Luxury Brown Sexto Sheepskin Rug

Luxury Chocolate Brown Sexto Sheepskin Rug

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Sexto sheepskin rug

The Choc Sexto Sheepskin Rug would make a luxurious addition to any living room or bedroom. The large rug has a luxurious, fluffy feel with the deep wool perfect for withstanding the freezing conditions of winter in Scandinavia.

Every rug is naturally coloured so each varies a little and ensures every rug is truly unique. They are ideal for use indoor as a rug, hung on the wall or draped over a seating area to make it snug and cosy.

In the summer, these beautiful sheepskin rugs make fabulous glamping accessories.


Due to these rugs being natural, we can't guarantee the exact measurement, thus we estimate it to be an approx size.

Length 180-190cm
Width 150-160cm

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