Bohème 2 Drawer Desk – Brown


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The Bohème Desk is the embodiment of artistry and functionality combined. Set against a backdrop of contemporary aesthetics, its design is both modern and timeless. The desk is meticulously crafted, displaying a patterned frieze of blind fretwork on its drawer fronts that adds a layer of intricacy to its look. The desk is not only visually appealing but also resonates with the touch, as the interplay of hard and soft grains in the timber come alive under the gleam of light, capturing and enchanting the observer’s attention.

Finished in a sophisticated light brown finish, the Bohème Desk exudes a sense of luxury and elegance. For those who lean towards warmer tones, the Bohème Retreat version with a matte black charcoal finish is also at hand, offering versatility in choice.

Being a part of the Bohème retreat collection, this desk effortlessly marries the ethos of global design influences with modern-day living needs. Whether you’re curating a modern haven or a space sprinkled with classic elements, this desk seamlessly integrates, becoming a center piece in any eclectic living environment.

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