Bohème Retreat Cocktail Cabinet – Brown


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Introducing the Bohème Retreat Cabinet: an embodiment of artistry and functionality. Made with precision from robust Mango solids and complemented by a diverse blend of timber veneers including Teak, Mahogany, Mindy Ash, and Mango, this cabinet promises not only durability but also a visually captivating experience. The contrasting veneers harmonise to accentuate the intricate inlaid patterns that adorn the cabinet’s facade.

Sporting a rich brown finish, the play of light on the varied timber grains results in an enchanting dance of shadows and highlights, lending this piece its distinct charm. The cabinet stands out with its intricately carved detail, reminiscent of age-old ethnic designs, bringing a touch of the world traveler aesthetic to any room.

A fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, the Bohème Retreat Cabinet is versatile enough to seamlessly integrate with both modern and classic interiors. Whether you’re curating a space with an eclectic vibe or seeking a statement piece, this cabinet delivers both style and substance. Perfect for storing essentials or showcasing treasured possessions, it’s more than just furniture – it’s a conversation starter.

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