Autumnal coloured rugs to keep you warm

Louis de Poortere Vintage Patchwork Yellow Rug

As well as keeping physically warm this autumn, adding colour and texture to your home helps the feeling of being warm and snug in our homes.

As well as cushions and throws, rugs work a treat for adding colour to the home, as well as more than a hint of warmth now that the chilly evenings and mornings are with us. Even better, our rugs can be added to any room too.

Rays of sunshine

A recent arrival to our rug collection is this beautiful bright and golden yellow rug. As soon as we saw it, we knew it would become a coveted bestseller and we weren’t wrong.

Louis de Poortere Khayma Farrago Palmyra Gold Rug

This beautiful flat weave rug would suit any room at any time of the year, but the tempered golden hues and slightly abstract design we think make it the ideal rug for autumn.

If you are looking for a modern addition to soften the sharp angles and counter the sparsity of the industrial style in the living room, this yellow rug has just enough detail and the right hue of yellow to make it the perfect addition.

Having said that, it would work well in a rustic backdrop too, complementing perfectly the brown leather sofa or leather armchair.

Muted but with plenty of colour

You will either be instantly attracted to the above yellow rug or you won’t. There are no half-measures.

Louis De Poortere Vintage Patchwork Yellow Rug

But as an alternative, this Louis de Poortere brown rug with flecks of yellow would make a perfect choice.

What also makes this a popular and stand out rug in our collection is the patchwork pattern to it. For anyone in love with the rustic or farmhouse look, this is the ideal addition.

As well as the living room, we think this rug nestling under the farmhouse table will bring a welcome not of sunshine for mealtimes when the winter weather has set in.

Shades of copper

When it comes to decadence, there is no other colour that spells out luxury and warmth like hints of copper. And this is what runs through these beautiful Louis de Poortere copper tone rugs.

Louis de Poortere Mad Men Cracks Deep Mine Rug

Dramatic with more than a hint of statement, this rug is to be admired. It will fit a room where there is drama all around it. We have seen it used in the industrial landscape of an open plan living room but have also seen it add a layer of striking drama alongside modern living room furniture.

We have to be honest, this darker shade of copper with black and browns along with its abstract design is also great for the busy family home because it can potentially hide many sins.

Mango brown and red

For the bedroom, we wouldn’t shy away from colour because if there is one room where we want to feel and see warmth, it is when we retire in the evening.

Louis De Poortere Fading World Rug - Mango Brown

This beautiful deep tones red rug is perfect. The underlay of golden orange and brown – the hint of mango wood colours – make it an ideal opposite against modern bedroom furniture.

In the spring and summer when we need freshness and coolness in the bedroom, clean, minimal and uncluttered lines are ideal. But in the winter, we want to take the starkness away and adding this deep coloured rug is perfect.

How do you add autumnal colours to your home?