5 of the best unique coffee tables for a modern rustic style

5 of the best unique coffee tables for a modern rustic style

Without a doubt, a coffee table is one of the most important furniture pieces in your living room. It’s usually the centrepiece of your sitting area, so although coffee tables generally aren’t as big a purchase as a sofa, they can be as important by helping to centre and liven up the room – not to mention provide an opportunity to introduce some of your personality and style into the room.

We love a unique rustic coffee table for adding a style statement to a living room. It brings an instant warmth and individuality to a room no matter if the overlook look is contemporary or classic. Let’s dive right in and take a look at our edit of 5 of the best unique coffee tables for a modern rustic style.

5 of the most unique rustic coffee tables

1. Oasis Coffee Table

This gorgeous wood coffee table is a surefire way to make a dramatic impact in your living room. The table top is crafted from rustic wood that has been sand blasted clean to showcase the natural beauty, grains, shakes and splits of the wood, whilst the highly polished steel crossed leg adds a wonderful contrast. A beautiful blend of modern and rustic all wrapped up in one statement piece of living room furniture.

2. Cadagan Glass Coffee Table

If you want some pops of glamorous gold in your sitting space then you should seriously consider this industrial coffee table. Beautiful in black set in an on-trend parquet design, this large square coffee table sits on glitzy gold industrial style legs. With the right centrepiece sat atop this table you have everything you need to create the perfect unique feature piece in your living room.

3. Eastwood Rustic Oak Coffee Table

An environmentally conscious purchase doesn’t have to be overly rustic or reclaimed. Whilst reclaimed wood furniture is a great eco-choice, other sustainable options include woods such as mango wood furniture. Mango wood features a rich honey colour and although it is a hardwood, it’s malleable and easy to work with. The Eastwood Rustic Oak Coffee Table┬áis a perfect demonstration of how unusual and eye-catching sustainable furniture can look.

4. Serenity Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

An ideal choice in a smaller living room, the rustic wood and curves present an attractive piece of industrial style furniture for your living space.

5. Derby Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

The Derby reclaimed wood furniture collection is a timeless classic with each piece being authentically unique and one-of-a-kind.

Which one is your favourite? Now that’s you’ve picked your unique wooden coffee table for your modern rustic living space, read our style tips to transform a coffee table into an Insta-worthy centrepiece.