How mirrors in a kitchen can create a fantastic look

Round Wall Mirror

Lily Wall Mirror

When it comes to accessorising a room, we tend to have a fixed idea of what can and shouldn’t be included.

Mirrors are no different. We use them across the home, being an obvious choice for the hallway and a practical addition to both the bathroom and bedroom. It is a practical accessory, essential in many ways which is possibly why adding a mirror to the kitchen is not always top of the list when styling this busy room.

It makes sense to add a mirror to the kitchen. Reflecting light around the space, it can make it feel bigger. And frankly, with so many beautifully styled and framed mirrors, why wouldn’t you add one or two to the kitchen?

But do you agree?

We Asked, You Answered

And so, we took to the Instagram and Houzz polls again, gathering responses from followers and professional interior designers alike. The reaction was mixed but there was a leaning towards a mirror being perfectly acceptable and a worthwhile addition to a kitchen. But not everyone agreed.

The reaction for using mirrors in the kitchen was stronger on Houzz. For our Instagram followers, it was a definite no. So, what are the pros and cons of mirrors in the kitchen?

  • Steam, heat and grease

Even in a little-used kitchen, the heat, steam and grease created when cooking can be problematic for some materials. Although the mirror can be cleaned, many comments related to the frame material.

In the bathroom, also a humid, steamy space, the best materials are those impervious to moisture. If you think this heat, steam and grease will cause a problem for wood in your kitchen, opt for metal framed mirrors.

Cara Wall Round Mirror

Rather than choosing a wood-framed mirror, opt for a metal frame such as this gold round mirror. Easy to keep clean, it is effortlessly stylish and a super-popular product.

  • Will it look right?

Basically, this comes down to style. But we also love adding notes of interest, as well as detailed surprises in the design of any room. And we think a mirror in a kitchen is a fantastic detail that more of us should be using!

Celestial Silver Mirror

The starburst frame of the celestial mirror is ideal for a contemporary kitchen. The rustic kitchen diner is also not immune to the beauty that a mirror can bring.

Don’t shy away from wood, assuming it will swell or warp in the heat of the kitchen as reclaimed hardwood is far more robust than you think. This rustic-inspired wood framed wall mirror is perfect for introducing detail without being overpowering.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Wall Mirror

Will You Add a Mirror to Your Kitchen?

It may not be something you have thought of before or you may already enjoy the benefits of a mirror in your kitchen. Why not share snaps of you kitchen mirrors with us or better still, get involved with our polls on either Houzz or Instagram? We would love to know what you think!