World Environment Day - Think eat save

When enjoying a nice breakfast or meal at your dinner table, often people think about the amount of food they need, and therefore put the right amount out.  They think of ways to reuse left overs, avoiding waste.   They think of where the food has come from, was it organic, or was it free range?

In developed countries, such as the UK, the population puts much pressure on the environment and natural resources, which is radically altering our ecosystems and even the planet’s renewable resources.  We are no longer as resource rich as we used to be. 

At Modish Living our focus is not only on the food that goes on the table, but it’s the table itself.  The Global Trees Campaign estimates that less than 10% of wood waste is reused, approx 3000 tonnes of what could be recycled timber, is sent to landfills or burned every working day in Britain.


reclaimed wood table, recycled timber

At Modish Living, we rescue the high quality timber from old barns, factories, houses, sleepers, boats and more… to build a sustainable table for you to enjoy your food at.  A table which is made from rescued timber, which would otherwise go to waste.  A table which is solid and full of character and one that comes with a story.   A table you can enjoy knowing our natural resources are not impacted.







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