3 colours that complement a brown leather sofa

Brown leather sofa with floor lamp and dark green walls

The classic brown leather sofa is a timeless piece of furniture that is found in thousands of stylish living rooms up and down the UK, if not the world. There’s a good reason for this – it’s such a versatile colour that can be styled in many different ways with many different colour schemes and furniture, including rustic furniture or modern furniture. If you’ve invested in one of these interior classics, to help you make the best decision for the colour scheme of your living room, we’ve picked three of our favourite looks that we think complement a brown leather couch beautifully…

brown leather sofa with dark green wall

Best colours for a brown leather sofa

1. Glorious Green

Green and brown are the colours of nature and work so easily together. We’re not talking bold bright greens here, but a subtle shade that could used as an alternative to bright white walls. Sage green is a popular hue this season as is a darker more moodier shade of green. This can be introduced as an accent wall in a more neutral colour scheme or if if you’re feeling bold, cover all the walls, skirting boards, coving and even the ceiling in a dark brooding green! For more subtle pops of green, large house plants are the perfect accessory, along with layers of green cushions, a lamp shade or rug. If you want the room to appear brighter, consider a lighter tan leather sofa paired with an accent piece of furniture like a modern armchair to add an extra eye-catching feature to the room.

Brown leather sofa in open plan living room and white kitchen in background

2. Beautiful Blue

A brown leather Oswald sofa and pale blue work so beautifully together – reminiscent of a classic Wedgewood blue. This pale elegant colour will not only brighten your room, but will allow the beauty of your sofa to stand out, let’s face it, a gorgeous Oswald sofa is one that you really want to show off. Whilst pale blue is a lovely soft shade to pair with a leather couch, it would be shortsighted to not also consider a rich peacock or navy blue. These hues work well with reclaimed wood furniture as well a brown leather sofa by adding depth and balance to the scheme. Bring in a contrasting accent colour via accessories or furniture, especially if you have chosen a modern leather sofa.

Brown leather chesterfield sofa against blue wall with oval coffee table on light blue rug

3. Devilishly Dark – Grey or Black

If you’re fond of the boho style, a dark grey or black colour scheme with leather furniture is a win. It can also work if you’re wanting to achieve an industrial style living room – what doesn’t feel more NYC loft style living than a brown leather sofa paired with an industrial coffee table featuring black metal legs and exposed steel beams in the ceiling. For a more boho take, pair your sofa with natural materials, such as jute, rattan and rustic furniture with black or dark grey accessories, such as a Berber style rug and a wooden side table with black steel legs. If you’re wanting to create a cocooning space then a brown leather sofa with dark painted walls, such as Farrow & Ball Railings, will make a statement. The brown hue of the sofa will soften the darkness adding instant warmth. Black as a colour scheme is always popular and is re-invented time and time again as interior decor trends change, as does a brown leather sofa. By marrying these two classics together, you have a timeless scheme that will stand the test of time.

brown leather sofa next to floor to ceiling window

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