English Beam Reclaimed Wooden Toy Box & Blanket Box
Beam Reclaimed Wooden Toy Box & Blanket Box
Beam Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box Open Cutout

Beam Slim Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

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Reclaimed wooden toy box & blanket box

Made to order, 5 - 6 weeks delivery. This Beam Reclaimed Wooden Toy Box and Blanket Box makes a perfect addition to your bedroom furniture or indeed your living room furniture. A beautiful made to order blanket or toy box. Handmade from old wood, using reclaimed materials throughout. This wooden toy box or blanket box has been handmade by our skilled craftsmen here in the UK. Every piece has been skilfully put together, framing both the base and the opening lid to give it a classy and refined finish.  

This reclaimed wooden box will provide ample storage for linen or bedding or even a small mountain of toys away.   Handmade in the UK, our craftsmen have created a beautiful natural finish, which involves light sanding followed by hand waxing. The timber used is from high quality timber of ages between 100 - 150 years old, making this a true vintage and unique style. No single wooden box is the same, and each one will have it’s own historical markings, giving a characterful feel and look whilst showing its previous industrial use. 

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English Beam Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box Care Guide


A truly unique and natural material

Every piece of reclaimed wood furniture comes with a story to tell and its written all over its face.  Salvaged from former barns, warehouses, disused railways, scaffolding boards and even old Chinese fishing junks, the wood is carefully crafted by master craftspeople to maintain the individuality and history each piece boasts.

It won’t look pristine. It will have its very own marks and scuffs, dents and knots, nail holes and cracks. Each imperfection is a celebration of its history and uniquenesses and brings a beauty that is impossible to replicate.

More about reclaimed wood and how its rustic beauty is a thing to be proud of.