Leather Roll Back Dining Chairs
Leather Roll Back Dining Chairs
Leather Roll Back Dining Chair Back

Roll Back Leather Dining Chairs (pair)

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Leather roll back dining chairs

These Leather Roll Back Dining Chairs are the very height of dining luxury. 

Hand made using only traditional joinery and carpentry techniques, the quality of these beautiful chairs is immediately apparent. They are of a style that many copy, but few chairs meet their quality of design, construction and materials. 

Upholstered by hand in a vintage-inspired leather which is entirely hand stitched. We use only the best Italian Aniline Leather which is uncorrected in the tanning process to give a traditional look and feel. This is a highly tactile product which is a joy to feel and a pleasure to sit on.  

Available in a range of shades of brown or black. Please call for a sample. 

free delivery logoWhat our Customers say...  

"The Cerato Brown Leather Dining Chairs are fantastic, soft leather, thoroughly comfortable chair, and they look great, definitely a must buy."  Kim, London, 2016

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