Which bedroom colours will help you get a good nights sleep?

woman sleeping in bed with alarm clock
The clocks are changing at the weekend and we gain a valuable extra hour – yay!! But, for some, just that one hour difference can disrupt well established sleep patterns. It is a fact, based on data from sleep studies, that your bedroom colour affects how you sleep – Here we have a look at which colours you can use in the bedroom to help you settle down and sleep better, and which colours won’t.

Photo featuring: Dulwich Reclaimed Wood Bed

Blue is Best

This is the perfect colour for sleep it’s associated with calm and relaxation. In studies, people with blue bedrooms had a good quality, nearly, 8 hours of sleep. On the other end of the scale, people who slept in a purple room had the worst sleep, this colour is hard to shut out and thus prevents you from relaxing into sleep.

Available in two sizes (super king or a king size wooden bed frame) with an impressive solid wood head and footboard. Layering the bed linen and adding scatter cushions will add a cosy feel to the room, add a blue rug to reinforce the blue element in the room.

Bedroom with wooden bed and green covers, green curtains and green plants


Serene Green

Green is also up there in great colours to use for a relaxing nights sleep. On average in tests, people with green in their bedrooms had around seven and a half hours of good sleep. Green brings in nature and during studies, people tended to wake up feeling positive and upbeat. Of course, green is the colour of houseplants, a great addition in the bedroom to wake up to. With all the toxins they remove from the air and the fact they are proven to reduce stress levels. There is no better way end and start your day!

Bedroom with grey upholstered bed and bright yellow covers and yellow floor lamp

Happy Yellow

Surprisingly, yellow was actually second in good night sleep tests, with participants getting 7 hours and 40 minutes of good sleep. Yellow is a warm and relaxing, happy colour. Pale yellow is perfect as the main colour, but you can also use bright yellow as an accent colour in a neutral room to accentuate features.

Pastel coloured bedroom with pale pink upholstered bed, pink covers and grey, pink and green hanging ceiling lights

Comforting Pink

Soft pink has been a traditional bedroom colour for a girls bedroom for many years – but it is a great master bedroom colour also. Blush pink has a hint of beige to it, making it an ideal choice for the walls if you have reclaimed wood bed frame or wooden chest of drawers . Use a pink armchair to create a reading or relaxation corner in your bedroom a tranquil spot to wind down before sleep. Pink also works very well with green which means you can add green accessories such as a glass table lamp on a small bedside table, a green rug and of course some houseplants to bring in elements of nature.

Pink velvet armchair in room with dark walls and flamingo side lamp

Peaceful Silver

Silver is a more masculine colour but also conducive to a good nights sleep. It is a great neutral colour to add accent colours to – but also works well on its own. Being a very popular colour of 2020, you can easily dress an upholstered bed with some of the many throws, scatter cushions, rugs and lamps available on the market and accessorise your peaceful haven to perfection.

Close up of silver bed covers and cushions with chequered bed throw

Which colours to avoid

Try to avoid colours like red which is energetic, purple inspires creativity, brown represents gloom and dark grey which will add a depressing element to your bedroom. These colours are disruptive to sleep and will definitely not help you relax and settle down to get a good nights rest.