2024 Trending – Dining space style for the year ahead

Industrial oak dining table with six dark grey dining chairs and matching wooden sideboard

The dining space in our homes has most likely seen much more action throughout 2020 than it has in previous years! With all the family at home it has probably seen many more weekday family meals together, been a home office, a video call meeting room as well as a schoolroom, possibly even a quiet place to escape from the kids for a bit! So what are the trends for the dining space in 2024?

Rustic wood dining table with laptop and pencil case on top

The dining room should reflect its many uses by becoming a more family-friendly and laid back space – more informal and less traditional. You can achieve a more relaxed, informal and spacious feel by opting for a round dining table and chairs instead of a rectangular wooden table.

Ensure the furniture and lighting in the room is multi-functional – plenty of light available if it is a study space that can be toned right down when a more intimate dinner party atmosphere is the order of the day – or should I say evening. When the time comes that we can open our homes to family and friends again you might find an extendable table is a very good move!

Reclaimed wood dining table with black steel legs and matching wooden bench and dining chairs with bamboo hanging pendant light

Photo featuring: Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Extending Dining Table, Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench & Standford Cushioned Dining Chairs

Improve the functionality of your dining space – with one room having so many varied uses, adequate storage space is essential to keep organised – wooden sideboards provide perfect storage for the dining space, ideal for storing serving dishes as well as school and office supplies all tucked neatly out of sight!

Dining room with modern oak industrial dining table with grey metal legs and dark grey dining chairs

Photo featuring: Picasso Industrial Oak Dining Table

Bring natural elements into your dining space. House plants will continue to be a huge hit in 2021 – so try to incorporate them into your dining space. Natural and sustainable is of course even better so if you are thinking of replacing existing dining room furniture then a reclaimed wood dining table is the way to go. Industrial dining tables should also not be overlooked – industrial furniture will be as popular as ever.

Outdoor square rustic dining table with wooden chairs and outdoor bar area

Take your dining area into the garden – dining outside, has proven popular, with many of us transforming our gardens into ‘outdoor rooms’. This is likely to stay for the foreseeable future. Now is the time to make plans to create an outside dining area ready for spring and summer. You may be able to open up from your kitchen or dining room or create a separate area in your garden – you will want to consider how you will cook outside, source a nice outdoor rustic dining table and may want to include some form of patio heating as well.