentle wool wash,  on low temperature (no hotter than 30c).  If you don't have a wool option on your washing machine, then often the delicates/hand wash will be OK to use, although please double check your manual first. 
When washing your sheepskin rug, alway remember to only use non-biological powder!  You won't need much, maybe just a teaspoon.  However do not try an improvise by using other biological powders or soaps that contain enzymes, as these will damage your wool.  You can of course use any non-bio powder, but if you're not sure which one to get, then one we like to use is the Ecover, as seen below. 
If you have any glycerine in your home, then we have heard that adding a tea spoon of this to the water is very good, as this may help the back of the rug to stay nice and supple, but this is not essential. 
And finally the last stage is to dry your rug.  Remember your sheepskin rug MUST DRY NATURALLY.  This may take a few days, as it's best to dry it in a shaded room without heating.  But remember, do not try and speed it up by placing it over a radiator or by using a tumble dryer.  It really is worth the wait.  
While waiting for your rug to dry, it is a good idea to use your Rug brush to help circulate the fibres of the wool on your rug.  
And then finally, you'll have a beautiful, clean and fluffy sheepskin rug, brought back to a fabulous condition!