New mango wood furniture – introducing the Oasis collection

New mango wood furniture - introducing the Canford collection blog

Eco-friendly furniture is not limited only to reclaimed wood furniture, oh no, sustainable furniture such as mango wood furniture is another option to go green at home. Mango wood is a by-product of the many mango fruit farms found in India and Asia. The trees are felled as the tree stops bearing fruit or if they naturally grow too big to harvest the fruit, and what is great is that a new tree is planted in its place – a tree for a tree!

We are always looking out for new furniture collections that meet our style and sustainable ethos and we are over the moon to be able to expand our rustic furniture collection to include several new ranges of furniture crafted from mango wood. We look in more detail at the gorgeous new Oasis mango furniture collection – it’s one of new favourites and we think you’re going to love it too! Here we look at the new dining and living room additions from this collection that are guaranteed to bring a warmth and elegance to your home.

Mango wood dining table

You really won’t need many other features to add interest to your dining room. The retro geometric design of the Oasis Sustainable Mango Wood Dining Table will be the ultimate talking point as you sit down to dine. Pair with the Oasis Dining Chairs for a lush and stylish look.

Mango Wood Dining and Living Room Storage

For hidden storage in your dining room, you can choose the Oasis Sustainable Highboard Cabinet. This would sit beautifully next to your mango wood dining table – do take a second to take note of those gorgeous brass metal handles and those lovely legs!!

The highboard is perfect for the living room too, especially when paired up with the gorgeous mango wood coffee table. The coffee table has a plain mango wood top – allowing the gorgeous wood grain and undulations of the mango wood to shine through the warm, rich, dark-honey finish. 

All your living room media storage needs can be organised in one stylish place with the help of the mango wood TV unit. It has two open-backed shelves for consoles, and TV boxes and two cupboards each with a shelf for those items you would rather hideaway!

The gorgeous colouring of this wood means it will match a whole variety of interior design schemes from airy light rooms to dark and luxurious rooms.

Delightful Table top Decorations for Every Room

Gift tags spelling out 'merry' on a wooden surface with Christmas berries and green twigs

With well-chosen festive accessories around your home, you are spreading Christmas spirit! The dining table is important at any time of year but at Christmas, it is extra special. How can you create a Christmas dining table with timeless, festive elegance?

Setting the canvas

A wooden surface with Christmas decorations and gifts and a dark green backdrop

Like a painter, stylists will often spend time getting the backdrop right before they start adding structure with accessories and pretty festive objects.

Reclaimed wood furniture offers a superior blank canvas from which to start and so consider all the tabletops you have in your home and which ones are ripe for a touch of festive elegance.

And so, as well as the reclaimed wood dining table, don’t forget the reclaimed wood console table in the hallway and on the landing. Festive aplomb on the coffee tables wouldn’t go amiss either. And the reclaimed wooden sideboards also make a great space for scented pillar candles and festive delights.

Go minimal

Reclaimed wood has a delightful rustic edge with character a-plenty but if you want a more minimal look, then turn to the Scandinavian style for inspiration. Using pale oak furniture with rounded edges, this style makes a clean and minimal statement, perfect for when you want to bring a Nordic style to your festive decorations.

Welcome in winter

A white painted wooden table with pinecones, snow flakes and twigs on top

Take a walk in your local woods and snip a few sprigs for the table, along with other evergreen shrubs that you may find. And don’t forget that pinecones, sprayed with environmentally friendly glitter, make a fantastic centrepiece clustered in a bowl on the coffee table. 

Make a wreath of it

A person making a wreath out of greenery and thread

As well as clustering evergreen sprigs of holly and the like in vases and small pots, making a wreath can keep more order to your displays as the festive season wears on.

You can buy the frame of the wreath online for a few pounds and then add your own foliage, fresh or fake. Add a speck of colour with fresh flowers or berries for the big day itself.

Wreaths are great additions for the dining table and for the rustic coffee table too. For more elegance, add candles to the wreaths laid out on the sideboard.

Festive cheer in the hallway

The small console table is often overlooked but in the hallway at Christmas time, but a few festive touches set the Christmas spirit from the moment people walk in the door.

Replace your normal vase of fresh flowers with a small Christmas tree, for example. Opt for a live, growing tree that once the season has passed, can be planted in the garden.

Don’t throw old or broken baubles

A white Christmas bauble on a white surface with green twigs and a pot of glitter

We all have one eye on fixing rather than throwing and baubles no longer fit for the tree do have a second life. As well as adding pops of colour to your wreath and table-top displays, give them an extra dusting of eco-friendly glitter and then bundle them all in a large glass bowl or jar.

Add battery-operated wire lights for extra glint and place the bowl or jar one of your wooden sideboards or the console table in the hallway.

Small details can make a huge difference to your home, and this is certainly true of Christmas decorations and accessories that set off your reclaimed wood

The highback armchair: making it cool again

pair of brown leather highback armchairs

pair of brown highback leather armchairs

The trend for armchairs has taken a bit of a back seat (pun intended) over recent years with the humble highback armchair in the living room replaced by oversized, overly plump L-shaped sofas and jewel-coloured velvet loveseats. But, the best thing about trends is that they come, they go and come back around and the style statement of a single armchair is growing momentum. That’s right, the highback armchair: making it cool again is coming to a living room near you.

The best comfy chairs are made for escaping it all and a highback or wingback armchair offers a private, intimate space to unwind and enjoy a moment of me-time. Carefully positioned in your living room, the bedroom or even an open-plan kitchen/diner, a highback chair provides the perfect spot to curl up with a book or relax at the end of the day and with its elegant silhouette it brings a certain amount of style to a room.

An interior classic that’s good for the planet

With sustainability high on everyone’s agenda the desire to buy once, buy well is replacing the throwaway culture. The environmental implications of buying once are well-known and a high-quality leather armchair, whether that’s a highback chair or wing chair will last a lifetime. And because of its classic shape, it is sure to suit all interior tastes. From a distinguished chesterfield wingback chair or tweed highback armchair to one with a modern twist, this iconic armchair will not only stand the test of time, but ever-changing trends as well, making it the ultimate investment piece.

How to style a highback armchair in a modern room

Elegance abounds with a highback armchair, but because a distinguished leather armchair is such a design classic, it can also sit in a modern or more rustic space. Mixing old and new pieces in a room is a well-trodden interior design hack as it helps add character and creates a lived-in eclectic mood, perfect for modern homes.

To get the right balance it’s important to be aware of the scale of each piece within the space. A leather wingback chair in a minimalist setting becomes an eye-catching standout piece, but in a room crowded with other big items of furniture, it could look cluttered and lost. Keep things understated by choosing a high back wing chair in a classic colour such as brown or tan, or go against tradition and choose a contemporary bright colour.

Shop highback armchair

Grayson Fabric Armchair – Grey

A modern fabric armchair is a perfect piece of furniture to add colour and style to a living room and this beautiful accent armchair combines both comfort and sophistication.

Edward Leather Armchair

Take a seat on this stunning brown leather armchair with a solid oak frame, the perfect addition to any stylish living space.

Laid-back rustic living room ideas

brown leather 2-seater sofa with large house plant and wooden side table

small pots on a wooden coffee table next to white sofa with pink cushions

Living rooms are meant to look lived in. Whilst magazines and Pinterest bombard us with stunning images of pristine minimalist living rooms, there is a lot to be said for a more laid-back rustic living room look that will work all year round. It’s great to have a room that provides us with somewhere we can relax just as easily in the summer and winter, and achieving this is something that we all strive for. The good news is that this is a look that is very achievable with a little bit of know-how. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to create a fabulous laid-back rustic living room.

Rustic furniture

A good place to start with the laid-back look is to pick some key pieces of rustic furniture. This type of furniture forms a great base when it comes to decorating the rest of the room and when you opt for items like a reclaimed wood coffee table or a reclaimed wood sideboard, you are adding a genuine touch of character to the room. You want to opt for items that not only look beautiful but are also practical, so you can keep the area clutter-free and have all you need to relax.

Remember the laid-back look can combine a number of different styles and materials, especially when it comes to your furniture. As well as rustic and reclaimed wood furniture, you could also consider mango wood furniture. You may find that one, or two, key pieces of vintage furniture is a good fit with the casual aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Comfortable and relaxed are both important factors with the laid-back look.

reclaimed wood coffee table with two drawers and round metal handles

Mix materials

The important thing to remember here is that not everything has to match. In fact, a mix of different materials will really help to pull the look together. These could be different types of wood for your furniture or even different types of fabrics for your soft furnishings. Natural materials in addition to the wood will really help to give a more organic laid back feel to the room. Think raw linens and muted neutral hues that are in tune with nature, such as greens, blues and browns.

black rustic coffee table with brown leather corner sofa

Bring the outdoors in

Add some plants, or cut flowers, to your living room to help bring the outdoors inside to create a space that is in harmony with the great outdoors. Rich and vibrant colours on your walls will help to make your room seem brighter and bring a sense of wellbeing. Consider floaty drapes in your windows, which will create less of a barrier between the inside and outside of your home and will work wonderfully when there is a gentle breeze.

white sofa with green feature wall and wooden side table with large house plants

Layer lighting for maximum effect

The laid-back look is softer and gentle so consider layering your lighting to create a more subtle glow. Natural materials like wood and bamboo can work really well here to create a range of lighting. A bamboo table lamp on a mango wood side table or stone table lamp on a reclaimed wood side table will work well for those occasions when you don’t want the brighter light of a ceiling light. Floor lights also offer flexible lighting options and don’t forget candles on a mantlepiece or rustic sideboard for creating a natural evening light that instantly makes you relax.

Relaxed seating

Don’t forget to give careful consideration to your seating to create an easy going space. A 2-seater sofa or two can give a more relaxed look than a more formal arrangement with armchairs. It’s a great option when it comes to relaxed seating for those people who like to curl up in the evening and get comfortable with their favourite book or stretch out to watch a movie. Floor cushions also work well in a laid-back living room, as do plenty of soft cushions and throws to promote relaxing to the max!

brown leather sofa with tall house plant and wooden side table

Tell us…..

How are you going to bring that laid-back vibe to your living room? Don’t forget to visit our Ideas and Inspiration for more great ways to improve your home. Or sign-up to our newsletter below and get a weekly dose of inspiration to your inbox.

How to get the wow factor in your home

white chesterfield sofa and white armchairs for how to get the wow factor blog

You’ll be familiar with the term the ‘wow factor’ and when it comes to interior design creating a home that quite literally makes you and guests say ‘wow’ is one that we all aspire to. Read on for our top interior styling tips to create an utterly unforgettable home, from shiny metal accents to over-sized vintage rugs and a stunning rustic dining table – you too can have a home that will take your breath away.

Make an entrance

oak console table with gold frame

A breathtaking hallway is essential to setting the tone of a home, after all, it’s the first and last space you and your guests see! A sure-fire way to stop people in their tracks is with a show-stopping chandelier and mosaic floor tiles duo. They will capture your interest instantly and bring a sense of old-school grandeur you’ll love. Keeping your hallway tidy is a must-have. Clear the clutter whilst adding character with some stylish storage, such a rustic console table styled with pops of vibrant, bold colour that will bring your corridor to life. If colour isn’t your vibe, think about texture and luxurious finishes for a similar affect. Our Farnham sustainable mango wood sideboard features a unique brass hexagon inlay design that is bound to catch the eye and subtly help elevate darker interiors.

Kick-ass kitchen

white marble kitchen island with large black rattan pendant light for how to get the wow factor in your home blog

Turn up the heat in the kitchen with an unmissable feature wall in marble or exposed brick behind your oven . Adding an element of surprise is also a clever way to add that wow factor – a striking open shelf display in citrine yellow or lime green will help give traditional and neutral kitchens a playful edge. If you prefer a more rustic feel, thick wooden beams never fail to impress. Pair with fresh blooms, a large vintage rug and naturally woven textiles to create a stunning yet unpretentious space. When arranging your kitchen accessories and utensils, it’s worth keeping in mind the ‘role of three’ trick to make a bigger impact. This interior secret may seem insignificant, but styling each accessory in odd numbers interestingly becomes more memorable and visually appealing.

Audacious dining rooms

To create a dramatic dining room with a crisp and refined look, stick to light walls and straight lines with something like a statement dining table, such as our super-sleek Eastwood Rustic Oak Dining Table. The characterful rustic wood is protected with a thick glass top, whilst the elegant polished silver legs bring a sophisticated, yet modern appeal. When choosing accessories for statement tables, choose quality over quantity – you want to avoid overcrowding the space. If your mood is more urban living, consider an industrial dining table paired with something unexpected such as a large Victorian pendant light or a stained glass window to capture a grand, gothic revival feel. Get creative with black steel accents within clocks, door handles, or exposed pipes to maintain your lofty flare with a touch of medieval magic.

Bold bedrooms

solid wood bed in French bedroom

When it comes to the boudoir, think big! A reclaimed solid wood bed will be the star of the night – how about styling it with white linen and patterned wallpaper to achieve a grandeur Parisian aesthetic. Pair with complementing reclaimed wood furniture such as a rustic bedside table or a tall wardrobe to create continuity and natural warmth. Remember to use your space wisely and accentuate the features you love about your bedroom the most. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a sloping ceiling, bay window or a skylight, you can use clever lighting or abstract fabrics and textures to lure the eye. If you’re feeling extra fancy, consider a freestanding bath or a fabric chesterfield sofa to create a sumptuous and comforting focal point. A bedroom should promote wellbeing after all, so why not unwind in pure opulence?

solid wood bed in reclaimed wood with blue covers

For statement furniture that is sure to bring the wow factor to your living, dining or bedroom, visit us at Modish Living. Or for more interior inspiration explore our blog ideas.

Living room storage tricks – how to store in style

rustic oak tv stand for living room storage tricks blog

rustic oak tv stand against blue wall

It can be difficult to relax in your living room if there is lots of clutter everywhere, so good living room storage solutions are a must. The problem is that there are so many different storage ideas for the living room it can be hard to know where to start. The best sort of living room storage should not only be incredibly practical and functional but should look good too and fit with the rest of the décor in the room. Reclaimed wood furniture, for example, will fit with most aesthetics, but what else do you need to consider? Let’s explore more…..

What do you need to store?

Before you can make the best decisions on the type of storage you need, you need to think about what you actually want to store. Some pieces of furniture like an industrial sideboard can be used to store a wide range of items, whilst a bookshelf with open storage only works for things you are happy to have on display. If you have larger items to store, such as cushions or throws then you will also need to make sure that they will fit in your chosen storage. A wooden blanket box is a great option for this as it can double-up as a rustic coffee table.

reclaimed wooden chest

Freestanding or built-in

Another factor to consider is whether you would prefer freestanding storage or something that is built-in. Freestanding is a practical option if you like to experiment and change your room around from time to time, or if you’re renting or move homes regularly, whilst built-in can be a practical way of using odd or awkward spaces in a room. A mixture of both is often the best solution.

Make a statement

The right piece of furniture will be more than just a good storage solution in your living room. It can be something that helps make a statement. Don’t be afraid to consider options that stand out amongst your other pieces of furniture. It can be a good idea to create a focal point in your living room, so why not do this with a piece of rustic furniture that is practical as well as eye-catching.

reclaimed wooden sideboard with six drawers

Multipurpose furniture

Some pieces of furniture can have more than one use, so if you are looking for clever storage solutions consider something such as a rustic coffee table with drawers, chests and even wooden sideboards. Even the humble bookshelf can be multipurpose and certainly doesn’t need to be used just for books. A reclaimed wood TV stand can also be a really useful piece of furniture, especially if it features deep drawers, providing you with somewhere useful to keep those remote controls and instruction manuals.

Don’t neglect your bay window

This is a very under-utilised area in a living room but with some careful thought, it can really become a valuable storage space. You may want to place a free-standing piece of reclaimed wood furniture, for example, a wooden storage chest or a round nest of tables there. Alternatively, why not consider a built-in window seat with hidden storage.

large window with built-in wicker storage baskets

Closed storage

Finally, don’t forget to consider closed storage solutions to help you keep the clutter you don’t want to see out of sight. Cupboards and drawers can really be your friends when it comes to storing all of your belongings and creating a more uncluttered look in your home.

rustic oak highboard with metal handles

Tell us….

Do you have any storage tricks? How do you clear the clutter in your home? Share your ideas and photos in the Comments below.

Our styling tips for a leather sofa or armchair

Our styling tips for a leather sofa or armchair

If you love the look and feel of a leather couch or armchair, but are not sure how it will blend with the rest of your living room furniture, you’ve come to the right place. With investment furniture pieces such as these, it’s important to know how to keep it relevant as interior trends come and go to avoid them falling into the outdated trap. To make sure your leather seating looks the part season after season, read on for our top styling tips.

Why we love leather furniture

Hard-wearing and versatile

An armchair or sofa upholstered in leather is bursting with benefits. Aside from its luxurious style and versatile design which can complement almost any interior, it’s truly one of the most hard-wearing and durable fabric seating options. Leather boasts longevity and over time it will only ever look better with age. General wear over the years adds to the furniture’s character, the common creases and natural changes in colour help create a beautiful, unique patina. It’s handy to know that leather can also withstand most food and beverage spills, repel the collection of dust mites and pet hair and won’t absorb smells the same way other fabrics will, reducing maintenance and keeping your living space both looking and feeling fresh. What’s not to love?

Adds instant warmth and personality

If you have a modern home, a leather armchair is just what you need to give your space character. If your living room is lacking personality, bring home a touch of the countryside-chic with a weathered brown leather armchair paired with some rustic furniture for a warm and comforting feel. Weathered leather, also known as aniline leather, is rich with natural features, bearing all of its original markings and scars. Unlike printed reproductions, the authenticity showcases the leather’s history making this the perfect addition to add some character to your home. If the farmhouse style isn’t your vibe, you can also use leather seating to add mid-century charm, an industrial loft-living look or a classic revisited feel to elevate modern homes.

Best colours to pair with a brown leather sofa or armchair

If you’re wondering what colour interior goes best with your leather seating, white and neutral walls will always create a sophisticated, clean lo ok whilst giving your leather seating centre stage. The minimalism will really bring the leather to life and create a visually interesting focal point in your living space. Leather also looks fantastic with a lick of colour. Olive greens and watery blues are commonly seen with brown in nature, which explains why they create such an inviting environment when paired with a dark brown leather sofa. 

white living room with brown leather sofa

Turn up the heat with vibrant reds, yellows or oranges, the warmer side of the colour wheel can look great when paired with dark leather seating. Light to medium leather however can look outdated if overwhelmed in warm tones, so be sure to mix it up. To make a statement, pair a black or dark brown leather sofa with a citrine yellow feature for a striking yet modern contrast. If a dark interior is more your mood, be cautious not to drown out your leather couch, especially if it’s on the darker side of brown. Balance darker leather with lighter accents, such as cushions or mango wood furniture to ensure your seating doesn’t get lost in its surroundings.

Bring in texture and fabrics

Mixing your leather seating with different fabrics and textures will break up the monotony and help create balance throughout your space. A room full of leather will feel overwhelming, try styling your seating with natural linens, sumptuous velvet pillows and a traditional pale rug to soften the leather and stay on-trend. If you are thinking about mixing and matching fabric and leather seating, pairing modern fabric sofas with a leather armchair will instantly create a comforting and welcoming room, the contrast of fabrics and textures will inject the perfect ratio of style, warmth and charm into the space. If you’re feeling adventurous, introduce a splash of the exotic with a traditional Moroccan-style throw. The abstract pattern will help create more depth and be sure to catch your guest’s eye.

brown leather sofa with large green house plants

How will you style your brown leather sofa or armchair? Leave a comment below and let’s start a conversation! To discover more interior styling tips take a look our Ideas & Inspiration or if this has tempted you to buy a brown leather sofa or armchair, visit us at Modish Living and browse our collection.

Best storage ideas for small living rooms

best storage ideas for small living rooms

small living room with white sofa and exposed brick wall

For many people, the living room can be the hub of the home; the room that you all meet in to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Of course, when you have a small living room then space is at a premium, so it is especially important to pay particular attention to your storage solution if you want to maximise the full potential of your living room.

When you plan carefully, a compact living room can still have plenty of space for both relaxing and storage, so let’s take a look at how you might achieve a harmony between the two.

Utilise your window recess

Window recesses and bay windows are often very underutilised areas, particularly in a small living room and they really shouldn’t be. Maximise this space with a clever storage solution A built-in seated area with storage underneath is an obvious option or perhaps use a rustic coffee table, a blanket box or even a console table? Consider the size of the space when selecting furniture to ensure that you still have clear access to your blinds, shutters or curtains.

Use vertical space

Using the space that you have to its full potential means not just finding ways to fit in storage at floor level but also considering taller storage solutions as well. A wooden bookcase is a great way to provide vertical storage in a smaller living room and remember if you don’t actually have a lot of books, you can also use it to display ornaments as well. See our blog with Scandi wall art experts, Desenio on the best ways to style a bookcase with frames and print.

Make something of your alcoves

living room with large round mirror and rustic shelves

Alcoves make great storage areas but can also pose a bit of a problem when it comes to finding the right storage solution. If you are fortunate that the dimensions allow for a piece of ready-made storage such as a small sideboard cabinet or bookshelf, then that’s great. If this doesn’t work for the space you have, consider asking a local carpenter to make bespoke storage – this will give you the advantage of being able to fit something in that uses all of the space both vertically and horizontally to maximise storage.

Opt for a coffee table with storage

Whilst a simple low coffee table can look wonderful in any living room, when you are furnishing a room with less space a coffee table with drawers will work much better. It can provide you with some of that much-needed storage space. Maximise the storage space even further with a hardworking storage coffee table like the Skandi 2 Drawer Coffee Table. This rustic chest is big on storage space and style giving your living room a wonderful focal point as well as a place to store sofa throws, cushions and other accessories you want to have handy.

TV storage

Finally, we know it can be tempting in a smaller living room to wall mount your TV, but this is actually a wasted opportunity and far from helping to make a room look bigger can have the opposite effect. A good use of space is to build bespoke TV storage cabinetry that will not only house your TV but make the most of the space you have and provide you with storage. If you prefer to go with something that isn’t “built in” then an industrial TV unit with drawers, shelves or both will work well with a smaller space too.

For more styling tips for small spaces see our Ideas & Inspiration.

How do I add glam to my living room?

white fabric sofa with large pampas grass

living room with gold coffee table and wooden armchairs

If you are considering glamming up your living room, then you have some big design choices ahead of you. This is especially true if you want to give it a makeover with just the right amount of glam without going over the top. If you thought that all you need to give your living room that more luxurious look is some new fancy expensive furniture, then you may be interested to hear that this isn’t always the case and that you can give your living space the high-end look you are after in other ways. With a few clever design tricks, and of course, the right pieces of rustic furniture, giving your living room a glamorous makeover -particularly if you favour a more rustic furniture style – has never been easier.

Go big on the furniture

Oversized furniture is a great way to add a really glamorous touch to your living room. The quickest way to do this is to opt for a single statement piece of furniture this could be a large sideboard or Oswald 2 seater sofa. Maybe even a characterful reclaimed wood coffee table a mango wood coffee table with gold accents or an edgy industrial coffee table. The trick here is to think impact, something that makes you go ‘wow’ as you enter the room.

Dazzle with stunning lights

When it comes to ‘zhuzhing’ up your living room lighting, go big. Look for ceiling lights that will make a real impression on anyone who visits your home. Large light shades, modern crystal chandeliers or even light fittings with multiple drops can create a really glamorous effect. Do not just limit yourself to one type of lighting in your living room either. Introduce a couple of large table lamps on a rustic sideboard so that you can change the mood of your room or layer your lighting at night. An oak console table also makes a great place to sit an impressive table lamp for maximum effect.

Remember your ceiling

When we decorate a room, the ceiling is an area that is often overlooked. Make a real statement with your ceilings through the use of colour or even patterns. The right choice of colour could really help to offset your glamorous light fitting whether you have high or low ceilings. If you have rustic beams, make them a highlight or paint them in the same colour you have chosen for your ceiling. For an all-out glam statement, what about silver or gold leaf? This would look stunning against a dark blue wall with a brown leather armchair.

living room with green painted panelled ceiling

Luxurious textiles

When it comes to the textiles that you add to your living room; throws, cushions and even your window dressings opt for luxurious textiles. Billowy cotton drapes, velvet, silk and good quality faux fur will all help to add a hint of dramatic glamour to your room. Shop around to find shades that complement your colour scheme.

Less really is more, and size does matter!

living room with grey corner sofa and large artwork on wall

When it comes to the accessories you put in your living room, less really is more. Don’t overcrowd your room or it will look too cluttered and not at all glamorous. Choose your accessories wisely but go big with those items that you do opt for, think big rugs, a single big piece of artwork, large mirrors, and even big pieces of rustic or reclaimed wood furniture – all of these will make a memorable statement in your living room.

Key accessories

Finally, choose your accessories wisely, again to up the glam less really will be more. Silver, bronze and gold accessories will add instant glamour to your room but don’t go overboard with the golden trappings otherwise you risk the space looking gaudy. We think a set of round nesting tables with a gold or silver frame brings in just the right amount of shine whilst also providing an ideal spot for the placement of a silver photo frame, vase or some other metallic accessories.

round nest of tables in reclaimed wood with silver leg

How are you going to bring some high-octane glamour to your home? Don’t forget to visit our Ideas and Inspiration for more great ways to improve your home. Or sign-up to our newsletter below and get a weekly dose of inspiration to your inbox.