The finest leather leads to the finest pieces

The story of leather - brown leather sofa

There are a number of materials used to produce furniture these days, but nothing quite matches the classic look and feel of high quality leather. Warming in winter, cooling in summer and always a joy to behold, leather can make a bold statement in any room in the home.

Many of our more iconic pieces feature aniline leather, whether as the only material or used in combination with fabrics. Elegant, sophisticated and truly beautiful, Aniline leather is rightly regarded as one of the finest finishing touches for chairs, sofas and a whole host of items. The story of how it travels from the animal to our studio is a fascinating one.

Brown leather cutting techniques- Modish Living

Our rawhides are usually from Italy, where they are tanned in accordance with traditional techniques which date back many years. Aniline leather retains its original characteristics, giving it a distinctive look and feel. Each finished product will look slightly different to the eye, but of course the overall high quality will be a feature of every piece. Wrinkles and blemishes which give each hide its individual appearance will be kept in.

Every hide is tumbled in wooden tubs, a process that gives it the softness for which it is celebrated. Unlike in many other operations, our hides are not pressed or skimmed to make them thinner. They are generally thicker, giving them a more luxurious texture. This is the standard of leather that you can expect to find in the upholstery of luxury high end automobiles.

Brown leather chesterfield sofa close up

Taking care to achieve absolute perfection

The buffing of the leather is carried out with great care, because this is a vital part of the process. This is a gentle operation which makes the leather more breathable, giving it that familiar softness to the touch. Afterwards, waxing and oiling will bring out the colours and texture, and of course will make the leather more hard-wearing.

Throughout the production process, great care is taken to ensure blemishes, scarring and branding are left in. We believe in the individuality of our furniture items, and that includes leather which has a story to tell. Our leather is as unique as our customers, and that’s why we insist on using only the finest uncorrected Aniline leather.

Brown leather armchair close up -Modish Living

Here at Modish Living, we offer a comprehensive range of pieces featuring gorgeous Aniline leather. Whether you’re looking for a single item to provide a finishing touch or you’re looking to give a whole room a brand new look, we can help you achieve your dreams.