mango wood bookcase cutout with new stamp
wooden bookcase with brass frame and detailing
solid wood bookcase with cubic shelves and brass inlays
brass metal frame of mango wooden bookcase

Farnham Sustainable Mango Wood Bookcase

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Mango Wooden Bookcase

Pre-order, estimated delivery January. Looking for a stylish and practical storage solution? This solid wood bookcase has been beautifully crafted in golden mango wood with a brass frame and unique brass hexagonal inlays.  The elegant wooden bookshelf features a geometric frame and shelves of different sizes to display your favourite decorative pieces. The wonderful mango wood back to some of the cubic shelves injects a shot of warmth from both the colour of the wood and the brass inlays, whilst the sleek, minimalist, brass metal frame gives it the look of industrial shelving. This wooden display cabinet is a fine example of how sustainable wood can be glamorous and stylish.  Pair with other pieces from the Farnham mango wood furniture collection for a charming and chic aesthetic.

Dimensions: H181 x W83 x D35cm / Free Delivery to most mainland UK*

Discover Sustainable Mango Wood

From a tree that produces sweet and delicious fruit so too does it provide a wonderfully sustainable material to craft furniture.  Mango wood is fundamentally a byproduct of the mango fruit industry.  A fast-growing tree that matures quickly, once it grows too tall it stops bearing fruit and can be harvested for timber with a new tree planted in its place - a tree for a tree! This also provides farmers with a supplementary income.

Dense and solid with a gorgeous golden mellow patina running through it, hardwearing mango wood furniture will bring warmth to a home that will last a lifetime. 

cut out of three wooden bookcase