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small kitchen with breakfast bar and metal bar stools

The kitchen is the hub of our homes, and let’s be honest, the one room we spend most of our time in, but we’re not all blessed with a large and flexible space. But, just because you have a small kitchen it doesn’t have to feel small, and it certainly doesn’t have to be any less stylish than the rest of your home. From kitchen storage ideas to a compact dining table, our small kitchen ideas will help you max out every inch of space and have the kitchen of your dreams.

10 Small kitchen design ideas

1. Small kitchen layout

Whether your style is modern, minimalist, classic, rustic or modern farmhouse, the first step in your small kitchen design is the layout. This has to be carefully considered and every corner of space should be utilised. Think about your lifestyle – if you hate cooking and eat out lots your kitchen space is unlikely to see much use and can be simply functional. However, if you love to host at home you will want your small kitchen to be a place where you can cook and entertain at the same time, so will need to factor in options for dining and seating.

A good starting point is to look at how you will use the space and the journey – it also pays to know about the all-essential triangle plan. The kitchen triangle refers to the ideal layout of the three main work areas in a home kitchen – the sink, fridge and cooktop – to achieve maximum functionality. The good news is that when it comes to small kitchen ideas, the triangle is easier to achieve. Try to position your cleaning, cooking and prepping areas into three zones even if the space between each is small.

When considering the layout, kitchen company, Magnet, recommends a galley or u-shaped kitchen to maximise storage and work surface space. It also suggests featuring both upper and lower cabinets, as well as corner cabinets with carousels to make the most of corners.

2. Get creative with colour

blue kitchen with small round table and blue dining chairs

White and neutral colours reflect the light more than dark colours and will help increase a sense of space, but that doesn’t mean your small kitchen has to be cold or unwelcoming. Small kitchen ideas may have to be more inventive, but they can also be more daring. Add colour with a brightly painted or tiled splashback or to max out and reflect the space even further, how about a coloured mirror splashback?

If you’ve had your eye on a deep green, earthy brown or dark grey kitchen, you can still incorporate this in a small kitchen design – in fact, a darker palette can make more of an impact in a small space. Dark colours may absorb the light, but they also blur the lines between walls, adding depth and dimension to a room that helps it appear bigger. Another trick is to paint the ceiling to naturally lead the eye upwards.

3. Add luxury details

The benefit of a small kitchen is that you won’t be spending much on cabinet doors, which means you have more to spend on other areas. Invest in luxury details, including statement lighting, a knock-out work surface or eye-catching handles. You may want to spend more on a certain brand of appliances or maybe that boiling water tap you’ve had your eye on – it will save space by removing the need for a kettle.

4. Work-in a small dining table

small industrial dining table with industrial wooden dining bench

Beam Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

All too often small kitchen ideas prioritise storage and cabinets over a space to dine and socialise, but you don’t always have to choose. You can still make a dining table work in a small kitchen design, you just have to pick the right table. A small narrow table no more than 140cm in length and 90cm wide with a wooden dining bench will fit in even the smallest of spaces, especially if it can be pushed up against a wall when not in use. If you have an empty corner, a round wooden dining table is the perfect small dining table option to fit snugly into the space.

small round dining table with leather dining chairs

Standford Round Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

A compact dining table isn’t the only dining option in a small kitchen. Swapping a kitchen table for a breakfast bar table is the ideal alternative for a casual dining space and will complement a busy social kitchen. Add a pair of wooden bar stools with backs and you have a space to work, rest, dine and play.

wooden bar table with faux leather bar stools

Industrial Lansdowne Rustic Wood Bar Table

5. Create a small peninsula

If a galley kitchen is the best option for your small kitchen design, adding a small peninsula at one end has a number of benefits. Of course, it will create extra storage, but add a kitchen stool and it becomes a spot to sit with a morning coffee or early evening drink. Another benefit is that it will help zone the area, which is especially useful if you’re looking for kitchen ideas in an open plan space.

6. Go for drawers over cabinets

When researching small kitchen designs, you may want to consider large drawers. According to Wren Kitchens, large drawers are an effective alternative to cabinet doors. Oversized drawers are easy to access and can even be wide and deep for storing pans and big items, such as slow cookers away from the worktop surface. Wren Kitchens also recommends looking for narrow shelves and cabinets for small kitchens, together with uninterrupted kitchen worktops to help create the illusion of more space.

7. Add a kitchen trolley or wooden butcher’s block

Multifunctional is key when it comes to space saving kitchen ideas. A portable kitchen island trolley or butcher’s block can be moved around the space giving greater flexibility, whilst also providing additional storage and an extra work surface to prepare food. A solid wooden butcher’s block will also bring a wonderful rustic feel and warmth to a small kitchen.

rustic wood butchers block with two drawers

Colette Reclaimed Wood Butcher’s Block

8. Combine open and closed shelving

You would be forgiven for wanting to squeeze in as many cabinets as possible, but a wall full of cupboards in a small space can feel overwhelming and overcrowded. Of course, storage is key, but by combining cabinets with open shelving, such as a wonderful rustic shelf, you can bring some character to the room and add an open feel to your kitchen. Glass fronted cabinets will also break up the space whilst bouncing the light around the room.

rustic wooden shelves in white kitchen

9. Go big in a small kitchen design

Here we’re referring to the floor and more specifically, floor tiles. Larger tiles in a small kitchen will trick the eye and make the room look bigger as there are fewer grout lines. Pick a grout colour the same shade as the tile to enhance the illusion further. In contrast smaller tiles with lots of grout lines will enclose the space, so avoid where possible.

10. Think smart appliances

Help your small kitchen run smoothly with space-saving appliances that are multipurpose, such as an oven with an integrated microwave or a built-in coffee machine. If you didn’t think there was room for a dishwasher, think again. A slim narrow dishwasher fits in even the smallest of spaces, you can even source slim fridge freezers to make room for more storage.

How to get the wow factor in your home

white chesterfield sofa and white armchairs for how to get the wow factor blog

You’ll be familiar with the term the ‘wow factor’ and when it comes to interior design creating a home that quite literally makes you and guests say ‘wow’ is one that we all aspire to. Read on for our top interior styling tips to create an utterly unforgettable home, from shiny metal accents to over-sized vintage rugs and a stunning rustic dining table – you too can have a home that will take your breath away.

Make an entrance

oak console table with gold frame

A breathtaking hallway is essential to setting the tone of a home, after all, it’s the first and last space you and your guests see! A sure-fire way to stop people in their tracks is with a show-stopping chandelier and mosaic floor tiles duo. They will capture your interest instantly and bring a sense of old-school grandeur you’ll love. Keeping your hallway tidy is a must-have. Clear the clutter whilst adding character with some stylish storage, such a rustic console table styled with pops of vibrant, bold colour that will bring your corridor to life. If colour isn’t your vibe, think about texture and luxurious finishes for a similar affect. Our Farnham sustainable mango wood sideboard features a unique brass hexagon inlay design that is bound to catch the eye and subtly help elevate darker interiors.

Kick-ass kitchen

white marble kitchen island with large black rattan pendant light for how to get the wow factor in your home blog

Turn up the heat in the kitchen with an unmissable feature wall in marble or exposed brick behind your oven . Adding an element of surprise is also a clever way to add that wow factor – a striking open shelf display in citrine yellow or lime green will help give traditional and neutral kitchens a playful edge. If you prefer a more rustic feel, thick wooden beams never fail to impress. Pair with fresh blooms, a large vintage rug and naturally woven textiles to create a stunning yet unpretentious space. When arranging your kitchen accessories and utensils, it’s worth keeping in mind the ‘role of three’ trick to make a bigger impact. This interior secret may seem insignificant, but styling each accessory in odd numbers interestingly becomes more memorable and visually appealing.

Audacious dining rooms

To create a dramatic dining room with a crisp and refined look, stick to light walls and straight lines with something like a statement dining table, such as our super-sleek Eastwood Rustic Oak Dining Table. The characterful rustic wood is protected with a thick glass top, whilst the elegant polished silver legs bring a sophisticated, yet modern appeal. When choosing accessories for statement tables, choose quality over quantity – you want to avoid overcrowding the space. If your mood is more urban living, consider an industrial dining table paired with something unexpected such as a large Victorian pendant light or a stained glass window to capture a grand, gothic revival feel. Get creative with black steel accents within clocks, door handles, or exposed pipes to maintain your lofty flare with a touch of medieval magic.

Bold bedrooms

solid wood bed in French bedroom

When it comes to the boudoir, think big! A reclaimed solid wood bed will be the star of the night – how about styling it with white linen and patterned wallpaper to achieve a grandeur Parisian aesthetic. Pair with complementing reclaimed wood furniture such as a rustic bedside table or a tall wardrobe to create continuity and natural warmth. Remember to use your space wisely and accentuate the features you love about your bedroom the most. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a sloping ceiling, bay window or a skylight, you can use clever lighting or abstract fabrics and textures to lure the eye. If you’re feeling extra fancy, consider a freestanding bath or a fabric chesterfield sofa to create a sumptuous and comforting focal point. A bedroom should promote wellbeing after all, so why not unwind in pure opulence?

solid wood bed in reclaimed wood with blue covers

For statement furniture that is sure to bring the wow factor to your living, dining or bedroom, visit us at Modish Living. Or for more interior inspiration explore our blog ideas.

Stylish design tips to make the most of a small dining area

Stylish design tips to make the most of a small dining area

small dining space in a white kitchen with wooden dining table

Some of our happiest moments are spent at the dining table; birthday lunches, family dinners, romantic date nights or gossiping with friends over a cuppa. If you’re stuck for space, however, styling your dining room becomes less exciting and a little challenging. Smaller rooms can often feel busy and overcrowded and you might feel restricted on your interior options, as well as the size of your guest list! Whether you’re wanting to maximise your space or embrace the cosiness of a more compact room without feeling closed-in, these small dining room design tips and ideas will help you create your dream dining area for every occasion.

Colour scheme and finishes

To create the illusion of a bigger space, a large airy window will instantly reduce shadows and maximise space, but if you don’t have one, white walls are the next best thing. If you’re limited on natural light, bright artificial lighting is also a quick and easy alternative to achieve the same effect. To enhance the perception of a larger space even further, reflective materials such as mirrors, glass or on-trend metal accents within your decor will help bounce the light around the room. Our Kensington reclaimed wood dining table features a stunning glass top that is a clever addition if you have a large household to seat but don’t want the space to be too busy and cramped. Light and fresh furniture such as our Hoxton Oak White Farmhouse Dining Table is also great for visually creating the illusion of space, the whitewash design of the legs will seamlessly blend into your clean and crisp interior.

reclaimed wood dining table with glass top

If you prefer a cosy dark interior, you can create a homely and intimate setting with bottle green or burgundy colours married with warm lighting. Adding a vintage style pendant light or a charming candle in the centre of your dining table will add a touch of art-deco elegance and help avoid a ‘dingy’ feel. Fresh blooms are also a great addition, floral shades create a great contrast and help brighten the space whilst making the room feel soft and homely. When it comes to your dining table, opting for a bar table and chairs or a wooden extendable dining table is a tactical way to save space when your table is not in full use. Our Industrial Lansdowne rustic wood bar table or our best-selling Standford reclaimed wood extending industrial dining table boasts a natural rustic surface which sits upon a black steel frame to maintain your comforting but cool look and are ideal for small spaces.

Curved interiors

A curved interior is the cleverest trick in the book for space-saving. The curved design of a small round dining table allows you to squeeze more guests around the table, whilst also being able to fit into tighter and more awkward spaces. As well as the table, it’s worth knowing that rounded seating will also help create the perception of a larger space. Seating with straight-edged corners can be at risk of cutting the aesthetic of the room, which can make it appear cluttered, whereas the softer design of a fabric dining chair will follow the lines of the interior and flow more smoothly.

industrial round dining table with brown leather dining chairs

Clever storage

Storage can be a design conundrum. It takes up space, which for the compact room can be problematic, but is essential to the space. Having storage on the wall helps maximise floor space whilst also adding a visually interesting element to your room. Reclaimed wood shelving is a brilliant option for storing kitchen condiments and cookbooks, but for those in need of larger storage options, you might consider some rustic or industrial furniture. A rustic sideboard won’t compromise style for space – our Mitcham squared industrial sideboard boasts a stylish vibe which looks great in mid-century styled homes or traditional schemes and offers more than enough space to hide away all your dining accessories.

rustic oak sideboard with square panelling

Drawing the eye up

One of our last tips for styling a smaller dining room is to draw the eye up. Focusing on making a room appear taller helps divert the eye away from other proportions and therefore helps the room feel more spacious. Hanging lights such as an ornate chandelier above your reclaimed wood dining table are perfect for attracting attention upwards whilst adding sophistication and opulence to your room or a set of industrial hanging pendant lights bring in a rustic lofty vibe. Hanging artwork slightly higher can also add to this perception, especially one that contains vertical lines to complete the illusion.

industrial dining table with brown faux leather dining chairs and black rattan hanging pendant light

Share your ideas

Do you have any design tricks you’ve used to make the most of a space? If you’re looking for more tips, see our Ideas and Inspirations and create a fabulous entertaining space. Plus, we’d love to see what you create, so share your styling tips in the comment box below and your images @modishliving.

How to style chairs with your industrial dining table

Industrial dining table with faux leather dining bench

Photo: Rocco Spider Leg Dining Table with Lansford Dining Chairs

The dining table in your dining space really has to be the star and an industrial style dining table with its mix of reclaimed wood and cool steel or dark metal is a timeless and stand-out choice that fits in all styles of homes. But it’s all well and good having a striking industrial dining table, but what seating should you choose to put around it?

First and foremost you have to look at the space available in your dining room – if the space is small, imposing dining chairs will make it look cluttered. Ideally, you need a minimum of one metre around your table to place chairs and allow people to move freely. It’s also worth considering if the dining chairs can fully tuck under the table when not in use to maximise the space, as well as allowing space for a wooden sideboard and other dining space storage.

Industrial is an unpretentious and laid-back style that places function ahead of aesthetics and there are lots of different styles of dining chairs to pick from. Let’s look at what type fits this timeless table best…

Keep it industrial with faux leather dining chairs with metal legs

Grey faux leather dining chairs with industrial table

Photo: Cleo Faux Leather Dining Chairs with Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Dining Table

This option keeps the industrial theme going, but you can choose from a whole range of seat styles depending on your own personal preference and the size of the room. From an elegant thin metal leg to a more chunky industrial dining chair, with or without armrests. A bonus is that faux leather is vegan-friendly and the quality is so good today it is hard to distinguish them from a real leather dining chair…..apart from the cost, of course! Another huge plus with faux leather chairs is that they are wipe clean – perfect for wiping off any spillages or of course, little sticky fingerprints.

Room for everyone with dining benches

industrial dining table with faux leather industrial bench

Photo: Cleo Grey Faux Leather Corner Dining Bench and Low Dining Bench with Standford Industrial Dining Table.

Dining benches have come a long way since the medieval days! They are as popular in traditional farmhouse style kitchens as they are in elegant and sleek dining rooms. A reclaimed wood dining bench with industrial legs will always be a perfect match for an industrial dining table, add a cushion or two and a small throw and it will look like something straight out of a designer magazine. If you choose a dining bench with no back it will also make your dining area appear bigger as there is no back of the chairs breaking the space up. As mentioned above they are also a great way to squeeze a few extra guests around the table.

A faux leather dining bench is also a good option, especially if you need people to squeeze up a bit from time to time, to make an extra bit of room around the table.

Add some soft velvet contrast to the industrial look

industrial dining table with blue velvet dining chairs

Photo: Knightsbridge Velvet Dining Chairs with Knightbridge Industrial Dining Table

Industrial style does not have to be solely about thick black chunky legs, it can also be an elegant take on this loft-living interior style. Pair sumptuously upholstered dining chairs with a polished metal or slim coated steel to your industrial or reclaimed wood dining table to glam up your dining space and add a softening contrast. A velvet dining chair in a rich colour will brighten the space, such as blue, green or even yellow. If you prefer something more classic stick to neutrals hues, such as cream, taupe or a soft grey. And of course, always think about who will be sitting on the chairs before making a purchase. Fabric chairs may not be the best choice if you have young children with permanently sticky fingers, but if you enjoy hosting dinner parties with friends and like to linger around the table into the early hours, an upholstered chair would be a very comfortable choice. If you’re worried about how to look after your upholstered dining chairs think about the colour and texture and what works best in your home.

If you enjoyed reading this, check out more of our Ideas & Inspirations or come and be social with us @modishliving.

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Quick ways to transform a room over the weekend

Woman painting wall for quick ways to transform a room over the weekend blog

It’s that time of year when we tend to get many jobs around the house ticked off the list and a perfect opportunity to get stuck into a few quick indoor weekend DIY projects before spring is upon us. From dusting down your wooden shelves or reclaimed wood furniture to updating cushions and decorative accessories, see our tips on how to give your home a refresh in no time at all.

Woman painting a wall for quick ways to transform your room over a weekend blog

We are a proud nation of DIY’ers and spend millions every year on projects to personalise and improve our homes. This became even more of a thing during the lockdown months when home improvements were about the only thing we could do! There’s always something needing refreshing, from the hallway to the bedroom, so if you have some weekends free over the next month take a look at our handy ways to transform a space.

How to give your home a weekend makeover

1. A splash of paint

A lick of paint brightens a room in an instance and it can completely change the atmosphere of the room whether in the living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen, and it doesn’t have to take weeks. When you choose your colour you can pick a different shade of what you already have in the room or go for a bold contrasting colour if you’re really wanting to switch it up.

industrial coffee table with cream sofa for quick ways to transform your room over a weekend blog

Little final touches make all the difference here – hang some new pictures or family photographs on the wall, place a new plant pot on an industrial coffee table with a houseplant and get some new scatter cushions for the sofa and your living room will feel fresh and new.

2. Move your furniture around

Moving the furniture around is a good excuse to have a declutter and deep clean. In the bedroom make some space for a new solid wood chest of drawers or wooden dressing table for some extra storage – maybe even a blanket box at the foot of your bed? You can bring in a reading chair near the window to make yourself little space for some quiet relaxation – maybe add a new throw and scatter cushions on the bed and a new rug – your bedroom will feel as good as new. The same applies in the living room. Move a velvet armchair and wooden side table into a bay to create a new zone that can be used anytime of the day.

reclaimed wood bed with wooden bedside table

3. De-clutter and rearrange the cupboards

This is mostly for a kitchen makeover. The kitchen is always one of those places where clutter seems to accumulate. Have a sort out and sell or give away kitchen items you no longer need or use. Move everything off any open shelves to give them a good wipe down and clean any items you’re putting back up there. For a change of scene, buy a couple of new decorative pots, jars or storage containers to go on your shelves and don’t forget to add a houseplant – this always makes a room look brighter. If you need extra storage and don’t have room for a kitchen dresser add some open shelving or a small sideboard to create more space.

open wooden shelves with glass jars and plants

4. Hallway makeover

Here is one area of the home that is easy to refresh and one that will have a big impact to everyone stepping into the home. Give the right first impression by clearing away and tidying up any shoes that don’t need to be in the hallway. Give any shoe-scuffed walls a wipe down and clean or even a quick lick of paint and look at refreshing the styling on the tops of your hallway storage furniture, such as an industrial console table. Add a houseplant, table lamp or fresh bouquet of flowers or dried flowers to add a new colour. For an instant transformation, hang a mirror on the wall to not only change the look, but bounce light around your hallway.

reclaimed wood console table with glass lamp and houseplants

Reclaimed wood furniture is great for heavy traffic areas in the home – salvaged wood already has marks and undulations so it really won’t notice if someone bags a heavy school bag into it as they’re rushing out the door. Finally, add a new doormat to for a fresh new feel every time you walk through the door.

Get more makeover ideas here

Top tips: How to give your dining room a designer look

How to give your dining room a designer look blog

Whether you have a separate dining room or a dining area in an open plan kitchen, getting the right design and layout isn’t always as straight forward as it first may be seem. For the space to work you need to strike the right balance of form and style so that it’s a functional and flexible space with just the right amount of ambience. Here, we set out some top tips and advice from experts on how to design this all-important space.

grey wooden dining table with large display of flowers

Get the layout of your dining room right

Unsurprisingly, the position of the dining room table is the most important and having the right size table for the space is paramount to the success of the space. If you are starting from scratch and buying a new reclaimed wood dining table then take some advice from interior stylist interior Emily Henderson who recently told livingetc. “Where possible you should allow a walkway of at least 75cms around large furniture pieces – however, if you are really pushed for space then your walkway must be no less than 60cms”. This is a great tip, as it means you don’t have to disrupt the entire table when you want to grab something from the kitchen or your guests use the bathroom.

The dining table is the centrepiece of the room so it really shouldn’t be pushed up against the wall. If there is normally only four of you around the table then choose a smaller table rather than a table that seats eight – a great option is to consider a wooden extendable dining table, so you get the best of both worlds.

Pick the perfect seating

reclaimed wood dining tale with matching wooden bench and brown faux leather dining chairs

Comfortable seating is so important for a dining room – especially if you entertain often. Think about how you’re going to use the space and what type of seating would be best. For example if you often need extra seating around a table consider a wooden dining bench as it tend to take up less space than individual chairs. Again if space is a challenge in the room then choose narrower seats without arms as they will fit under the table better and are also easier to get in and out of. When it comes to adding style and colour to your dining space, your dining chairs are the perfect items for this. A rustic dining table looks gorgeous when paired with sumptuous green velvet dining chairs or cream upholstered dining chairs with a buttoned back for sheer sophistication.

Don’t forget about dining storage

Storage is essential in the dining room. In order to get it just right, think about how much space you have and how much you want to store – there are so many options you’ll be sure to find just the right piece. If you have plenty of room then a wonderful rustic sideboard is the obvious choice, this will provide you with acres of storage space inside together with extra space for decorative pieces on top. If you’re limited on floor space then a reclaimed wood shelving unit or a dresser is a good choice – you can display your favourite dinnerware on its shelves as well as other ornaments, plants or other items to personalise the room.

mango wood dining table with wooden kitchen dresser

Set the mood with lighting

Lighting is another important consideration in the dining room. You want to make sure it’s bright enough that you can see what you’re eating, but not so bright that you lose the ambience. A pendant light is definitely a popular solution for many a good reason. Not only do they look good, but they create a focal point. Designers recommend a dimmer switch so you can change the mood when needed. A table lamp or floor lamp is also a great choice for after dinner relaxed lighting.

Create a centrepiece

wooden dining table with vases of flowers and candlesticks

Even when it is not in use it’s nice to have a centrepiece on the dining table – it makes a dining room look styled and complete. If it’s an arrangement that you will leave on the table when you dine, make sure it is a practical size. An oversized vase with a big bouquet of flowers or dried grasses look stunning, but you will need a wooden sideboard or someplace similar to move it to whilst you’re eating, so that you can see your guests!

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Kitchen trends 2023 – and how to style them

Kitchen trends 2022 and how to style them

Considered the heart of the home, the role of ours kitchens have adapted over the past couple of years to become a multi-functional epicentre where we can eat, work, relax and socialise. As we spend more time than ever in our kitchens, you will won’t be alone if you are considering planning an upgrade this year. We’ve taken a look at three hot trending kitchen ideas for 2023 and selected our pick of rustic furniture to sit beautifully alongside these hot new designs.

3 Top Kitchen Trends for 2022

green wooden kitchen cabinets for kitchen trends blog

Back to nature

As in the rest of our homes, we are looking to connect with nature wherever possible and this trend extends in the kitchen too. The colour we are seeing again and again in the kitchen is green – in particular a muted sage or mint green, together with a deeper rich hue. We think this colour is the perfect companion for reclaimed wood furniture – natural wood is another way to connect with nature making it the ideal material to pair with a green kitchen, not to mention it being the eco-friendly option.

The Standford industrial extendable table is the perfect choice for this with the green gently softening the cool industrial look. Crafted in reclaimed wood this timeless table will be a home staple for years to come.

industrial dining table with wooden dining bench and green plants

Moody blues

dark blue kitchen for kitchen trends for 2022 blog

Darker rooms have gained popularity in interior design over the past couple of years with interior designers opting for darker shades of teal, green, grey and blue. These rich tonal colours are a great way to bring some atmosphere into the kitchen and dark navy blue units are especially having a moment. If a wall of kitchen units is too much for your space, paint an accent wall or tile your splash back in a dark blue; you can even add some sumptuous dark blue velvet dining chairs around a kitchen table to bring in this on-trend hue.

We think the golden colour of a mango wood dining table is the perfect fit for a darker kitchen, adding another layer of depth and warmth to your decor.

mango wood dining table with teal velvet dining chairs


white kitchen units with black worktop and splash back

Black and white is classic colour scheme that is making waves in kitchen design. If you opt for white kitchen units you can bring in black in so many ways – wall tiles, black marble work surfaces, new floor tiles, even a kettle and toaster. The same applies in reverse – a black kitchen with white walls and accessories make a instant eye-catching interior scheme. To complement this minimal design choose a statement dining table like the striking Blackbone rustic oak dining table in your dining space to complete the look. The solid dark oak set in an appealing parquet pattern will sit very comfortably next to a white or black kitchen.

black oak dining table with silver legs and cream fabric dining chairs


natural wooden kitchen units

Natural textures are a big deal for 2022 and the return of woodgrain in the kitchen is predicted. Natural wood will appear on units, work surfaces, floors and even walls. Pair this with neutral colours for a bright and airy feel, along with other natural accents. Any reclaimed wood dining table will work well with woodgrain units although the Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Table is our top pick. Bring in plenty of different textures to pair with a natural wood kitchen – wicker storage baskets, natural weave covers on upholstered dining chairs or rattan dining chairs, faux leather dining chairs would also look great. Or keep it natural with modern wooden dining chairs and a wooden dining bench with a faux fur throw.

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Tips to plan out the kitchen diner in your new home

kitchen with moving in boxes and ironing board

So you’ve found your new home and need to think ahead and start planning where your furniture is going to go. In this and our next blog we will look at how you can prepare to move into your new home and get your furniture lay-out planned well before you get there – I promise you this will make moving-in so much easier!

Home sweet home door mat for tips to plan out the kitchen diner in your new home blog

The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of those rooms that is needed from the minute you move in, so let’s start with the kitchen and dining room or your open plan kitchen diner.

First off, when you pack the final items into the back of your moving lorry or van, just make sure you add a kettle, cups, tea, coffee, sugar, milk and some snacks where you can easily get to them. Taking a 5-minute breather in your new home with a cup of tea or coffee to get re-charged and re-focused will make you more productive in the long run!

industrial dining table and wooden bench

Before moving-in day get the full measurements of the space – take note of where sockets, light switches, windows, doors, radiators are. Then you need to decide if the furniture you currently have will work in the new space – there’s no point paying to move it if you want to change it. If you had a formal dining room before and are now moving into a modern kitchen diner you may want to change to a modern industrial style dining table, if you are moving into a cottage then a farmhouse table may suit the style of your new home better. Maybe your dining space is bigger in your new home and you would like to add some reclaimed wood furniture, such as a rustic sideboard.

Use a floor plan to see how this will all fit in the new space – remember to take into account which way doors open and leave plenty of room around the dining table or breakfast bar to pull the dining chairs out and get around it. If the room is open plan then use zoning to define the different areas – you may want be able to fit in a modern leather sofa and TV area and create a family TV space.

reclaimed wood dining table with grey and blue velvet dining chairs

If you have a separate dining room you may want to go for a more formal reclaimed dining table and make it the focal point of the room. Think about if the lighting is in the right place? Would it work better if the ceiling light were moved? Do you need to change your wooden dining chairs to fabric dining chairs? Think about bringing in an accent colour – bold blue velvet dining chairs will give an otherwise formal room a modern splash of colour.

If your kitchen only has a little bit of spare space you may want to bring in a small wooden table and chairs that can be used for breakfasts and quick lunches. Use your floorplan to decide how big the table can be – just allow an additional metre all around it for chairs.

round dining table with brown leather dining chairs

Tips to prepare for an easy house move

brown removal boxes and armchair with dust sheet

stack of removal boxes for tips to prepare for an easy house move blog

Moving home is always stressful – no matter how organised you think you are. You may have to find a new doctor, dentists and a new school for the children – not to mention all the companies you have to inform like the DVLA, utility companies and banks…. etc. etc. etc. In this blog, we look at ways to remove some of the stress from the hard work of packing up your belongings in the house – I promise you, you will be surprised at how much stuff you have. It’s never too early to start de-cluttering and packing!

In the kitchen

The kitchen is one of those places where everything seems to accumulate – from unused gadgets to important paperwork that hasn’t been filed away. Even if you have employed a company for the packing and move day, you will still want to have a sort out – this way you will be way more organised from the get-go in your new home. File papers away, give those gadgets away, go through your pots and pans – dispose of old chipped cups that never get used. Ruthlessly go through the kitchen units and throw away any old part used packets that have been in the cupboards for a while, use up as much food that you already have in.

kitchen with moving boxes and iron board for tips to prepare for an easy house move blog

Tidy and organise everything you want to keep so it is ready to simply be wrapped and put in boxes. If you have a rustic sideboard in your kitchen or dining room you might even be able to pack some of the items inside a month or so before the move – I am sure if you have guests around for dinner they won’t mind if you are not using your best serving dishes!

reclaimed wood sideboard with open cupboard door

In the living room

Again, start decluttering wherever you can. If you have a wall display cabinet then you can pack any display items, books, CD’s and DVD’s well in advance. A good place to have a sort out are the cables behind the TV stand – sort out what you no longer need and get the rest labelled ready for reconnecting quickly in your new home.

In the bedroom

You can also make a good start in the bedrooms by donating any old clothes and packing away seasonal clothing you won’t be needing for a while. Pack spare bedding in a wooden chest….this is also a great place to pack and protect any fragile ornaments, as are drawers in a solid wood chest of drawers! You’re very unlikely to get a heavy solid wood bed out of the house in one piece so this could be another thing you can dismantle a few days before your move, leaving just the mattress on the floor. When it comes to actually moving furniture, items such as a large rustic wardrobe or other reclaimed wood furniture with drawers and doors, we suggest removing the handles and screw them back onto the furniture on the inside – this will prevent damage to items and stop them from catching as they are transported.

mattress on the floor with white covers

Top tips for an easier move

  • Start packing early
  • Decide if you will use a moving company or get friends and family to help
  • Dispose of, donate or recycle items you no longer want or need in your new home
  • Clearly label or colour code your packing boxes by room
  • Keep a folder to store utility company telephone numbers and any other important documents you might need
  • Write important dates and tasks down

Good luck! If you have any top moving tips leave them in the comment box below. We’d love to know about them.