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5 Ideas for indoor and outdoor shelving

5 Ideas for indoor and outdoor shelving

Shelving must surely be the most versatile storage solution. Even better, shelving works both indoors, in any room, from the living room to the dining room, to the bedroom and bathroom. In the hallway, it solves a myriad of storage solutions too. There are also shelving solutions for outdoors too, making it perfect for the patio dining area to clustering herbs and plants.

Stylish shelving options

Shelving is the perfect storage solution for so many reasons. When it comes to space, if you don’t have a lot to play with or the dimensions and shape are awkward, you will find a shelving unit to fit.

The open nature of some shelving units is also perfect when space is minimal. The open flow of the shelves doesn’t block off space although you can use a wood bookcase, open or closed back, to zone spaces too.

Style is paramount. You may think of a storage unit or ladder bookcase as not being the star of the show – it doesn’t need to be – but as a supporting player, it is perfect.

Indoor storage solutions

From the living room to the hallway, the bookcase or shelving unit it a solution that works. An oak bookcase, for example, doesn’t mean storage just for books. For example, a combined storage approach of cupboard and shelving is ideal for many a room. The Mitcham oak bookcase certainly has stylish aplomb, perfect for the industrial style living room but is also perfect in the hallway too.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Bookcase

Also combining cupboard with shelving is the slimline, lithe features of the Rocco narrow bookcase. Perfect for when you have plenty of height in a room but perhaps are struggling to space in terms of width. As well as perfect dimension, its industrial style has a contemporary tinge to it too, making it perfect if you want to enjoy the minimal approach too.

Rocco Oak Bookcase

A wood bookcase is such a versatile piece of furniture that it’s no wonder so many people opt for one or more in their home. If you want to ring the changes in terms of style but stick with the beauty of wood, a ladder bookcase is perfect. Popular for the bathroom, it is also ideal for the rustic living room or dining room too.

Oak Ladder Bookcase

Outdoor shelving

For the outdoors, shelving makes the perfect solution too. For the outdoor patio area, shelving is perfect for clustering pot plants or for herbs at the kitchen door so the next time your cooking up a storm, getting to your fresh herbs is quick and easy.

You don’t always need height when it comes to garden furniture and so the stylish half-height wooden ladder for the outdoor storage is perfect.

Small Wooden Pot Ladder Bookcase

For the outdoor dining area, a tall ladder bookshelf is ideal and if you love the beauty of rustic furniture, you will love the grandeur of this elegant piece. Tall, it may be, imposing it is not and so for anything from tasteful accessories to clustering pot plants, it is an elegant and practical addition for the garden.

Outdoor Ladder Storage

Which of these shelving units and beautiful rustic bookcases are your favourites?

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