3 of the best ready-to-party rustic extendable tables

Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table and chairs

Planning on entertaining? Want the dining table that will offer you the style and space you need in the dining room or kitchen diner? We have three of the best rustic, extendable dining tables to make all future dinner parties a breeze.

Limited floor space? Opt for a round extendable dining table

The beauty of the round extendable dining table is that it is not only an inclusive shape for a dinner party but is also perfect for when the dimensions of the dining space are not as generous as you would like.

Alton Weathered Oak Round Extending Dining Table

With the Alton round extendable dining table, the extra leaf is cleverly hidden away but when you need it, up it pops extending your table to a beautiful oval shape. Complete with a central pedestal leg, this round table which easily accommodates six to eight diners is also perfect in terms of no bruising encounters for knees against the legs!

A boxy delight

For many people, the perfect dining table is a vast rectangle filling the dining room or kitchen diner. It’s angles and straight lines are a pleasing combination and with a dining table to suit every style from the contemporary to the rustic and industrial, rectangle extendable dining tables will never lose their popularity.

Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table

A reclaimed wood 6 seater dining table to 8 seater dining table is a worthwhile investment. From festive parties to summer buffets, the boxy shapes of the Farringdon reclaimed wood dining table is perfection, whichever way you look at it.

Extending quickly and easily, diners won’t clash elbows and with the boxy legs in each corner, there is little chance of bruised knees either. Dress it with a dining bench mixed with upholstered dining chairs and you have the perfect setting.

Beauty of oak

As a slow-growing hardwood, there really is a sense of luxury around anything oak. And an oak extending dining table is surely the epitome of practical and decadence?

The Kingsbridge industrial style dining table will sit beautifully alongside upholstered dining chairs – why not use a mix of different coloured upholstery? – and again, extends to offer more space easily making an 8 seater dining table available larger gatherings.

Kingsbridge Reclaimed Oak Extending Dining Table

There is so much detail to this oak dining table, it’s hard to know where to start. The parquet detailing on the tabletop is too good to be hidden away but for more formal dinner parties, adding a linen tablecloth or runner would compliment the wood beautifully.

The u-shaped legs also mean that seating diners at either short end of the table are a viable option.

Be practical

Just remember to measure your dining room before you order any extending dining table. Typically, you need a meter of space from the back of the dining chair to the wall (measure it as if someone is sitting on the table) or the nearest piece of furniture such as the drinks cabinet or sideboard. Any less, and simply walking around the table will be too much of a squeeze.