Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Bench on Cowhide
Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Bench on Cowhide
Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Bench and Extended Dining Table
Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Bench

Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Bench

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Rustic Bench

The Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Bench comes in 2 sizes and so can be combined with all the Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables in the Farringdon Range. 

The reclaimed wood has previously served in buildings in Vietnam and has been carefully restored to produce a quality and characterful material for furniture construction.  Natural markings and nail holes are left to offer hints of a previous industrial use. The wood is also hand finished and all pieces are therefore truly individual. 


Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Bench | Modish Living


Saltash Reclaimed Wood Bench Measurements
  • In order to give the reclaimed wood in the Farrdingdon range a standardised feel, our craftsmen use several coats of grey staining followed by a lacquer to achieve a distinctly Scandinavian colour pallet.
  • as a handmade and hand finished piece of furniture, every piece is unique and the tone and finish of the wood can vary slightly from piece to piece.

Reclaimed Wood Bench

Handcrafted using reclaimed wood, every wooden bench is unique and one of a kind.

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