New mango wood furniture – introducing the Oasis collection

New mango wood furniture - introducing the Canford collection blog

Eco-friendly furniture is not limited only to reclaimed wood furniture, oh no, sustainable furniture such as mango wood furniture is another option to go green at home. Mango wood is a by-product of the many mango fruit farms found in India and Asia. The trees are felled as the tree stops bearing fruit or if they naturally grow too big to harvest the fruit, and what is great is that a new tree is planted in its place – a tree for a tree!

We are always looking out for new furniture collections that meet our style and sustainable ethos and we are over the moon to be able to expand our rustic furniture collection to include several new ranges of furniture crafted from mango wood. We look in more detail at the gorgeous new Oasis mango furniture collection – it’s one of new favourites and we think you’re going to love it too! Here we look at the new dining and living room additions from this collection that are guaranteed to bring a warmth and elegance to your home.

Mango wood dining table

You really won’t need many other features to add interest to your dining room. The retro geometric design of the Oasis Sustainable Mango Wood Dining Table will be the ultimate talking point as you sit down to dine. Pair with the Oasis Dining Chairs for a lush and stylish look.

Mango Wood Dining and Living Room Storage

For hidden storage in your dining room, you can choose the Oasis Sustainable Highboard Cabinet. This would sit beautifully next to your mango wood dining table – do take a second to take note of those gorgeous brass metal handles and those lovely legs!!

The highboard is perfect for the living room too, especially when paired up with the gorgeous mango wood coffee table. The coffee table has a plain mango wood top – allowing the gorgeous wood grain and undulations of the mango wood to shine through the warm, rich, dark-honey finish. 

All your living room media storage needs can be organised in one stylish place with the help of the mango wood TV unit. It has two open-backed shelves for consoles, and TV boxes and two cupboards each with a shelf for those items you would rather hideaway!

The gorgeous colouring of this wood means it will match a whole variety of interior design schemes from airy light rooms to dark and luxurious rooms.

Delightful Table top Decorations for Every Room

Gift tags spelling out 'merry' on a wooden surface with Christmas berries and green twigs

With well-chosen festive accessories around your home, you are spreading Christmas spirit! The dining table is important at any time of year but at Christmas, it is extra special. How can you create a Christmas dining table with timeless, festive elegance?

Setting the canvas

A wooden surface with Christmas decorations and gifts and a dark green backdrop

Like a painter, stylists will often spend time getting the backdrop right before they start adding structure with accessories and pretty festive objects.

Reclaimed wood furniture offers a superior blank canvas from which to start and so consider all the tabletops you have in your home and which ones are ripe for a touch of festive elegance.

And so, as well as the reclaimed wood dining table, don’t forget the reclaimed wood console table in the hallway and on the landing. Festive aplomb on the coffee tables wouldn’t go amiss either. And the reclaimed wooden sideboards also make a great space for scented pillar candles and festive delights.

Go minimal

Reclaimed wood has a delightful rustic edge with character a-plenty but if you want a more minimal look, then turn to the Scandinavian style for inspiration. Using pale oak furniture with rounded edges, this style makes a clean and minimal statement, perfect for when you want to bring a Nordic style to your festive decorations.

Welcome in winter

A white painted wooden table with pinecones, snow flakes and twigs on top

Take a walk in your local woods and snip a few sprigs for the table, along with other evergreen shrubs that you may find. And don’t forget that pinecones, sprayed with environmentally friendly glitter, make a fantastic centrepiece clustered in a bowl on the coffee table. 

Make a wreath of it

A person making a wreath out of greenery and thread

As well as clustering evergreen sprigs of holly and the like in vases and small pots, making a wreath can keep more order to your displays as the festive season wears on.

You can buy the frame of the wreath online for a few pounds and then add your own foliage, fresh or fake. Add a speck of colour with fresh flowers or berries for the big day itself.

Wreaths are great additions for the dining table and for the rustic coffee table too. For more elegance, add candles to the wreaths laid out on the sideboard.

Festive cheer in the hallway

The small console table is often overlooked but in the hallway at Christmas time, but a few festive touches set the Christmas spirit from the moment people walk in the door.

Replace your normal vase of fresh flowers with a small Christmas tree, for example. Opt for a live, growing tree that once the season has passed, can be planted in the garden.

Don’t throw old or broken baubles

A white Christmas bauble on a white surface with green twigs and a pot of glitter

We all have one eye on fixing rather than throwing and baubles no longer fit for the tree do have a second life. As well as adding pops of colour to your wreath and table-top displays, give them an extra dusting of eco-friendly glitter and then bundle them all in a large glass bowl or jar.

Add battery-operated wire lights for extra glint and place the bowl or jar one of your wooden sideboards or the console table in the hallway.

Small details can make a huge difference to your home, and this is certainly true of Christmas decorations and accessories that set off your reclaimed wood

5 Cosy dining room ideas for winter

5 cosy dining room ideas for winter


wooden dining table with linen table cloth for winter dining room decor ideas

It’s that time of year when we start wanting our homes to feel cosy. The nights are drawing in and the weather is getting colder, so we retreat inside and hunker down for the winter. A big part of this hibernation revolves around eating with hearty stews and Sunday roasts forming the backbone of many meals. Whether it’s a romantic supper or a family dinner, your dining room decor should be cosy, inviting and welcoming to complement the season.

Here, we share some cosy dining room ideas from a reclaimed wood dining table to soft lighting, candles and warming colours to make the most of your room and ensure eating together is a pleasure to be savoured as much as the food itself.

1. Open-plan kitchen and dining room inspiration

The trend for open-plan living doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon. But, how can you make an open living and dining room feel cosy? Creating a coherent look and feel between your kitchen and dining area can help to make the room more intimate. Use the same material for your kitchen worktops and your dining table – something like solid oak wooden worktops and a reclaimed wood or rustic dining table will always be in style, whether you want a contemporary or more rustic aesthetic.

The use of plants and greenery can also make an open space feel more enclosed and inviting. Bringing the outside in is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it can also have practical benefits to mental health and wellbeing. Following the theme between your cosy dining space and your kitchen – maybe even with the use of growing indoor herbs that can be used in your cooking – will make the space cheerful, fresh and snug. If a living room is also attached to your dining room, a colour scheme or matching soft furnishings will all bring together a feeling of calm and restfulness.

2. Comfy and stylish rustic furniture

The most important part of any dining room is the furniture. Dining room sets can be bought as one, containing matching tables and chairs, or you can mix it up with a solid wood dining table and separate cosy dining room chairs that offer comfort as well as style. Soft leather, faux leather or sumptuous velvet chairs instantly make any room feel cosy and luxuriant.

Add a wooden dining bench, sideboards or cabinets to bring the space together, whilst adding essential storage. Darker wood will help make a space feel more enclosed which, in turn, creates a cosier atmosphere, whilst a lighter finish will bring in a Hygge kind of mood to cocoon and separate you from your outside surroundings.

3. Light up your room

Lighting can make or break any room, and your dining room is no exception. You want to make sure you can see what you are eating and drinking, but for a cosy dining room, you could consider dimmable lights or table lamps. Or maybe combine the two and have a feature light above your dining table, but opt for softer lighting for when you want a more atmospheric setting.

If you use your dining room as a space to work from home, or for kids’ homework, then a brighter light may be useful. The area can also be zoned with a row of spotlights or even some dramatic pendant lighting for maximum effect. Choose a timeless design that is made to last or for something completely unique find a craftsperson who will make a purpose-built light fitting just for you and your dining space.

4. Add a splash of colour

Don’t be afraid of colour, particularly when aiming for a cosy dining room. This could be a fully painted room from skirting boards to ceiling – go for deep jewel colours for added drama – or add a feature wall using colour or contrasting wallpaper. Make a statement with your soft furnishings such as cushions, tablecloths, curtains or blinds and enjoy playing about with different shades to see what works for you.

Related: Get comfortable with colour with Earthborn Paints

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to colour. Be as creative as you like to get a room that works for you. Dress it up for a maximalist effect that suggests a feeling of envelopment with lots of different colours, styles and textures. Alternatively, opt for something more minimal with subtle touches for a relaxing habitat that exudes tranquillity.

5. Unique dining room decor

Asides from colour or wallpaper, what you put on the walls of your dining room should not be forgotten either. Why should a dining room be any different to a living room or bedroom when it comes to interior design? Accessorise with hanging decorative plates, bowls or woven baskets on the walls or for something unique, create a piece of artwork using old cutlery to create a talking point. Don’t feel you have to be dining-focused though, anything goes. Let your creativity flow!

As well as focusing on your wall decor, make a feature of a cabinet or wooden sideboard to help zone and enhance certain areas. Frame family photos for a display of memories, use it as a treasure trove for holiday souvenirs, or have a bookcase full of books and include a comfy armchair in the room for a multi-purpose space. It is your room; make it as unique as you are.

Final cosy dining room ideas

Creating a cosy dining room will likely mean that your family will be more inclined to linger at the dining table to chat and spend quality time with each other in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, rather than rushing off to carry on with their usual daily lives. Meals will be more of an event to enjoy – using decorative and interesting crockery and serving dishes will make the experience feel more special.

Our handcrafted reclaimed furniture is just the first step in designing a cosy dining room to be proud of. Discover our full collection for further inspiration.


Kelly Edwards is an interior designer and home improvement specialist with 15 years of experience in the industry. Alongside numerous projects, Kelly enjoys writing in her free time to shine a light on the importance of sustainability. Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn: @KellyEdwardsInterior.

Wooden or fabric dining chairs: how to decide

White wooden dining chairs with reclaimed wood dining table

reclaimed wood dining table with white wooden dining chairs

They may come secondary to a dining table, but if you’re looking to spruce up your dining area, investing in new dining chairs is an easy refresh. One of our most frequently asked questions here at Modish Living is what type of seating will best suit my dining table? Should you pair your rustic dining table with fabric dining chairs or stick with matching wooden dining chairs? We take a look at the pros of both fabric and wooden chairs to help you choose the perfect pairing.

Pros of fabric dining chairs

reclaimed wood dining table with grey fabric dining chairs

When it comes to texture for upholstered dining chairs you’re spoilt for choice, stylish recycled wool, charming aniline leather or sumptuous velvet are all great materials for dining chairs. Get creative and play with a variety of patterns to achieve different aesthetics based on your interior style. Take the plunge and opt for an upholstered dining chair in a tropical inspired print, pair with a reclaimed wood dining table, dark interior and plenty of antique trinkets and accessories to live out your true maximalist dream. If you prefer the minimalist look, keep it simple and revisit french countryside cool with muted stripe chairs featuring a rounded backrest which will look beautiful around a reclaimed wood dining table.

Fabric dining chairs are also an exciting way to bring some colour to your dining area. Elevate neutral spaces with deep purples for a romantic setting or emerald green coloured dining chairs to add some real depth and drama. Our Lansford Dining Chairs look fantastic when sat around an industrial dining table, the rich tones complement the warmth of the wood table top whilst the velvet seat and gold metal legs bring some glamour to the room. Indulging in velvet dining room chairs is the way to go if you’re wanting to achieve a more formal spaces. The Telford grey velvet dining chair paired with a striking wooden or glass top table is an iconic duo, the contrast of luxurious materials create a modern setting that oozes sophistication.

green velvet dining chairs with gold metal leg

If you want to mix and match dining chairs with a dining bench, you can even add an upholstered dining bench to your upholstered chairs. Looks aside, both a fabric chair or bench are incredibly comfortable, especially if you choose a dining bench with back. More like dining on your own personalised sofa, the level of comfort they offer will keep you and your guests seated way past desserts are served.

Pros of wooden chairs

reclaimed wood dining table with wooden dining chairs

You can never go wrong with a reclaimed wood dining chair. Aside from their strong, solid and durable nature, they are bursting with authentic character and charm. Our best-selling Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Chair embraces all of its natural markings and undulations to bring a wholesome, comforting feel to dining areas wanting a homely touch.

wooden dining chair with cross back

If you’re concerned about comfort, there’s no need to compromise as you can elevate your space with soft seat cushions in the style of your choice or choose a wooden chair with an upholstered seat for the best of both worlds. Create the current viral coastal grandmother-style trend with nautical blue check seat cushions sitting on top of a wooden chair with arms for added support. Pair with a chunky wood dining table, modern coastal artwork and fresh blooms to set off the theme. For a more mid-century look, mix and match bright and bold fabric seat cushions around your dining table for a chic, artful look. The eclectic combos create a visually interesting point which is bound to spark a conversation. To really channel that 60’s vibe, arrange the chairs around a round wood dining table to capture the gentle curves of the mid-century design.

Investing in a wooden dining chair gives your dining table a partner for life. As the years go by your dining chairs will not only stand the test of time, but natural wear over the years will add to the authenticity of the design. Reclaimed wood is considerably easy to maintain with a lower risk of damage and stubborn staining. The easy wipe surface is a game-changer for young families with lots of small, sticky and spill-prone mitts at dinner time.

Tell us…..

So, what will you choose? Share you ideas and photos in the comments below or sign-up for our newsletter below for a weekly dose of inspiration and ideas.

How to choose the right size dining chairs

wooden dining table and wooden dining chairs for how to choose the right size dining chairs blog

velvet dining chairs in orange around a reclaimed wood dining table

Whether you are looking for new dining chairs to go with an existing rustic dining table and fancy a change of style, or are looking for something to go with a new table that you have just bought it is important to understand that not all dining chairs are the same size. In this short guide, we will look at all the key things that you should consider when it comes to picking the right size dining chairs.

How should you measure height?

Whether you are looking for a fabric dining chair or a faux leather dining chair the principle is the same. The first thing you need to measure is the height of the chair itself. In general, dining chairs come in two different sizes. This is because it is quite usual to purchase chairs and tables as a set, and dining tables come in two different standard heights.

It is a good idea to allow at least 12” of space between the tabletop and the chair seat pad. This is to allow someone to sit comfortably with the chair pulled up to the table. If the table has an apron, you should allow for a gap of 7”. If you are considering a chair with arms then don’t forget it is important to allow room for the chair arms to go under the table easily. Again, 7” of space can be a reasonable amount.

Measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of your table or the apron and use this to work out if the chairs are the right height, allowing for the gaps suggested. Your chairs should be low enough to fit under the table but not too low that it makes the table appear too high.

How should you measure width?

The width of your dining chairs is just as important as the height if you want them to fit comfortably around your table. Start by measuring the length of your table (one leg to another). This should be done in inches and then divided by 32” – this allows for 26” per person of eating space and an additional 6” of elbow room between chairs. If a chair has arms then you may need to add a few inches. Armless high-back dining chairs tend to be a bit narrower, so are a good choice where space is limited. Don’t forget to measure the widest part of the chair when making your calculations. Upholstered dining chairs with arms are often better placed at the head or foot of a table where there is more space.

round wood dining table with brown faux leather dining chairs

Consider the space

Now that you have measured the height and width of your new chairs, you need to think about how much room there will be around your table when the chairs are in use. It’s a good idea to allow sufficient room for guests to leave the table and walk around the room without needing to disturb other people. If those velvet blue dining chairs that you have fallen in love with will take up too much room, then you may need to consider an alternative, or if you don’t need too many chairs, perhaps a smaller table or a round dining table.

Share your ideas

How have you made the most of a space? If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our Ideas and Inspirations and create the room you want. Share your styling tips in the comment box below and your images @modishliving.

How to mix and match dining chairs

wooden dining table with fabric dining chairs and wooden dining bench

While it is certainly possible, and often preferable, to buy dining room sets, there is no reason you can’t buy your reclaimed wood dining table and chairs separately for a more unique look. Where once this mismatched style might not have been the done thing when it came to home decor – we all remember our student house or first flat with all sorts of hand-me-down furniture – mismatched dining chairs are not just seen as acceptable now, they’re very much in vogue.

reclaimed wood dining table with brown and grey faux leather dining chairs

Of course, just like any other fashion trend, mismatched dining chairs can be a tricky look to pull off. However, when it is done properly it can create a wonderful and somewhat elegantly eclectic design statement in your home. Read on as we share some of the things you should think about if you want to create a really well-thought-out look.

The big rule

When it comes to using mismatched chairs in your dining room there is one big rule to remember. You can mix and match seating styles, patterns and designs but don’t even think about mixing all three! It is important to include some form of unifying elements. This could be in the form of the design of the chair, the material and/or the colour. So for example, if you opt for fabric dining chairs, they can be different colours, but you should try to keep to the same style.

If you choose six chairs that look completely different, then you risk ending up with a dining room that looks like a second-hand shop. Great if that’s the look you’re going for, but not for the effortlessly eclectic trend we’re talking about here. The only exception to this would be if the rest of your house has a completely eclectic mismatched look, in which case, go for it!

Different chairs for the foot and head of the table

One look that works well, and one you see in a lot of the dining room sets online or in-store, is where the dining chairs at the foot and head of the table are different to the rest of the chairs. You may want to consider dining chairs with arms, different coloured dining chairs, or both. This is a great look that works well in a more final dining space.

oak dining table with grey faux leather dining chairs

Chairs and benches

Another well-established tradition when it comes to mix-and-match dining chairs is to bring in benches as well as chairs. This works well with wooden chairs and wooden benches and is a great option in a smaller room where the table needs to be stored against a wall, with a bench underneath. Corner benches are also a great choice when mixed with chairs to create a cosier eating nook in a kitchen diner.

rustic dining table with fabric dining chairs and wooden dining bench

Same style different colour

One incredibly effective, and simple way you can mix and match your dining chairs is to choose different colours of the same style of chair. For example, why not mix the grey fabric dining chairs of the Owen range with one of the other colours in the range? The Skye range is another great option for this type of blended décor.

Think symmetry

Finally, one more tip. When mixing and matching your chairs, consider the symmetry of the different chairs you are looking at. Seek out chairs that are the same height or the same width. Whether you opt for an upholstered dining chair or wooden, this will help to pull together a mismatched look that provides just the effect you’re looking for.

reclaimed wood dining table with velvet dining chairs

Are you going to give the mix and match trend a go? Browse our wide range of fabric dining chairs, wooden dining chairs and faux leather dining chairs, here at Modish Living. And, don’t forget to visit our Ideas and Inspiration for more great ways to refresh your home. Or sign-up for our newsletter below and get a weekly dose of inspiration straight into your inbox.

How to get the wow factor in your home

white chesterfield sofa and white armchairs for how to get the wow factor blog

You’ll be familiar with the term the ‘wow factor’ and when it comes to interior design creating a home that quite literally makes you and guests say ‘wow’ is one that we all aspire to. Read on for our top interior styling tips to create an utterly unforgettable home, from shiny metal accents to over-sized vintage rugs and a stunning rustic dining table – you too can have a home that will take your breath away.

Make an entrance

oak console table with gold frame

A breathtaking hallway is essential to setting the tone of a home, after all, it’s the first and last space you and your guests see! A sure-fire way to stop people in their tracks is with a show-stopping chandelier and mosaic floor tiles duo. They will capture your interest instantly and bring a sense of old-school grandeur you’ll love. Keeping your hallway tidy is a must-have. Clear the clutter whilst adding character with some stylish storage, such a rustic console table styled with pops of vibrant, bold colour that will bring your corridor to life. If colour isn’t your vibe, think about texture and luxurious finishes for a similar affect. Our Farnham sustainable mango wood sideboard features a unique brass hexagon inlay design that is bound to catch the eye and subtly help elevate darker interiors.

Kick-ass kitchen

white marble kitchen island with large black rattan pendant light for how to get the wow factor in your home blog

Turn up the heat in the kitchen with an unmissable feature wall in marble or exposed brick behind your oven . Adding an element of surprise is also a clever way to add that wow factor – a striking open shelf display in citrine yellow or lime green will help give traditional and neutral kitchens a playful edge. If you prefer a more rustic feel, thick wooden beams never fail to impress. Pair with fresh blooms, a large vintage rug and naturally woven textiles to create a stunning yet unpretentious space. When arranging your kitchen accessories and utensils, it’s worth keeping in mind the ‘role of three’ trick to make a bigger impact. This interior secret may seem insignificant, but styling each accessory in odd numbers interestingly becomes more memorable and visually appealing.

Audacious dining rooms

To create a dramatic dining room with a crisp and refined look, stick to light walls and straight lines with something like a statement dining table, such as our super-sleek Eastwood Rustic Oak Dining Table. The characterful rustic wood is protected with a thick glass top, whilst the elegant polished silver legs bring a sophisticated, yet modern appeal. When choosing accessories for statement tables, choose quality over quantity – you want to avoid overcrowding the space. If your mood is more urban living, consider an industrial dining table paired with something unexpected such as a large Victorian pendant light or a stained glass window to capture a grand, gothic revival feel. Get creative with black steel accents within clocks, door handles, or exposed pipes to maintain your lofty flare with a touch of medieval magic.

Bold bedrooms

solid wood bed in French bedroom

When it comes to the boudoir, think big! A reclaimed solid wood bed will be the star of the night – how about styling it with white linen and patterned wallpaper to achieve a grandeur Parisian aesthetic. Pair with complementing reclaimed wood furniture such as a rustic bedside table or a tall wardrobe to create continuity and natural warmth. Remember to use your space wisely and accentuate the features you love about your bedroom the most. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a sloping ceiling, bay window or a skylight, you can use clever lighting or abstract fabrics and textures to lure the eye. If you’re feeling extra fancy, consider a freestanding bath or a fabric chesterfield sofa to create a sumptuous and comforting focal point. A bedroom should promote wellbeing after all, so why not unwind in pure opulence?

solid wood bed in reclaimed wood with blue covers

For statement furniture that is sure to bring the wow factor to your living, dining or bedroom, visit us at Modish Living. Or for more interior inspiration explore our blog ideas.

10 of our best-selling reclaimed wood dining tables

Reclaimed table for 10 of our best reclaimed wood dining tables blog

Reclaimed wood furniture is the ideal choice when it comes to dining tables and a fantastic option for all types of interior schemes and homes. It is not only a great choice for families, but works well as either a statement dining table or an everyday table, making it an incredibly versatile option.

But, don’t take out word for it though. Here, we’ve listed our top 10 most popular reclaimed wood dining tables that would work well in any home and or situation. Starting with……

1. Mayfair Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

If you are looking for a spectacular statement table, then this is a perfect choice. With its stunning reclaimed wood surface and natural grain patterns are a canvas of organic beauty, complemented by a robust metal base with a bold, geometric silhouette. The cross detailing of the polished metal legs on this table makes it a particularly striking option that fits with both a rustic or modern style interiors.

2. Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

industrial style dining table in reclaimed wood

The perfect choice for a busy family home, the Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining table range comes in both extending and fixed top options. This makes it a very versatile industrial style dining table that is perfect for a growing family.

3. The Serenity Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The Serenity Reclaimed Wood Dining Table is where stories are shared and memories made. Its robust form, crafted from reclaimed wood set upon a distinctive metal base, provides a generous surface for feasts and conversations. The table’s design embodies a calm strength, ensuring it becomes the heart of family gatherings and sophisticated entertaining. It’s not just a dining table—it’s where the serenity of shared meals brings people together.

4. Skyline Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Whether you have a country cottage or are simply in love with that perfect farmhouse style, this rustic dining table is a great choice to complement any farmhouse-inspired style of décor in your dining room or a larger farmhouse-style kitchen. The subtle grey hue of the lacquered finish adds a modern touch and brings this classic table bang up to date.

5. Worcester Reclaimed Wood Round Dining Table

The distressed whitewash painted legs and natural reclaimed wood top gives the Worcester reclaimed wood extending dining table a real Scandi coastal chic vibe. This is an extendable table that will look perfect in any rustic scandi-styled room. Pair with matching wooden chairs or for a more modern Hamptons style, bring in natural coloured fabric dining chairs.

6. Skyline Reclaimed Wood Extending Round Dining Table

Sometimes, only a statement rustic dining table will do, and the Skyline Reclaimed Wood Extending Round Dining Table is the ultimate statement piece. The reclaimed wood top and sturdy base provide a durable, stylish surface for any occasion, this unique reclaimed table is full of character, personality and one-of-a-kind style.

7. Soho Extending Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The Soho Extending Reclaimed Wood Dining Table is a wonderful mix of old and new. By marrying a character-rich reclaimed dining table wood top with simple modern lines and contrasting tones, this wooden extendable dining table is a rustic classic that will never lose its style.

8. Standford Industrial Round Dining Table

reclaimed wood small round dining table

A dining table doesn’t need to be huge to make a statement and the Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bar Table is our best-selling small bar dining table for smaller dining rooms or kitchens. It’s ideal for small spaces where you want to use every inch to its advantage and its wonderful reclaimed wood characteristics give each table its own genuine uniqueness.

9. Derby Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table

Reclaimed wood dining table with matching wooden bench and grey faux leather dining chairs

If you are looking for a contemporary reclaimed wood table with Nordic influences, the Derby, with its reclaimed top and black painted legs, is a great choice that will add a really modern touch to your dining room. The pale finish to the wood is a great example of how reclaimed wood furniture can be chic and modern as well as classic rustic.

10. Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

reclaimed wood dining table with brown faux leather dining chairs

Last, but by no means the least, on our best-selling reclaimed wood table list is the Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Table. This is a great everyday table at an affordable price that will sit perfectly at home as a part of any interior design scheme, from minimalist Scandi to modern rustic. Add brown faux leather dining chairs and a matching wooden dining bench to finish this classic look.

With all these options open to you, you’re sure to find a table that works just as you want it to, while making your dining room look its best. See our full collection of reclaimed wood dining tables and pick your favourite or visit our blog for more interior ideas and inspiration.

6 essential tips for buying the perfect dining table

solid oak dining table with wooden spider leg and grey faux leather dining chairs

How long have you had your dining table? A good dining table, whether that’s rustic, oak or a reclaimed dining table should last between 5-10 years, so it is important to make the right choice to avoid needing to replace your table too soon. As with any investment buy, you want to get it right, but what do you need to consider when buying a dining table? Here, we offer our essential tips to help make purchasing a dining table just that little bit easier.

solid oak table with wooden spider leg

1. Measure the space

It’s all too easy to go shopping and fall in love with the perfect rustic dining table thinking it will fit in your dining room, only to discover it is too big. In order to avoid disappointment, your first step to buying the perfect dining table should be to measure the space that you have before you even begin shopping.

A workable dining space is calculated by measuring the available space and then deducting 80-100cm from each dimension. This is to give sufficient room around your table for access and for people to sit comfortably. It’s also good practice to create a “mock-up” of your room by drawing the room to scale and add your existing furniture. Then, you can create templates for table sizes to see how they fit.

reclaimed wood round dining table with grey faux leather dining chairs

2. Which shape is best?

Whether you are considering a farmhouse table or a reclaimed wood dining table, the shape of your table will be important. If you have plenty of space then any shape will work well, although an oval dining table has all the sociable qualities of a round table but the additional length that is better suited to a longer room. If you are short on space, a rectangular or square dining table may be more practical and can be pushed up against a wall when not in use. A wooden dining bench can be a popular choice with this type of table in a smaller room as it fits snugly under a table when not in use.

3. Consider its use

This may sound an odd question to ask yourself, it’s a dining table, right? But, will your table be just for eating or is there a chance that it will also double up as a workstation or somewhere for the children to do their homework? You should also think about whether it will be used every day or in a dining room that will only be used occasionally. These factors will have an influence on the type of material and finish you should consider for your dining table. See our next tip for more on this….

close up of reclaimed wood dining table with brown faux leather dining chairs

4. What material?

If you are considering a wooden table and chairs, then you should think about whether you prefer a rustic or reclaimed look or a smoother wood finish for your table. You may also want to consider a glass table or even a concrete one; quite often the type of material you choose will be something sympathetic to the rest of your décor. You may also want to consider whether you would prefer a fabric dining chair or a wooden one.

5. How many seats?

The type of table that you opt for may well depend on how many people you want to seat at your table, both on a daily basis and when you have guests over. Think about whether you want your dining chairs to be pushed under the table when not in use – this can give more space in the room – or if this isn’t an issue. If it isn’t, a dining chair with arms offers both style and comfort.

solid oak dining table with black metal spider leg and brown leather dining chairs

6. What type of base?

The final aspect to consider is the type of base that will work best for you. It often comes as something of a surprise to people to discover that not all tables come with legs just at the corners. A central pedestal for example gives great leg room. Spider legs also give good leg room and allow for chairs to be pushed fully under the table for better storage. A trestle table with an end overhang is a great option if you want the possibility of more seating.

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