5 of the best armchairs for compact spaces

Kramer Moon Wool Armchair

Vienna Grey Spoke Edged Tub Chair

Every home has one – a compact, smaller space that is hard to dress – but with these fantastic seating ideas are ideal when space is limited but you have big stylish ambitions.

Less clutter, more focus

In a smaller space, the less ‘fuss’ there is to clutter the eye, the bigger the room looks and, it has to be said, the more stylish too. The Scandinavian style is perfect to mimic in the smaller space because it focuses on lighter colours and natural materials.

Spitfire Brown Cerato Leather Armchair

As armchairs go, a brown leather small armchair is the perfect example of Scandinavian furniture. All natural material, a simple, unfussy design and yet, more comfort than you can imagine. Sit the armchairs in a pair, with a small occasional table between, and frame it with a light-coloured rug.

A hint of ‘the industrial’

The Scandinavian style is so very appealing but if you feel you need a change from the swathes of wood that characterises the style, include an industrial style element to ring the changes.

RetroSit Brown Leather Armchair

This brown leather armchair, complete with polished steel frame is stunning. A slightly lower slung seat instantly adds an appeal of ‘sit back and relax. Choose a shelving unit that has similar traits – a high polished steel frame and reclaimed wood, for example – so that there is a sense of cohesion between the main players in the small space.

Traditional. Comfort. Statement

If you lust after the Scandinavian style, then you will understand the importance of understated colour. It may use a neutral colour palette but that doesn’t mean just cream, white or magnolia.

Keep the background of the room neutral and understated, introducing a small note of colour with this fantastic high backed tradition, comfortable statement piece of a grey armchair.

Dame Grey Studded Button Back Chair

The stud work is not a million miles from the Scandinavian style either. As for detailing, it is understated and yet delightful on the eye.

For colder winter months, add yet more comfort and warmth with a sheepskin rug.

The element of surprise

Just because the space is small, and it dimensions limited, doesn’t mean you should limit your stylish ambitions for the room.

We are all for introducing a note of quirky or the unexpected. Staying true to the Scandinavian style, we haven’t chosen a highly coloured piece but again have opted for the style to be different.

Vienna Grey Spoke Edged Tub Chairs

This spoked armchair is unlike anything you will find mimicked on the high street, enough to make it a best seller. But the open frame of the chair makes it the perfect addition to any room, from the bedroom to the living room. for a smaller space, it is ideal.

We love its simplicity.

Check pattern and natural wool

The Moon wool armchair, with its check pattern and flicks of colour, is also ideal for the smaller living room or space. If you favour a more traditional style but want elements of the Scandinavian approach, then this is the armchair that ticks all your boxes. Team it with oak living room furniture and you have the perfect relaxed setting.

Kramer Moon Wool Armchair

Dressing a smaller space may seem difficult and yet, with carefully chosen elements, it is so very simple and effortless.