Diamond Dove Grey Outdoor Rug - Modish Living
Diamond Dove Grey Outdoor Rug - Modish Living
Diamond Dove Grey Corner Rug

Diamond Dove Grey Outdoor Rug

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Outdoor rugs

Brighton up your garden with a Diamond Dove Grey Outdoor Rug.  These outdoor rugs have look and feel like soft jute and wool, however have all the practicalities of being made from plastic.  The rugs are made of recycled plastic which have been through an intense shredding and tight spinning, making them great for outdoor use.  A colourful edition to your home and garden, they are also stunning indoors and often used in kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories.

The Diamond Dove Grey Outdoor Rug has been handwoven by craftsmen with environmentally friendly credentials, using weaving houses endorsed and inspected by Good Weave.

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Made from 100% Recycled Plastic Bottle.   These rugs are from yarn spun entirely from recycled plastic bottles.   The finish is simply amazing, as they look and feel like wool but are waterproof, mould resistant, easy to clean and hard wearing.

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