2024 Trending – It’s not too late for Veganuary

Go Vegan box-light sign on pale wood table with plates of vegetables and half a grapefruit

Veganuary stared in 2014 when, after the festive excesses of December, a growing number of people chose to balance it out by opting for a plant-based diet throughout the month of January. Many people are opting to extend this well beyond January by sticking to a vegan diet, but then also opting for sustainable and animal-friendly purchases when it comes to furnishing and decorating their homes. Even though we are pretty much halfway through the month, it’s never too late to give a vegan diet a go.

White table with women's hands chopping vegetables on wooden board with various vegetables on table

Here are three ways that you can extend sustainable and cruelty-free practices into your home.

1. Reclaimed wood furniture

This really is the ultimate sustainable way to furnish your home. Purchasing furniture crafted using reclaimed wood is so much better for the environment. The wood used has often been reclaimed from old buildings and factories that are being demolished, re-using this wood in furniture production reduces landfill and saves new trees needlessly being cut down. A reclaimed wood dining table is also a fabulous way to bring a whole load of warmth and character into your home, forming a foundation to achieving a more sustainable lifestyle.

Dining room with pale reclaimed wood dining table and wooden bench with brown faux leather dining chair and rustic sideboard

Photo featuring: Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Table & Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench

2. Faux leather dining chairs

Leather dining chairs look great and are very practical, especially in a family home, as they can easily be wiped down. Reclaimed wooden dining chairs or chairs produced from vegan leather are the perfect substitutes for fabric dining chairs. Although tan and grey remain the most popular, there are so many different colours and styles available you will be sure to find the perfect dining chair to complement your table and interior style.

Photo featuring: Cleo Faux Leather Dining Chair

3. Vegan paint

Many paints, although labelled eco-friendly, still have animal byproducts in them. In vegan paints, the animal products are replaced by plant-based alternatives they can then certify that they are vegan and cruelty-free – as they are also not tested on any animals. Switching to vegan paints around the home is a animal-friendly alternative leaving your family and friends in a eco environment.

Six small paint pots with different coloured paints inside on wooden table