Create a farmhouse bedroom that is fresh and modern

Create a farmhouse bedroom that's fresh and modern

farmhouse bedroom with solid wood bed and wooden bed table

There was a time when a farmhouse bedroom was the preserve of fussy country cottages only, but this interior look has come a long way since its patchwork, shabby-chic days. The modern farmhouse bedroom is a much more contemporary, cooler and pared-down incarnation of its former self and works just as well in city spaces as it does in rural homes. From wood panelling for added texture to neutral colour palettes, you can create a chic, contemporary look that still has a timeless, rustic feel.

Invest in a wooden bed frame, add rustic and reclaimed furniture, and layer up natural materials, such as linen and wool, to give your bedroom a cosy atmosphere. With the right styling, you can create a fresh and modern farmhouse bedroom that will be an inviting and stylish space for years to come.

What is modern farmhouse decor?

Compared to traditional farmhouse décor, modern farmhouse is more sophisticated with cleaner, smoother lines and a simpler palette. It still brings a high level of comfort that you usually associate with country and farmhouse styles, but rather than being overly rustic and fussy, modern farmhouse interior schemes mix minimal, luxurious textures with neutrals and smoother finishes.

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas – Get the Look

Dark grey wood panelling and solid wood bed for how to create a farmhouse bedroom

Wood panelling

A foolproof way to give a bedroom an instant farmhouse feel is to incorporate some wood panelling. A panelled wall provides the perfect backdrop to add warmth and depth, especially in new builds that lack character. To keep it modern, paint the panelling in a soft neutral colour scheme. That’s not to say you can’t have exposed wood panelling in a contemporary farmhouse bedroom. Deep blues and warm primary colours such as mustard yellow and rust brown contrast beautifully with the warmness of natural wood, whilst keeping it fresh and modern. If you want to keep the space light, stick to chalky white walls to create a simple and serene background to the wood.

Texture is key

According to interior designers, the secret to making a farmhouse bedroom feel authentic is to bring in lots of natural elements and textures. Wood and rustic wood add instant texture, whether that’s rustic furniture, a wooden floor, beams or panelling. But for a modern take, bring in other materials drawn from nature such as layers of bedding in natural linen and soft wool, cushions, window dressing, rugs and interesting accessories, including stylish lighting.

Wooden headboard for farmhouse bedroom blog

Invest in a wooden bed frame

When picking a bed for a farmhouse bedroom a wooden headboard is an obvious choice. Again, this goes back to texture, the glue that holds the modern farmhouse look together. You can’t go wrong with rustic and reclaimed furniture for that genuine and natural finish and a king size wooden bed frame crafted in reclaimed wood as a focal point sets an immediate farmhouse tone. For a contemporary feel, keep other furniture to a minimum – a pair of wooden bedside tables and a rustic chest of drawers should be enough – and pick a clean and simple colour scheme for walls and bedding. Reclaimed furniture comes with its own unique personality, but to put your own stamp on the space, focus on the finer details, such as lighting and other accessories in the room.

A warm and minimal colour palette

When it comes to colours for a farmhouse bedroom, a rule of thumb is to keep it simple and pared back. Most modern schemes adopt a neutral palette, combining different shades of white, brown and grey. Warm neutrals, such as beige and tan will add various levels of warmth, whilst cool neutrals, including grey, greige, stone and taupe invite a sense of serenity. If you want to expand your farmhouse horizons, look to nature for colour inspiration to be confident the hues will work together harmoniously. Earth tones, including mushroom, chestnut and terracotta sit well with warm neutrals, as do spicy hues like saffron and mustard. For cool neutrals, greens of all kinds, warm cornflower blues and even pastel pinks create a new and appealing farmhouse style.

farmhouse bedroom interior for farmhouse bedroom blogCredit: Runo Hotel, Porvoo

Source rustic and reclaimed furniture

We’ve talked about the importance of adding texture to bring a farmhouse bedroom to life, and one of the easiest ways to do this is with reclaimed furniture and rustic furniture. Timeless and built to stand the test of time, reclaimed wood furniture not only looks beautiful with authentic knots, grains and imperfections, but it also carries with it a unique story and charm that modern furniture simply can’t replicate.

But reclaimed furniture doesn’t have to be all raw and exposed, it can range from rustic to modern, depending on the type of finish. For a more modern take, pick wood with a lighter finish or if you prefer a classic farmhouse furniture style, painted reclaimed furniture in an off-white or dark grey is a stylish choice.

rustic bedside table with drawer

Farmhouse bedroom accessories

As with any interior scheme, it’s the attention to detail that helps pull the look together. For a truly authentic modern farmhouse mood, opt for accessories with a rustic feel or made from natural materials such as wood, metal, stone or clay. Look for wooden wall-mounted shelves, woven baskets, terracotta pots and jugs, along with wooden framed mirrors and picture frames. Similarly, pick something made from natural materials such as jute or sisal when it comes to choosing rugs.

Lighting should not be overlooked and in order to create the right ambience it needs to be layered. From dark metal or vintage wall lights to oversized pendants or antique chandeliers to hang on lofty beamed ceilings, when choosing lights for a farmhouse bedroom the main consideration is to strike a balance so they blend harmoniously without it becoming too much of one thing and overly themed.

farmhouse bedroom with rattan pendant light and stone vase with pampers grass accessory

By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a cosy and modern farmhouse bedroom that’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.

The Feng Shui bedroom: how to achieve it

The feng shui bedroom: how to achieve it

grey fabric bed with rustic tall chest of drawers

Bring in a zen-like vibe with a feng shui bedroom and create a stylish space flowing with positive energy, balance and a sense of calm.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice centred around balance and positive energy flow. It’s rooted in the belief that every element channels the earth’s energy, or chi, and in order to bring the right balance to a space, the yin and yang needs to flow in the right direction. In the home, it’s believed that if the positioning of our interiors, furniture and colours are aligned in a room it allows positive energy to flow and keep negative chi away. According to feng shui, the bedroom is a peaceful ‘yin’ space and a place to relax and recharge energy. Read on for tips and ideas on how to master a feng shui bedroom and zen the life out of your bedroom.

1. Clear the clutter

De-cluttering, organising and creating space is a fast-track way to ensure that energy is flowing freely. Cluttered surfaces, clothes hanging off of furniture and ‘stuff’ jammed under the bed will not make a happy feng shui bedroom. Keep the room neat by having a clear out, keeping only the things you need and putting everything else in a large chest of drawers or double wardrobe with drawers.

2. Feng Shui bedroom layout

The position of your bedroom furniture is a key factor in feng shui to allow energy to flow freely. Make sure your bed is in the ‘commanding position’, a foundational concept in feng shui that refers to placing important objects facing the door, but not in line with it. When you are in a commanding position you are in control of your life, so place a solid wood bed in sight of the door without being directly opposite it to optimise the positive energy and find peace.

Related: How to use feng shui to position your bed

3. Go natural and neutral

Unsurprisingly, nature is big in the feng shui bedroom, connecting us with life’s innate energy. Neutral or muted earthy colours are soothing and are the best shades to choose from as they won’t overstimulate the energy of the room, whilst tactile materials, such as wood or reclaimed wood furniture represent growth and life, adding an instant natural element.

solid wood bed and dark wood bedside tables for how to achieve a feng shui bedroom

4. Serene symmetry

As we’ve already touched on, balance is fundamental in feng shui to maximise chi levels and a great way to create instant symmetry and balance in a bedroom is with bedside tables. Consider placing a bedside table on either side of the bed and enjoy a more harmonious and soothing space.

5. Hide electronics

To create a space that promotes a restorative night’s sleep you have to literally unplug from the world. Lap tops, phones and TVs are known disruptors of our circadian rhythms, but they also go against the core principles of feng shui, which is based on the natural world. Leave tech in another room or hide it away inside a bedside table with drawers when you turn out the lights.

rustic bedside table with drawers

Clever small bedroom study ideas

wooden desk and wooden desk chair for clever small bedroom study ideas blog

As the end of the summer holidays approaches and we prepare our kids for the term ahead, now is the perfect time to reinvent their home study. Even if your child has a small bedroom, with some thoughtful planning and clever furniture choices you can create the coolest workstation to inspire their creative minds and boost productivity. Prepare for gold stars all round with these small bedroom study ideas.

Pick a hardworking desk

A reclaimed wood desk is a clever investment when it comes to small bedrooms that will see your children throughout their entire school years. Something like our Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Desk features a simple, yet stylish design that is sure to stand the test of time. With a large surface area it offers plenty of room for books and laptops, whilst a wide middle drawer and two further side drawers provides plenty of space to store study bits and bobs, such as stationary storage, workbooks and revision cards. If they have a high bed, why not pop the desk underneath to maximise floor space? Adding a wooden industrial style desk below creates a secret nook that’s perfect for late night cramming sessions. Pair with a comfy desk chair that can be adjusted to the right height and you have the making of a successful study zone.

reclaimed wood desk with brown comfy office chair

Let there be light

Good lighting in a small space is key, but especially so when it comes to small bedroom study ideas. Make the most of natural daylight by positioning the desk next to a window, but be sure to avoid placing it directly in front of the window as this will not only offer a world of distractions to young minds, but it will also be difficult to see a computer screen. For nighttime studying, it’s important to keep a bedroom workspace well lit to avoid that dark and dingy feeling which might encourage them to catch a few Z’s instead of A’s! Mounted wall lights are great in small spaces for focused lighting and keeping the area bright without taking up valuable desk space.

small white desk in bedroom next to two windows

Storage, storage, storage

Storage can be a tricky subject in a small room, yet it is one of the most important to get right. Try to use wall space as much as possible and think vertically not horizontally by adding tall open shelves or a rustic bookcase with boxes and baskets for storing study and other bedroom necessities. You can also make the most of a bed with drawers – perfect for storing lap tops, books and files when the desk isn’t in use and your child is enjoying some downtime, but easy to access when it’s head down time. If there is space for larger storage options, invest in a cabinet, such as our Standford Industrial filing cabinet – a great choice with deep drawers perfect for hiding away heavy books and binders whilst keeping worktops neat and tidy.

industrial bookcase and rustic side table with drawers

Use colour to create the illusions of space

Lastly, but by no means not least, zone the space using colour. This could be a feature wall or even just the width of a desk. Use a contrasting colour to the rest of the room, or a personal favourite and paint the space just below ceiling height so it frames the desk. If you’re feeling bold, a stand-out colour is not only fun, but it can also define the study area and help separate school work from free time.

For more styling and decor tips for the home see our Ideas & Inspiration.

Neutral bedroom decor ideas: why it’s timeless

wooden bed in white bedroom with hanging chair

The neutral colour scheme is one that never truly goes out of fashion. Whilst we may see bold, vibrant colours becoming the “must have” colours for the season, they never really last. There is something so soothing and enduring about a more neutral palette, much like reclaimed wood furniture. Plus, it is this characteristic that lends itself so well to many rooms in the home but in particular the bedroom. So, if you are looking to create a calm and cool cocoon this summer, then why not get some inspiration from our neutral bedroom ideas.

Colour palette

When it comes to neutral, there are a lot more colours to consider than many people realise. There is certainly more to a neutral palette than just white or cream; beiges and greys work just as well and can provide a welcome change from the more often used shades, which can sometimes fall a little flat without the right accessories to back them up. The good thing is that just about every shade in the neutral spectrum will work really well in with rustic furniture, which is in itself somewhat neutral in colour.

solid wood bed with pink covers in a grey coloured bedroom

Rustic furniture

As we have already mentioned, the natural woods of rustic furniture make them an ideal choice for a neutral colour scheme in the bedroom. But it is more than just the colour that makes it a great complement. The naturally occurring patterns that you will find in wood work so well with a range of different shades from the neutral spectrum. A rustic bedside table, for example, would look perfect against a neutral wall and really give the wood a chance to stand out, creating something of a focal point. Plus, much like a neutral colour scheme, rustic furniture has a timeless quality that means it doesn’t date, in fact, it improves as the years go by.

Discrete storage

The neutral look is one that aims to be as relaxing as possible, and one of the best ways of achieving this is with minimal clutter. Discreet storage is your friend if you want to pull off a neutral bedroom decor properly, so invest in a wooden bed with drawers, bedside cabinets and a good solid wood wardrobe.

White bedroom furniture

If you don’t want to go down the natural wood route with your bedroom furniture, then why not consider white or some other colour from the neutral palette. Painting furniture with a neutral shade can be a great way of upcycling a piece of older furniture that is in need of a bit of TLC. 

Natural textures

The neutral colour scheme lends itself very well to a range of natural textures. Crisp white linen for your bedding and fluffy or faux fur rugs for the floor – these all work really well against a neutral backdrop. Don’t forget a house plant or some real or dried flowers as well to help bring the beauty of the outdoors in and add the finishing touches to your timeless, beautiful, neutral bedroom.

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How to get the wow factor in your home

white chesterfield sofa and white armchairs for how to get the wow factor blog

You’ll be familiar with the term the ‘wow factor’ and when it comes to interior design creating a home that quite literally makes you and guests say ‘wow’ is one that we all aspire to. Read on for our top interior styling tips to create an utterly unforgettable home, from shiny metal accents to over-sized vintage rugs and a stunning rustic dining table – you too can have a home that will take your breath away.

Make an entrance

oak console table with gold frame

A breathtaking hallway is essential to setting the tone of a home, after all, it’s the first and last space you and your guests see! A sure-fire way to stop people in their tracks is with a show-stopping chandelier and mosaic floor tiles duo. They will capture your interest instantly and bring a sense of old-school grandeur you’ll love. Keeping your hallway tidy is a must-have. Clear the clutter whilst adding character with some stylish storage, such a rustic console table styled with pops of vibrant, bold colour that will bring your corridor to life. If colour isn’t your vibe, think about texture and luxurious finishes for a similar affect. Our Farnham sustainable mango wood sideboard features a unique brass hexagon inlay design that is bound to catch the eye and subtly help elevate darker interiors.

Kick-ass kitchen

white marble kitchen island with large black rattan pendant light for how to get the wow factor in your home blog

Turn up the heat in the kitchen with an unmissable feature wall in marble or exposed brick behind your oven . Adding an element of surprise is also a clever way to add that wow factor – a striking open shelf display in citrine yellow or lime green will help give traditional and neutral kitchens a playful edge. If you prefer a more rustic feel, thick wooden beams never fail to impress. Pair with fresh blooms, a large vintage rug and naturally woven textiles to create a stunning yet unpretentious space. When arranging your kitchen accessories and utensils, it’s worth keeping in mind the ‘role of three’ trick to make a bigger impact. This interior secret may seem insignificant, but styling each accessory in odd numbers interestingly becomes more memorable and visually appealing.

Audacious dining rooms

To create a dramatic dining room with a crisp and refined look, stick to light walls and straight lines with something like a statement dining table, such as our super-sleek Eastwood Rustic Oak Dining Table. The characterful rustic wood is protected with a thick glass top, whilst the elegant polished silver legs bring a sophisticated, yet modern appeal. When choosing accessories for statement tables, choose quality over quantity – you want to avoid overcrowding the space. If your mood is more urban living, consider an industrial dining table paired with something unexpected such as a large Victorian pendant light or a stained glass window to capture a grand, gothic revival feel. Get creative with black steel accents within clocks, door handles, or exposed pipes to maintain your lofty flare with a touch of medieval magic.

Bold bedrooms

solid wood bed in French bedroom

When it comes to the boudoir, think big! A reclaimed solid wood bed will be the star of the night – how about styling it with white linen and patterned wallpaper to achieve a grandeur Parisian aesthetic. Pair with complementing reclaimed wood furniture such as a rustic bedside table or a tall wardrobe to create continuity and natural warmth. Remember to use your space wisely and accentuate the features you love about your bedroom the most. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a sloping ceiling, bay window or a skylight, you can use clever lighting or abstract fabrics and textures to lure the eye. If you’re feeling extra fancy, consider a freestanding bath or a fabric chesterfield sofa to create a sumptuous and comforting focal point. A bedroom should promote wellbeing after all, so why not unwind in pure opulence?

solid wood bed in reclaimed wood with blue covers

For statement furniture that is sure to bring the wow factor to your living, dining or bedroom, visit us at Modish Living. Or for more interior inspiration explore our blog ideas.

Is a chest of drawers really better than a wardrobe?

Dulwich Reclaimed Wood Large Chest of Drawers

reclaimed solid wood bed with wooden blanket box and rustic bedside table

When it comes to bedroom storage, given the choice, would you opt for a chest of drawers over a wardrobe or visa versa? It’s a common conundrum and a question our customers toy with when looking for the perfect reclaimed or rustic furniture for their bedroom. Whilst some are resolute they couldn’t live without a wooden wardrobe, others, given the choice would opt for a rustic chest of drawers. So could a large chest of drawers replace the wardrobe? When and why would a chest of drawers be a better option than a wardrobe? What we’re really asking is – are you a chest or wardrobe type of person!

Small space, big dreams

reclaimed wood chest of drawers and matching wooden bedside table

Not all of us are gifted with a huge bedroom and masses of floor space to create the dream wardrobe and wooden chest of drawers get-up. In a smaller bedroom, we need to be clever with space and that means choosing versatile, flexible bedroom storage for clothing and other accessories. Luckily, what it doesn’t mean though, is that we can’t go for reclaimed wood furniture.

When you can’t even squeeze in a wardrobe with shelves, there is no denying that a bedroom chest of drawers is a great alternative. In most cases, we don’t need the full-length hanging space that most reclaimed wood wardrobes offer. And so even when we can afford the space for a wardrobe, it is sometimes not the best storage solution. Create a stylish look whilst affording as much storage as possible by mixing and combining tall, large and small chest of drawers.

Make the most of height (even if there isn’t much!)

A loft bedroom presents some interesting angles and characterful nooks and crannies, and whilst this is what you fell in love with, when it comes to furnishing the room, it can be a bit of a design nightmare. Chests of drawers could be the ideal solution here, especially as they come in a wide range of sizes and options, such as…….

Low and wide

The reason why you choose rustic furniture for the bedroom in the first place is for its natural features and beauty, but you also want pieces that offer bedroom storage without crowding the space. A low and wide chest of drawers is perfect for when ceiling height is limited but you have an expanse of wall.

large reclaimed wood chest of drawers

Tall and slender

Many bedrooms have a recess, in older properties especially, that can be hard to dress but is ripe for converting into a storage space. Square off an oddly-shaped room with a tall and slender bedroom chest of drawers in an awkward nook.

Combination storage

When you have unforgiving dimensions, sometimes you need to be a little bit clever in how you add storage. As well as a chest of drawers in the bedroom, consider adding bedside tables with drawers, just for that extra bit of storage space. You might also want to consider a wooden blanket box at the foot of your bed, or even investing in a bed with storage underneath, such as one from our Onslow collection.

reclaimed wood bedside table with pull out drawer

    The wardrobe

    Of course, none of this means that the wardrobe has had its day – far from it! Whilst it might be true that we are open to alternative bedroom storage options, sometimes only something with height will do to keep our glamorous gowns and swish suits looking their best. If you can’t live without a wardrobe, one with shelves provides many more storage opportunities as do wardrobes with hanging and drawer space, the perfect bedroom storage combination in our opinion.

    two wooden wardrobes in reclaimed wood with drawers

    Tell us…..

    So, which do you prefer? How have you organised your bedroom storage? Share you ideas and photos in the comments below or check out our Inspiration blogs for more storage ideas.

    6 styling tips for a feel-good bedroom

    cushion with happiness written across it for 6 styling tips for a feel-good bedroom blog

    bed cushion with happiness written on it for 6 styling tips for a feel-good bedroom

    We might spend about a third of our life in our bedrooms and in our beds, but this is often a overlooked room in the home when it comes to decorating, and it really shouldn’t be. Whilst personal styles may vary from one person to another, there are a few unwritten rules that you should follow when it comes to creating a feel-good bedroom. So, put a smile on your face both at the start and end of the day with our styling tips for that all-important bedroom that is a pleasure to spend time in.

    1. The most important piece of furniture

    Go on, take a guess! You got it, your bed is the most important piece of furniture you will pick for your bedroom and one that will spark the most joy. Whilst choosing the right mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep, don’t forget to give plenty of consideration to the type of bed frame that you pick. A statement bed is a great place to start when styling a bedroom and a wooden bed with storage dressed in your favourite colours and cushions will make a real impact.

    2. Consider your colour palette

    The colours you choose for your bedroom will influence on how calming and relaxing a room it is, so look for colours that make you smile and, quite literally, feel good. These colours should be soothing as well, so if you like pink, then opt for a more muted and pastel shade. Darker shades tend to be more cossetting and protecting, rather than uplifting, so keep deep hues to accent walls or in the decorative details to keep the room light and airy.

    white bedroom with rustic solid wood bed and pink covers

    3. Keep things tidy

    There is nothing worse than clutter for destroying the feel-good factor of your bedroom, so make sure you keep the muddle and mess to a minimum. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have personal belonging in your bedroom, however. Just consider some storage options that will help you keep a clutter-free space. A large bedside table with drawers, for example, is a great place to store bits and pieces you want close to hand but out of sight.

    wooden bedside table with drawer and shelf and plant on top

    4. Add some personal touches

    As we mentioned above, keeping an uncluttered bedroom doesn’t mean avoiding those personal touches that really make it your space. A wooden dressing table makes a great place to put some photos of loved ones, whilst the wall opposite your bed is the perfect spot to hang some artwork as well as adding a splash of colour. Reclaimed wood furniture works really well in the bedroom as it adds instant personality and individuality.

    5. Is there room for a seating area?

    Having a spot away from the rest of your household to sit, relax, read or listen to music is a great way to tap-in to those good vibes. If you have a larger bedroom, then consider adding a small seating area. A window is a great place to do this, especially on a sunny day, and if you don’t want to add a more permanent window seat then a wooden blanket box with cushions or a comfy accent armchair can add the perfect touch.

    cushioned window seat for 6 styling tips to create a feel-good bedroom blog

    6. Consider bringing the outdoors in

    If you live in a more urban area then why not consider adding some greenery to your bedroom. Studies have shown that house plants reduce stress levels and boosts your mood, so you could either opt for some easy to care for plants, fresh flowers or even faux plants. This will not only add scent and life to your room, but also help to soften the lines of your furniture. It’s a great way of bringing the outside in, especially if you can’t see much green from your bedroom window.

    solid wood bed with large green house plant

    So, there you have it, some tips and tricks for making your bedroom the feel-good haven it’s meant to be! What additions have you made to your home to give it a happy and uplifting vibe? Leave a comment below and share your ideas or follow us @modishliving for some interior inspiration.

    How to create a boho bedroom

    how to create a boho bedroom

    boho style bedroom with solid wood bed frame and wicker blanket box

    The terms boho and boho-chic are ones that have become increasingly popular in the last few years. From clothing to interior décor, boho as a style can be found everywhere. Its carefree style works breezily in a living room, but it can also bring a wonderfully relaxing mood to the bedroom. If you are looking to bring a touch of boho style to your bedroom, then we have put together some tips that will help you.

    What does boho style mean?

    Boho, or bohemian style, is a free-spirited one that can be incredibly colourful or monochromatic. Its roots are deeply embedded in the Romani culture, seen in oriental designs and over the years, it has been influenced by hippies through the use of romantic floating fabrics, lace, florals and a sense of freedom. In essence, there is no one set of rules that govern what constitutes a boho style. It is more about the ability to mix colours, textures and a range of items into one cohesive look. Rustic furniture in particular makes a great start to any boho design.

    When it is done well it can create a relaxing space with a hint of travel and adventure, yet somewhere cosy enough to relax at the end of a day. This is what makes it a great choice for a bedroom.

    The boho bed

    As the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, the bed is particularly important when it comes to tying a boho design together. First and foremost, it should be made with natural materials – a solid wood bed frame, preferably in reclaimed wood or rattan lends itself well to this style. The boho style also fits well to a bed with a low profile with or without a wooden headboard, and look for curvy and tactile shapes, dressed in natural linens.

    Boho bedroom furniture

    When it comes to the rest of the furniture in your boho bedroom, the only rule you really need to follow is to keep it natural. Because the boho style is often a mixture of different, and sometimes eclectic items, you can actually blend different styles of furniture to create a harmonious mood. Whilst you should stick with wood for your bedroom furniture, your bedroom chest of drawers and rustic wardrobe do not need to match the exact style of your bed to make this look work.

    Think about layers

    boho style bedroom with wooden bed and layers of covers and blankets

    For bedding, soft furnishings and textiles in your room, layers is a must to bring the boho look together. A throw on the wooden bed, piles of cushions, several rugs on the floor, macrame and hanging baskets or planters crafted in rope. Both cotton and linen are great choices for bed linen and window dressings; soft, romantic and floaty. Jute is another great option for the floor, whilst tassels also work well both on cushions and as things like curtain tie-backs. Boho bedroom decor is relaxed and unconventional, so mixing colours, patterns and textures will bring your boho bedroom to life.

    A boho colour palette

    boho style bed with brown bed throw and large cushions

    For your base colour, earthy and neutral shades such as white, off-white, browns and yellows should be introduced. These warm hues are also a great complement and canvas for natural wood furniture. If you want to add a splash of colour opt for pops of jewel shades, such as grass green, azure blue and fiery red, even pastel pink can work, especially in the bedroom. Another popular bohemian colour accent is black or natural brown. Add in the way of accessories or patterns on textiles.

    white bedroom with white bed, wall macrame and jute hanging pendant lights

    For more interior decor trends take a look our Ideas & Inspiration or to buy the look, visit us at Modish Living.

    Easy reading corner ideas your child will love

    pink teepee in children's bedroom

    child reading book with cuddly toy for easy reading corner ideas your child will love blog

    Reading is the cornerstone of learning for every child, and something that you can give them a head start with even from a very early age. It is never too early to start reading to your child, whether that’s in a solid wood bed in their bedroom at the end of the day or a quiet downtime moment on the sofa in the living room and as they grow, hopefully, you will have instilled a love of reading and a desire to explore what excitement lies between the covers of a good book. A reading corner in your home is a great and easy way to do this.

    With this in mind, here are our tips for pulling together an inspiring reading corner to help encourage your child to discover a love of reading.

    Turn a bed into a reading corner

    If your child’s bedroom is limited in space, then consider making their bed into a reading corner. Some extra cushions will help to create a really comfortable “nest” for curling up in. Of course, you will want to remove these extra cushions at bedtime and store than away, so a wooden bed with storage is a good option. This can be a great place to put some of their teddies as well if there isn’t enough room on the bed.

    wooden bed with under drawer storage

    Keep books accessible

    When encouraging your child to read it is important to make sure that their books are easy to see and close to hand. Consider open shelving or a wooden bookcase – and place the books so the front covers are visible rather than just the spine. You could also consider adding some reclaimed wood shelves on your child’s bedroom wall at child level.

    Keep favourite books close by

    A bedside table with drawers can be incredibly useful when it comes to keeping your child’s favourite read close at hand. There are plenty of different options out there when it comes to selecting a bed table but one with drawers will give you a little bit of extra storage space to help keep your child’s room nice and tidy.

    And whilst we are on the subject of keeping things tidy….

    A tidy room is a much more welcoming environment and one where your child will be inclined to read. It isn’t always easy to keep a child’s room clean and tidy, but you can make life a little easier with the right storage, and plenty of it. A wooden blanket box is a great piece of furniture that can be used to hide all manner of toys and games out of sight. A solid wood chest of drawers and a rustic wardrobe are also good choices for rustic furniture that will offer you plenty of additional storage space.

    children's bedroom with wooden blanket box


    Don’t forget the lighting for your reading corner. Proper lighting will not only create an easier environment to read, but will protect your child’s eyes. A floor lamp or table lamp on a bedside table are ideal, but fairy lights are a great alternative to a more traditional reading lamp if you want to create a more magical area for your child to read in.

    Create a reading den on the floor

    If you are limited when it comes to space in your home or your child’s room, then you can create a reading den on the floor. Get creative with plenty of cushions, or a big bean bag, blankets and maybe even a teepee to help really make a reading corner that is ready for all of the adventures your child will find in the pages of a good book.

    children's bedroom with pink teepee for easy reading corner ideas your kids will love blog

    We hope these ideas have given you some tips on how to create a great reading space for your child. After all, making reading accessible, enjoyable and magical in childhood may help to instill a love of the written word that will bring your child joy throughout the rest of their life. For more children’s bedroom ideas, see our Ideas and Inspirations.