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Large Black Brown Icelandic Sheepskin Rug

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A fabulous blacky brown Icelandic Sheepskin Rug - a must have item which is irresistibly soft to touch. A beautiful black brown fur rug could not be more stunning and warm. The Icelandic sheepskin rugs are particularly thick as they come from the cold conditions of Iceland, thus have had to deal with freezing conditions to keep warm during their winters.

These gorgeous Icelandic sheepskin rugs have beautiful natural colourings and each one varies a little, making them all individual and unique. They are ideal for use indoor as a rug or on the wall, or luxuriously draped over a seating area making it snug and cosy.

In the summer, these beautiful deluxe natural sheepskin rugs are a fabulous way to enjoy some camping, making it a cosy warm glamping accessory.


Due to these rugs being natural, we can't guarantee the exact measurement, thus we estimate it to be an approx size. This Icelandic Sheepskin Fur Rug is between W65 - 75cm x L110 - 120cm

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