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4 Reasons to choose an extendable dining table

4 Reasons to choose an extendable dining table

The dining table is surely one of the most practical pieces of reclaimed wood furniture you will ever invest in for your home. It is also a long term piece of furniture with the dining table playing witness to all of life’s events, from formal dinner parties to family meals, to board games and birthday parties, to festive buffets and more.

The reclaimed wood dining table is a perfect choice. It brings robustness and durability but also unparalleled beauty to the dining room and yet, getting the right dining table is such an important choice it’s hard to know how to get it right.

The extendable dining table offers an array of functions but why opt for an extending reclaimed wood table?

1 Ebbs and flows as life does

The versatility of the extending dining table is not to be underplayed. Even better, there are different sizes of dining table from which to choose. A small extendable dining table is perfect if you need a dining table that will open to offer a 6-seater dining table when you need it but condense smaller when you don’t. For this reason alone, an extending dining table is perfect for meeting the ebb and flow of life.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Fabric Chairs

2 Because you don’t use the dining table just for dining

Of course, the majority of the time, the dining table is used for exactly that: gathering the family together for daily meals. But that isn’t the only activity to take place at the dining table.

From kids doing homework to building projects to crafts, the extendable dining table can open up to a larger expanse to offer more space for activities.

There are different types of extensions for dining tables including an integral piece that conveniently pops in and out when needed. Or for ease of use, an extension flap is ideal similar to that of the large Farringdon extendable 8-seater dining table. With a large reclaimed wood dining table, you can leave the extension in place and dine at the other end!

Large Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table Dining Set

3 Changes as you do

Nothing stays the same. Your family will grow, with more members added. You could be in the position of welcoming an ever-increasing larger family group at major holidays, including Christmas but for other occasions, the group size could diminish.

A reclaimed wood extending dining table morphs as your needs do. It remains small and compact when you need it or if you need more space occasionally, it offers that too. Opt for a dining bench for versatile seating and you have the right extending dining table in the right style too.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Extendable Dining Table

4 An extendable rustic dining table is beautiful

But why a reclaimed wood dining table in particular? The dining table, especially if it extends, works hard for the many years that you will love it and use it. It needs to be made from a robust material that is durable, but stylish.

Beam Rustic Extendable Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

As a style, the rustic extending dining table is stunningly beautiful and no matter how much it endures over the years, it retains its beauty. If anything, its beauty refines and grows.

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