Bedroom storage – the value of getting the right chest of drawers

Standford Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers

It is one of the most valuable pieces of bedroom storage and yet we assume that it is simply a case of choosing a small or tall chest of drawers that goes with our reclaimed wood furniture and is within budget. As you will see, it can be more than this, so what should you consider?

1 Size

A chest of drawers is ideal for any bedroom, including shared rooms where there needs to be a range of accessible storage solutions. But like most pieces of furniture, if it’s too big or too small, there is little or no value in adding the piece to the bedroom.

When you considering size you need to consider;

Thornton Reclaimed Wood Large Chest of Drawers

i.The dimensions of the room– a large solid wood chest of drawers may be the ideal solution but if a large chest of drawers doesn’t fit in the room or swamps it, it can make your bedroom look small and overcrowded.

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Small Chest of Drawers

ii.The storage you need– some people may only need a few drawers whereas other people like a lot of drawer space. Cater to your own preferences and if space is limited, consider investing in a small chest of drawers and more of them so you can place them in different areas of the bedroom.

2 Drawer depth

The depth of the drawers that work for you depends on what you plan on storing in them. We need drawers to store everything from chunky knit sweaters to small items of jewellery.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers

Opt for the best of both worlds with shallower drawers and a small cupboard, an ideal and versatile solution for the bedroom.

Or choose a mix of longer, deeper drawers, matched with shorter, smaller drawers such as in this stunning piece from the Dorset range.

3 Tall and narrow can work

If you have a narrow and wasted space in the bedroom, a tall narrow chest of drawers would work well. Giving you extra storage space for a myriad of smaller items, the taller item of furniture won’t overcrowd the space either.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Tall Chest of Drawers

Maximise floor space with a tall chest of drawers lifted from the floor, such as this stunning simple yet stylish tall chest of drawers from the Standford Collection.

4 Style it out

Functional and practical they may be, but that doesn’t mean the chest of drawers has to be bland and dull.

In fact, most chests of drawers are the mainstay of any bedroom furniture collection and are usually the item that people examine in most detail.

Hudson Living Wycombe Oak Chest of Drawers

Style it out with the refined rustic look of the Dorset collection or opt for sleek Scandinavian chic such as this pretty 4 drawer chest from the Hudson Living Collection.

5 Quality every step of the way

We’ve all had the rickety chest of drawers that wobbled and threatened to topple when we used it or worse still, the sticking drawers that were nigh-on impossible to open and close smoothly.

Solid wood chest of drawers will last a lifetime (and longer!) and so with one eye on the budget, invest in the best set of drawers for your bedroom that you possibly can.

The appeal and steadfast nature of solid wood will make a unique style statement, something you won’t find in a flat-pack.

Beam Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers

Just take a look at this stylish, solid wood chest of drawers from the Beam Collection, for example. This will be a piece that lasts for years and years, sitting well with any style or bedroom décor changes you make.

And so you see, a chest of drawers may be simple but get it right and you’ll never hanker after another set again!