Beautiful chairs to suit your reclaimed table perfectly

English Beam Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Grey Chairs

English Beam Extendable Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Chairs

The Beam collection is simply exquisite. It doesn’t need any other introduction other than that.

However, it is worth discussing the dining table a little more especially in how the choice of dining chair will highlight its patina and character.

The Table

The English Beam table is available in three coloured finishes;

The lighter finish to this reclaimed wood dining table allows the grain, knots and markings to come to the surface. Perfect for the rustic and Scandinavian-styled dining room.

The medium finish to this reclaimed wood table also allows the grain and unique patterning to rise to the surface but the darker shade to the table is perfect for the farmhouse appeal. It adds a depth of colour without sucking all the light.

The darker finish is exquisite and demands attention. For those that love the look of darker wood furniture, then this is the choice for you. Adding drama and depth to the reclaimed wood, it is a dining table that will age beautifully too.

The rules for dining chairs

Here’s the good news – there are none. But here’s the bad news – there are none. Lack of rules can mean we are uncertain about which choices work best with a certain style of dining table and finish.

Upholstered or not?

The first decision is whether to opt for a wooden chair, similar to the matching English Beam dining chair. It has a pleasing sturdiness to it, that sits beautifully with the same sturdiness of the table.

English Beam Reclaimed Wood Dining Chair

Matching chairs can be a signal of cohesiveness, but it doesn’t mean that ‘matching’ dining tables and chairs are the only options. Or, ring the changes by choosing upholstered dining chairs.

Fabric or leather?

If you want an upholstered dining chair to sit alongside your English beam rustic style table, then you have another choice to make: do you opt for the warmth of and colour of fabric, or do you introduce the appeal of leather dining chairs.

Lighter fabrics work well with all three finishes of the reclaimed wood dining table. Grey dining chairs are a popular choice for the lighter finish, giving a fresh and modern appeal to a space.

English Beam Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Brook Chairs

Lighter colours also work well as a contrast alongside the darker and medium finish – in essence, the choice of colour, shade and tone of fabric dining chairs is down to your own personal choice.

Leather dining chairs are also a popular choice and no wonder – easy to keep clean, they remain looking pristine and stunningly beautiful for a long time. As a natural material, the pattern of the leather can be as unique as the reclaimed wood of the table, something that creates a perfect connection between them.

English Beam Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Allegro Leather Chair

The allegro leather dining chair, as seen here with the industrial styled English Beam table, is a sought-after dining chair, sitting well with all three finishes of the rustic style of dining table too. Sometimes, the simple and unadorned are the best chairs for such a grandiose dining table, something that the Barton dining chair has.

Which dining chairs would you sit alongside this fabulous example of a reclaimed wood dining table?