5 ideas for the under stairs space

Bar table for under stairs space

In many homes, there is one part of it that is often forgotten about and under-utilised – the under the stairs space can be surprisingly large but awkward in shape to fit anything of real use there. This makes using it an awkward space to use, as well as style. However, with our under the stairs ideas, you could create a whole new space, perfect for all the family.

Create a Bar Area

If you entertain or just enjoy kicking back with a cocktail in hand, having a dedicated space to mix your drinks sounds almost too good to be true. Under the stairs space is the perfect spot. No matter how big or small the space is, it will easily accommodate a bar like this Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bar Table – and finished with a couple of stylish bar stools or an industrial bench to perch on.

Create a Home Office

Working from home is increasing in popularity but space can be pressing in a busy house. An under the stairs office can be the ideal, distraction-free working space.

But don’t think this means working in a small, badly-lit ‘hole’. Our Office Desks offer the ideal solution. Made to measure and with a choice of finishes and options, you can create a stylish under the stairs work area, with everything that you need.

Create an Art Gallery and/or Relaxation Space

Fantastic wall art is not just for the hallway or the lounge. Sometimes, finding a quiet spot to meditate or to contemplate the bigger picture can be tough in a busy house. Creating your own ‘relaxing space’ using the space under the stairs is the obvious solution.

Dark Ram Canvas Art

Contemporary art is, we think, simply beautiful, packed with colour and detail. For a quirky but not completely off-the-wall style, add different shapes and sizes of clocks that will add detail and depth without the drama.

Storage Heaven

If there is one thing that the modern home could do with more of, it is storage space.

With so many things needed to hand every day, finding the right storage solution seems to keep slipping through our fingers. Quite often, the issue is not just lack of space but solutions that allow us to store and access our things quickly and easily. And this is where our reclaimed wood storage chest comes in to its own. Beautifully and lovingly crafted from reclaimed wood, the dents, scratches and scuffs are all part of its unique story and history.

Shop Reclaimed Wooden Blanket Box

Thoroughly waxed by hand to give an even finish, this reclaimed wooden storage chest is versatile, fitting with most interior design scheme in your home but perfect, we think, for being an under the stairs storage gem.

The Reading Room

Reading is an activity many of us use to shut down the hubbub of the day, slowing our whirling minds from the reality of everyday life and transporting us to a land of infinite possibilities.

But again, with the TV on, people tap-tapping on tablets and smart phones, finding a space that is truly relaxing and perfect for reading the latest best seller is not always possible.

So how about squeezing in this Oswald 2 Seater Sofa Vintage Brown Leather under the stairs? Add a not-too-bright reading floor lamp and while away the hours with your favourite novelist and a chilled glass of wine.

How will you create your haven under the stairs?