5 ways hallway storage furniture can keep your home clean

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Console Table

The hallway is an important space in any home and that’s why good hallway storage furniture is a must. It is a space through which you pass several times a day, the immediate space you – and your guests – walk into as they enter your home, and the last space they see as they leave.

A clean and clutter-free hallway is all about practicality, as much as it is about creating the right impression. Here are five tips to make it the space that you want it to be…

1. Hallway storage furniture that fits…

… your hallway and your needs.

All too often, storage solutions are about making do but a storage bench or box such as the Beam Slim Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box is ideal for tidying away bags and shoes. It also provides a handy bench for seating when putting on and taking off shoes, as well as a convenient spot for a handbag or two.

It is also stylish and works well with all kinds of interior design styles from rustic to farmhouse.

Beam Slim Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box

2. Drawer space

Car keys, house keys and other small items all need a home. Although you can invest in a pretty bowl or a rack of hooks, the best place to hide away these small things that can become clutter is in a drawer.

The hallway is also traditionally the place where the telephone point is, and this means in the modern home not so much a telephone, but a broadband router, which is not always the most stylish things to look at.

There are variations of a hallway table from a glass console table to a modern console table with drawers, which are ideal for making the hallway not only stylish, but clutter-free. For small hallways, consider a narrow console table such as the Raffles Reclaimed Wood Industrial Console Table that offers the right amount of storage without swamping the space.

Raffles Reclaimed Wood Industrial Console Table

3. Make use of under the stairs

Again, this is traditionally used to house things that are not meant to be seen – from the mop and bucket to the vacuum. But find somewhere else to keep these, as the under-the-stairs space offers valuable storage in any home.

There are many ways to make this a usable space with accessible hallway storage furniture. The simplest solution is an array of wooden shelving. Similarly, bookcases and shelves are ideal. Don’t forget, if you don’t have the height, some bookcases will work just great laid horizontally too.

Farnham Sustainable Mango Wood Bookcase

4. Shoe storage

One of the biggest issues in the hallway is keeping shoes together so that they can be found quickly. In winter, you need a shoe rack more than ever, and one that can be wiped clean.

There are various solutions but we like mixing style and function which is why a reclaimed wood bench or a dining bench works great in the hallway. Pop a few baskets underneath to hide away the shoes and make use of the bench to put them on and take a moment when you walk in the door.

Beam Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench

5. Don’t forget stylish accessories

And finally, the hallway should not be devoid of stylish additions. We love adding mirrors to hallways – the more ornate, the better we think – and a stylish, practical rug to protect the floor and stop detritus and grime travelling through the rest of the house is also a great way of adding colour and pattern to an otherwise ‘bland’ space.

With only a few changes and additions, your hallway can be clean and appealing, as well as clutter-free and stylish.

Whatever size your hallway, you can’t go wrong with the right hallway storage furniture to keep it neat, tidy and stylish.