Delightful Table top Decorations for Every Room

Gift tags spelling out 'merry' on a wooden surface with Christmas berries and green twigs

With well-chosen festive accessories around your home, you are spreading Christmas spirit! The dining table is important at any time of year but at Christmas, it is extra special. How can you create a Christmas dining table with timeless, festive elegance?

Setting the canvas

A wooden surface with Christmas decorations and gifts and a dark green backdrop

Like a painter, stylists will often spend time getting the backdrop right before they start adding structure with accessories and pretty festive objects.

Reclaimed wood furniture offers a superior blank canvas from which to start and so consider all the tabletops you have in your home and which ones are ripe for a touch of festive elegance.

And so, as well as the reclaimed wood dining table, don’t forget the reclaimed wood console table in the hallway and on the landing. Festive aplomb on the coffee tables wouldn’t go amiss either. And the reclaimed wooden sideboards also make a great space for scented pillar candles and festive delights.

Go minimal

Reclaimed wood has a delightful rustic edge with character a-plenty but if you want a more minimal look, then turn to the Scandinavian style for inspiration. Using pale oak furniture with rounded edges, this style makes a clean and minimal statement, perfect for when you want to bring a Nordic style to your festive decorations.

Welcome in winter

A white painted wooden table with pinecones, snow flakes and twigs on top

Take a walk in your local woods and snip a few sprigs for the table, along with other evergreen shrubs that you may find. And don’t forget that pinecones, sprayed with environmentally friendly glitter, make a fantastic centrepiece clustered in a bowl on the coffee table. 

Make a wreath of it

A person making a wreath out of greenery and thread

As well as clustering evergreen sprigs of holly and the like in vases and small pots, making a wreath can keep more order to your displays as the festive season wears on.

You can buy the frame of the wreath online for a few pounds and then add your own foliage, fresh or fake. Add a speck of colour with fresh flowers or berries for the big day itself.

Wreaths are great additions for the dining table and for the rustic coffee table too. For more elegance, add candles to the wreaths laid out on the sideboard.

Festive cheer in the hallway

The small console table is often overlooked but in the hallway at Christmas time, but a few festive touches set the Christmas spirit from the moment people walk in the door.

Replace your normal vase of fresh flowers with a small Christmas tree, for example. Opt for a live, growing tree that once the season has passed, can be planted in the garden.

Don’t throw old or broken baubles

A white Christmas bauble on a white surface with green twigs and a pot of glitter

We all have one eye on fixing rather than throwing and baubles no longer fit for the tree do have a second life. As well as adding pops of colour to your wreath and table-top displays, give them an extra dusting of eco-friendly glitter and then bundle them all in a large glass bowl or jar.

Add battery-operated wire lights for extra glint and place the bowl or jar one of your wooden sideboards or the console table in the hallway.

Small details can make a huge difference to your home, and this is certainly true of Christmas decorations and accessories that set off your reclaimed wood

How to bring character into your hallway – not clutter

how to add character not clutter to your hallway

rustic wood console table with three drawers

The hallway is one of those spaces in the home that is often overlooked, but it really shouldn’t be as it has lots of roles within a modern family home. It should welcome people to your home, store bulky winter coats, muddy boots, hats, gloves, umbrellas, scarfs, dog leads, keys, handbags, etc. etc. It’s also a place that we often give ourselves a quick once over before we head out of our homes. Even though it’s a small space we should spend a little more time thinking about and making sure it meets all these many needs.

You want a hallway that shows off character – not clutter!

It is a good idea to start with the main storage requirements first – this is where you need to think about what could be left lying around during normal day to day usage by all in your household. Do the kids have big school bags that need to be tucked out of sight? Do you often come back with muddy boots after walking the dog? If you have a big storage cupboard under your staircase or a coat rack, then you won’t need to add a lot of extra storage. You can just opt for a rustic console table – this alone will give your hallway plenty of character as well as providing storage for smaller easily misplaced items. The Mitcham Industrial Oak Console Table is a perfect piece for a hallway – it’s hardwearing with a gorgeous rustic solid wood top sitting on sturdy dark metal legs – and it’s practical too with an extra shelf underneath for hidden storage.

Shoe storage is another big consideration in the hallway no one wants to walk into a sea of shoes strewn across the floor – it can be dangerous too. So you really should invest in a hallway storage bench that will help keep some of the clutter down – you can put shoes in or underneath it to keep them safely out of the way.

industrial console table with two drawers

Years ago the hallway was a space where just the landline telephone was kept – but with mobiles and handheld home phones we are keeping them in much more convenient places in the home. So now you have storage addressed you can devote the hallway area simply to looking good stamp some character on the space.

reclaimed wood console table with basket of wood

Reclaimed furniture is a great foundation to bring in some character – each piece is unique and will give a warm homely feel to your home as soon as you or your guests walk in.

A lighter neutral colour will work best as the hallway is often a little on the darker side. You can add character in the decorative items you place in there, as you will only be adding a couple of items you can opt for just a couple of statement pieces. A feature wall mirror hung over a console table to help reflect light, a stylish wooden sideboard or floor lamp and a couple of other decorative items is all you need.

Industrial furniture ideas for a clutter free hallway

industrial console table for industrial furniture ideas for a clutter free hallway

Oh, the hallway! The place where everything is dropped down on the way into your home – it can be a real nightmare. It’s one of the smallest spaces in the house but also a space where you need storage for bulky items, it should also look organised and tidy, should anyone come to your door. It is good Feng Shui to have an organised and clear entrance to your home – as this is believed to allow positive energy and wealth into your home.

industrial console table in hallway

Have a seasonal clear out and tidy up to help keep this a nice welcoming space to enter your home. We love the industrial look so in this blog we will be looking at hardwearing industrial furniture that will provide ample storage opportunities in this high footfall space.

industrial console table with two drawers

Remove summer items

It’s getting less likely that you will be needing your flip flops when you head out – we’re far more likely to be grabbing some trainers or boots from now on! So store them elsewhere to clear up space for more bulky autumnal footwear. While you’re at it pack away any sun hats and light summer windbreaker jackets. Hopefully, you will still be needing your sunglasses so get an industrial console table with a drawer to make storing these little items easier and tidier.

Invest in a shoe organiser

With autumn and winter come more bulky footwear so invest in a wooden shoe rack or a hallway bench. This will not only provide a space for storage but also a very handy to sit on as you battle to get big boots on and tie up shoelaces. The Standford bench is a great study choice and for hidden storage, you can add some wicker baskets below.

reclaimed wood table top with black metal legs

Think outside the hallway

You don’t have to store everything in the hallway. Keen gardeners can store wellies in their garden shed, garage or utility room, the same goes for sports shoes that don’t get worn every day like muddy running shoes, football or rugby boots. We really don’t want to see them in the entrance hall!

industrial sideboard with cupboards and drawers

Go basket crazy

Use wicker baskets to create as much storage space as possible – assign one for gloves, one for scarves, one for hats etc, or allocate one to each person in your home. You can place these under a hallway bench or under a console table. An industrial sideboard is not just for the dining room or living room, if you have the space, a sideboard is a worthy addition to your hallway with cupboards and drawers for all those things that you like to keep tidy by the front door.

Organise an end of summer clear out

organise end of summer clear out blog

With autumn (and winter) fast approaching we will soon be switching our wardrobe back to the winter one. Not only that, with the kids at home over the summer holidays clutter will have no doubt accumulated in many other parts of the house! With them back at school it’s the perfect time to have a good sort out and get rid of what you can, ready for spending more relaxed time in your home through autumn and winter. Below are a few ideas of how reclaimed and rustic furniture can help solve your home storage options in three spaces in your home!

woman carrying boxes for organise an end of summer clear out blog


The hallway can often get cluttered, a place where items are often put down on the way into the home and left there! Of course, this is the first place people see when they come into your home so here’s your chance to make a good first impression. If you don’t have a shoe storage bench then now is the time to get one – it’s also a great place to stash away hats, scarves, gloves and umbrellas when the time comes. If you do have one give it a good sort out – these often get cluttered and really do benefit from a good clear out! You’ll be able to see what you need to purchase ready for winter and you will also know what you have already got, potentially saving you money!

coats and bags on rustic wooden rack


This is the perfect time of year to declutter your wardrobe. Summer clothes that you have not worn this year should now be sold or donated to save cluttering up bedroom storage areas. Sort through your winter clothes as you put them back in your rustic wardrobe, think if you need or want all these items.

reclaimed wooden bed frame with wooden blanket box

A wooden chest at the foot of your bed is perfect for off season clothes storage – as well as spare blankets and duvets. The bedside table is a place where small items often get tucked away – this is a quick job and will make you feel really organised!

Living room

The living room has most likely been used so much more during the summer holidays. No doubt there are still a few items that need to be put away! Take items that don’t belong in there back up to the kid’s bedrooms, have a sort out of coffee table drawers and get rid of any old books the kids have grown out of, review the DVD and music collection and decide if you need to change any decorative pieces in the living room.

mid century wooden sideboard

A rustic sideboard is a classic piece of living room furniture and will help anyone struggling with living room storage to find a space for everything they need! They also provide you with a perfect opportunity to add an extra display area in your living space – on the surface of a sideboard you can display your favourite pictures, ornaments, houseplant or candlesticks.

Spotlight: The new Derby Reclaimed wood collection

reclaimed wood dining table with black painted legs and matching wooden bench

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting ranges of reclaimed wood furniture – and are delighted to add the Derby collection to our existing ranges of reclaimed furniture. The Derby collection is a perfect blend of rustic and modern simplicity. The pale wood brings in a light and airy Nordic influence while the black painted legs and minimalist black handles give a hint of industrial style. The Derby collection offers everything you need to stylishly furnish your living room, dining room and hallway.

Reclaimed wood dining table with black painted legs

For your dining space…

If you are after a new look in your dining room then the Derby wooden table with matching bench could be the perfect choice for your dining area, it’s an extendable table too, giving you plenty of extra tabletop when you have guests for dinner! Adding the Derby wooden bench, as well as chairs, around your dining table is right on-trend, you can opt for modern faux leather dining chairs with metal legs to reinforce the industrial element. If you have a smaller room or want to add a table in your kitchen then there is the Derby reclaimed wood round dining table – perfect for family dinners and intimate entertaining.

reclaimed wood sideboard with two cupboards and three drawers

For dining room storage the range includes a console table with drawers – perfect for the smaller dining space – or a large reclaimed wood sideboard for a bigger dining room, the sideboard would work just as well as living room storage!

Reclaimed wood coffee table with two deep drawers and bottom shelf

For your living space…

Whether you’re going for a minimalist industrial look or the natural airy Nordic look in your living room then the Derby should not be overlooked. You can pair this collection with a brown leather sofa or a fabric sofa, the reclaimed wood coffee table has built-in storage (very handy for the living room) in the shape of two drawers and a small shelf. You can stand your TV on the matching rustic tv stand for those evenings when the family gathers around to watch a bit of TV. Side tables are available, again with a drawer and shelf so you can place a reading lamp near your favorite spot on the sofa.

reclaimed wood tv stand with two cupboards and table lamp on top

In the hallway…

To keep your hallway clutter free the Derby collection offers a console table with two drawers, perfect to store keys, the dog’s lead and other small bits and bobs in. You can hang a mirror over this for a quick glance on your way out, or a picture, and dress the top with a houseplant and some decorative vases – just to give the hallway a warm welcoming feel.

Reclaimed wood console table with tall black painted legs

Easy ways to brighten a dark room

Grey fabric sofa in dark grey living room

A dark room can be a bit of a nightmare to decorate but chances are all of us have that one room in our homes that just always seems a bit dull. In this blog, we will look at some quick and easy ways to bring in some light and brightness! ☀

Dark grey living room with grey fabric sofa

In the dining room

A dining room is generally one of those places that doesn’t get used as much as the kitchen or the living room so a quick fix solution to bring in light, is perfect! In this room we think about the furniture as these will be the main elements in the room – dining table, chairs and sideboard. A rustic wooden dining table is perfect in this room but keep it light. The Dorset furniture range is our top pick – a beautiful reclaimed dining table top finished with a hint of grey sits atop a white painted trestle frame, perfect for keeping things light and bright. This is great paired with the dining benches from the same range or a mix of a bench and light coloured chairs. The white wood sideboard from the range will keep you perfectly organised and clutter-free. To add an extra splash of light, hang a wall mirror over the sideboard and drape some fairy lights over it.

Reclaimed wood dining table with white painted trestle legs and matching wooden bench

In the living room

This is a room where we do tend to spend a little more time in and in recent years, a dark living room has become quite a trend. However, if a dark room is not for you then you should have a few more tricks up your sleeve to help brighten it up. Let’s start with walls – try to keep them light – crisp white is great, you can add some brightly coloured wall art. Direct your lighting onto the walls and ceiling as this will really help brighten the space. A light coloured floor – for this you can simply add a light coloured rug if you don’t want to replace the whole floor. Keep your window dressings light, and, keep your windows clean, something that is often overlooked but makes a big difference! Ideally, choose light furniture, white painted or gorgeous pale reclaimed wood. The rustic coffee table from the Chelwood Reclaimed Wood range is perfect with its pale wood and its no-fuss design.

Reclaimed wood coffee table with two drawers and trestle style legs

Brightening a dark entrance hall

This is a dark space in many homes – hallways don’t often have windows and with a solid door not much light gets in, so this is a place where you may want to bring in some added brightness. A hallway can be a cluttered space with shoes coats, jackets, umbrellas, bags etc. all confined to a relatively small space – a hallway cabinet is a great investment to keep everything hidden away in. If space is limited then a simple rustic console table will give you a little storage space for a few essentials. Again here to lighten the space, keep the decor light and add a mirror over the console table. Dried flowers are making a huge comeback and would give a cheery splash of colour to your hallway.

Wooden console table with large dried flower arrangement and mirror on wall

4 Items of furniture you didn’t know your home needed

Bright living room with grey l-shaped sofa and round dining room table

Many of us have at least one piece of furniture that we treasure – a sideboard that was bought as an investment piece or a wardrobe that’s been handed down the family. Then there are the standard pieces in pretty much every home like the sofa, dining table, bed and chests of drawers. But now I would like to bring your attention to reclaimed wood furniture you may not even know your home desperately needs…. and once you have these top picks of ours you will wonder how you ever lived without them!

Wooden book case with close up of wood

1 – A wood bookcase

Of course, lots of homes have bookcases in the study or in a children’s bedroom but they are also great for storage and display in the living room. An open bookcase is a great place to display your favourite stylish accessories, houseplants and of course books! A bonus is that you get lots of shelving without taking up too much floor space. Another great way to make use of a bookcase is to position it so it creates zoned areas in an open plan living space.

Industrial coffee table with two drawers and bottom shelf

2 – A rustic coffee table with storage

Most of us do have a coffee table of some sort in our living rooms, but it is generally just a low table. We think a coffee table that doubles up as a place to store items is essential in the living room. Some drawers or a chest to stash away all those little things that you like to have nearby when you are sat down relaxing on the sofa is very handy and can give a whole load of extra storage space. A sturdy coffee table is also great simply to put your feet up on – The Standford industrial coffee table is an ideal choice, a way to bring a modern industrial element into your room as well as two drawers for storage and a handy shelf below.

Pink fabric bench with umbrella and bright pink cushion

3 – A bench

A dining table with a wooden bench is now a common sight in all the interior magazines. But a bench should not be restricted only to the dining room. A plush upholstered bench is great in the living room for when you have guests over and need extra seating, a bench can also be used as a coffee table – just get a decorative tray to pop drinks on it. In the entrance hall, a wooden bench is great so you have somewhere to sit when taking your shoes on and off, why not get one with a top that opens to offer hallway storage? And of course, you can always bring one up to the dining table when you have extra dinner guests and need to squeeze up.

Reclaimed wood narrow console tablePhoto featuring: Knightsbridge Reclaimed Oak Console Table

4 – A hall console table

This gives a great first impression to welcome visitors as they come into your home A narrow console table just inside the hallway gives this normally slightly neglected space a focal point. Stand something decorative on the top, such as fresh cut flowers, a house plant or some family photos. A wall mirror is an ideal thing to hang over it. Perfect for a last once over before you leave the house

Different ways to extend your home

Industrial loft conversion with extra large skylight windows

Building plans on a wooden table with a calculator and pencil

We’ve all been spending more time at home lately leading many of us to think more about the space we live in and how we could make it better. Of course, there is the option to move to a bigger house, but many of us are attached to our homes for various reasons – you may have lived in it for many years, it’s in a beautiful area or you have children that are attending a great nearby school? Maybe the cost and stress of moving are just too much for you and your family right now?

In this blog, we will look at different ways you can extend your home and create more space. Of course, before making any plans you should contact your local council about any planning permissions that may be required.

Front porch extension

There are a huge number of homes in the UK where you walk straight into the living room or just have a small entrance area. If you have some space to the front of your property, a porch extension is a great addition to your home. It can be a place to store shoes, coats, a pushchair or bike and you could add a bookcase or a hallway storage bench for other things you would like to hide away.

Photo featuring: Ellington Dining Table – Black

Side extension

If you long for a larger kitchen or open plan kitchen/ diner then many houses (especially Victorian semi-detached or terraced homes) sit on a plot that would allow a side extension. The great thing about this of course that you would only use a narrow area down the side of your house…. rather than eating into precious garden space too much. We all value our gardens so much more; it could be a tough one to call. A side extension would however give you enough space for new dining room furniture or maybe a small seating area where you can add a comfortable velvet armchair to sit in and enjoy the garden more.

View of a kitchen extension with two large windows and a galley kitchen with wood units and  a marble top

Rear extension

This is definitely one of the most popular extensions – especially on suburban and inner-city houses. We, as a nation, love open plan living and in particular, the rear extension with plenty of light coming through large patio or bi-fold doors. Adding on a multifunctional family living space is the perfect option for many, with plenty of room for a rustic dining table, you can use a kitchen sideboard to zone the dining area and floor rugs to zone a seating area. If you are thinking of this option, now is the time to decide whether a two-storey extension would be a better long term investment. It will be easier and often cheaper to add two stories in one hit, rather than needing extra upstairs space five years down the line.

Internal shot of loft conversion with three skylights, white painted walls and wooden floor

Loft conversion

A loft conversion can add around 20% value to your property – no wonder this is such a popular option – and of course it takes up no outdoor space from your garden. This is where you should be looking to create an additional en suite master bedroom with plenty of space for a statement king size wooden bed frame and other beautiful reclaimed wood furniture. It would also make a great playroom or hang out room for older children and teens.

Dorner window with two paned windows and red tiled roof

Add a dormer window

If you already have a loft extension or a bedroom with a sloping roof then adding a dormer window will transform your space by bringing in extra light, giving additional full-height headroom and usable space.

It’s time to give your hallway a seasonal spruce up

Wooden bench with rattan tote bag

As we’re a whisker away from stepping into a new season, we turn our thoughts to giving those rooms that saw a lot of use over the winter a refresh. The hallway is one of those places where things always seem to accumulate during the winter months with various scarves, hats and gloves all seem to end up all strewn over the place. There may be the odd dirty scuff mark on the wall from winter wellies and the doormat may be looking a bit lifeless with wet and muddy boots wiping on it over the last few months – it sounds like this hallway could do with a quick spring makeover!.

Clear and declutter

Start by working your way through the boot mountain and pair up all those odd gloves. Maybe you can put some of the heavier coats away in a bedroom wardrobe to make a bit of space for lighter coats and leave the hallway looking less cluttered.

Wooden hallway console table with two tone painted wood panelling in dark green and light green with wicker basket on floorPhoto credit: Little Greene Paint Company

A lick of paint!

This is a great place to start – once you are back to bare walls it will completely freshen and transform the hallway. If your hallway is a little on the dark side then opt for a brightening colour, such as a yellow or green. If you have plenty of natural light flowing through a glass door then a darker colour would look fab and dramatic even if only on the bottom half of the wall. The Little Greene Paint company offer a wonderful selection of environmentally friendly paints and are sure to have just the right colour for you.

Image featuring: Fenshaw Mango Wood Storage Bench

Add some hallway storage

The hallway is the first thing everyone sees when they knock at your door, whether they step inside or chat on the doorstep. The last thing we want anyone to see is a pile of muddy shoes and boots inside the doorway! Look at some shoe storage ideas – how many shoes are often needed by the door, would a hallway bench come in handy for the little ones to sit on? If you want hidden storage then a storage bench might work or maybe open shoe storage is easier. A narrow console table is a hallway must-have – get one with some drawers to pop keys, the dog lead and other items in so they are easily found as you are dashing out the door. Leave a bit of space free so guests have somewhere to put their shoes and coat too!

Image featuring: Oasis Console Table

A few finishing touches

Once you have the basics covered you can elaborate and give your hallway a touch of personality! Add a mirror over the console table, a houseplant, some wicker storage baskets, a new doormat, a diffuser for a welcoming smell, an armchair or a selection of your favourite family photos. All of these will transform the hallway into a place you will want people to see rather than rushing them through on their way into your home.