3 heavenly bedroom makeover ideas to stay cosy

dark blue bedroom for 3 heavenly bedroom makeover ideas to stay cosy blog

We don’t know about you, but at this time of year we like to spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. The nights are long and cold – we naturally want to hibernate and snuggle up under the duvet in our cosy warm beds. With all this time spent in the bedroom, now is the perfect time to give this room a makeover and create a cocooning environment you’ll never want to leave. To help you get started, we’ve pulled together three classic looks that are easy to create in any size room.

1. Bedroom blues

bedroom blues makeover styling ideas with dark blue velvet bed frame

Calming, tranquil and restful, blue is often a go-to colour for bedrooms. Not just pleasing to the eye, some studies have identified that a blue room may even be able to help improve your mood and also help reduce our blood pressure and heart rate. It makes you wonder why a bedroom should be any other colour, right? To keep it warm, choose a blue with a purple bias or a rich navy and steer clear of more icy blue colours. Blue is very versatile and can be accessorised with a whole array of other colours to add accents to your bedroom like grey, pink, lilac and brown to name just a few. You can choose patterned fabrics to bring in an accent colour and opt for different textures to add variety and interest. We think the Dulwich reclaimed wood furniture collection are just perfect for a calming blue bedroom.

2. Neutral nesting

Neutrals are always great for a bedroom – like blue it’s calming and works well in just about any space and with any style of furniture. Neutral colours will never make a room look cluttered or dark. If you do choose a neutral theme for your bedroom in order to keep it cosy, choose comforting and warm earthy tones – off white, soft grey and cream. These colours make a great foundation for reclaimed wood furniture! With a neutral theme, why not opt for the Oldham King Bed¬†with a feature wooden headboard? The natural grain and beauty of the wood will certainly shine out against a neutral wall. Or add softer features with a grey velvet bed and rustic bedside table. With this timeless bedroom decor you can bring in soft colours in the way of bedding, scatter cushions and floor rugs to keep it current year after year.

3. Boho boudoir

boho boudoir bedroom inspiration with reclaimed wood bed frame and wooden bedside table

The Boho style lends itself perfectly to the bedroom. For a bohemian look, you want to include floor pillows, pouffes and plenty of scatter cushions on the bed, as well as cosy throws in different textures. Warm up the floor with some natural floor mats or patterned Turkish style rugs. It’s all about being light and airy – stay away from really dark bedroom furniture (a medium wood colour is about as dark as you want to go) – choose a natural wooden wardrobe and solid wood chest of drawers in rustic wood. The predominant colours should be shades of browns and beige, but bring colours in with your accessories. Hang some macrame wall hangings on the walls, add some pot plants beside your rustic bed and bring in a variety of textures, such as a mix of earthenware and terracotta pots as well as wicker baskets.