Why Reclaimed?

Reclaimed Furniture Modish Living
There is a growing trend among us to source out natural materials without impacting our beautiful landscape. More and more people are now searching for good quality furniture, that’s both stylish and sustainable. 

This growing trend has spread among us to use reclaimed timber, which has a unique and attractive look about it. Coming with an enormous amount of history including notches and nail holes, reclaimed wood furniture comes alive in your hands and feels particularly rich and exquisite when it’s placed in your home. One of the nice benefits of using reclaimed wood by Modish Living, is that no one piece of furniture is identical – and everything is handmade, nothing is mass produced.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Workshop

But trend aside, one of the big benefits of using reclaimed timber is that it prevents unnecessary waste entering landfills, therefore reducing the release of gasses. The Global Trees Campaign estimates that less than 10% of wood waste is reused, approx 3000 tonnes of what could be recycled timber, is sent to landfills or burned every working day in Britain.

Using reclaimed timber not only reduces the amount we waste, but it also creates less of a demand on cutting down our trees, which are essential to reduce carbon emissions, as well as trees being a vital source of food and protection for communities around the world.

Modish Living, create a way to shop with a conscience and a smile!