3 colours that complement a brown leather sofa

The classic brown leather sofa will be found in thousands of living rooms up and down the UK. There is a reason for this and that is that it is such a versatile colour that can be styled in so many different ways with so many different colour schemes - you don't need to stick to browns and beige in your living room. Here we have picked out three of our favourite colour schemes that will complement the classic Chesterfield and the more modern sofa!

Brown leather sofa in open plan living room and white kitchen in background


Green and brown are the colours of nature so this is a good place to start - we're not talking a bold bright green, more of a subtle background shade as a move away from plain white walls, just an accent wall to introduce a colour scheme. This works really well if you like to have houseplants tying the room together. A lighter tan leather sofa will make the room seem brighter and airier and of course, you can also add an accent piece of furniture like a modern armchair in a bold vibrant green, to add an extra eye catching feature to the room.

Brown leather chesterfield sofa against blue wall with oval coffee table on light blue rug


A leather chesterfield sofa and a pale blue work so well together, reminiscent of a classic Wedgewood blue. This pale elegant colour will brighten your room and allow your sofa to really stand out - especially if it is a gorgeous Chesterfield sofa and you want to really show it off. Stave of a cold feeling by adding rugs, cosy cushions and throws on the sofa or a rustic coffee table to add natural warmth and character.

Two brown leather sofas with round industrial coffee table and black hanging pendant lights

Grey / Black

This colour scheme allows both a boho and ultra modern style living room - grey and black will probably make to room look darker overall, great for adding warmth, but be wary not to go too dark. This can be broken up by limiting the use of these colours and introducing a lighter beige or off white on printed cushions, and by mixing in natural materials like jute, rattan and wicker. The colour scheme is brilliant with reclaimed wood furniture too - especially if it has an industrial element like an industrial side table with black steel frame. Black can also be used to give your living room look a sophisticated and ultra modern edge. Black as a colour scheme is always popular and is re-invented time and time again as interior decor trends change.

Modern brown leather sofa in large room with black walls and oversized artwork on wall

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