Louis De Poortere Cameo Rug - Bolshoi Pink
Louis De Poortere Cameo Rug - Bolshoi Pink
Close Up Louis De Poortere Cameo Rug - Bolshoi Pink

Louis De Poortere Cameo Rug - Bolshoi Pink

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Louis de Poortere Patchwork Rug

Creating a light elegant finish in your home couldn't be easier than with the Louis De Poortere Cameo Rug - Bolshoi Pink.  This Pink Rug is hand finished by the renowned rug makers, Louis de Poortere.   It comes in a mix of cotton chenille and wool, giving you a stunning flat weave luxury finish.  This modern rug is designed with a patchwork style, and comes in a variety of sizes, making it easy to blend with most interiors.  

The patchwork design used in this light rug forms part of the extensive range of quality rugs from Louis de Poortere, who bring over a century of rug making expertise to these traditionally woven rugs.  Made and finished by hand in Belgium, the Louis de Poortere matches timeless appeal, elegance and a the feel of quality craftsmanship. 


  • Like all of Louis de Poortere's beautiful flat weave rugs, the rug is made on traditional Jaquard looms and then finished by hand by de Poortere's expert craftsmen.
  • 1500 g/m2, 85% cotton chenille / 15% wool, jacquard flatweave, anti slip latex.
  • Free delivery to all mainland UK only. Usually delivered in 5 - 7 days. Now offering delivery worldwide.
Louis De Poortere Cameo Rug - Bolshoi Pink Corner

Louis De Poortere Rugs from Belgium

Founded in 1929 by Louis, Louis De Poortere has gone on to become a world renown high quality rug specialist.

With people increasingly seeking beauty, elegance, value and comfort for their homes, the designers and technicians at Louis de Poortere have created entire collections that are modern and accessible, and designed to bring you the utmost pleasure.

View our video's to see the making of these woven rugs.