Bring a burst of colour in your home with tweed

Kirk Moon Wool Armchair

Kramer Moon Wool Armchair

Adding colour can be risky. Too much and it looks out of place and brash. Too little, however, can leave a room looking sparse and cold.

There are solutions to adding colour to a room, bringing with it warmth and texture: tweed. With a soft, open texture, tweed is a beautiful fabric made from spun wool. As a natural product, its beauty is enhanced using a mix of traditional and modern methods that make it a delightful and colourful addition to a room.

Moon Wool

Napier Harris Tweed Armchair

Heard of Moon wool? It sounds out of this world – and it is! Since 1837, Abraham Moon & Sons have been creating exquisite wool products for use in furniture manufacture. Even today, they use the same wool suppliers from New Zealand and Merino Wool from South Africa to be assured of the very best quality.

It is Moon Wool that we use to create stylish bespoke pieces, just for you. And with some of our wool upholstered items also featuring Moon Wool, you know you are getting the very best. Warm to the touch, the colours and patterns available are many and varied.

And with your stylish eye, you will soon be able to add the zing of colour you need, with the help of Harris Tweed and Moon Wool furniture.

Modern meets Tradition

Kirk Moon Wool Armchair

If you want a serious pop of colour, then the Kirk Moon wool armchair is the right choice to make. With deep purple or turquoise available, take a look at the unique finish for the back with contrasting piping that really sets this armchair apart. A perfect way, we think of mixing modern living room furniture with a hint of the traditional.

Strong Colour

Adding colour is not always about adding vibrant hues with extra zing. This deep blue armchair, the Napier Harris tweed chair, is perfect for adding depth of colour to a room. With minimal detailing, it is ostentatious or over-the-top, its height also contributing to it being an understated piece that makes a quieter statement. Keep accessories such as decorative mirrors light in detail too so that they create a cohesive sense of style.

Style it Out with Checks

Checked fabric armchairs are the perfect way of adding not only a burst of colour but detailing too. The Kramer Moon wool armchair has a range of options when it comes to coloured check and for any room, from the contemporary styled lounge to rustic heaven, this is a great choice. The unassuming shape also makes this armchair the perfect addition to the home study and the bedroom.

Kramer Moon Wool Armchair

Not Just Armchairs…

The Birley Chesterfield sofa is also completely customisable and makes the perfect partner (complimentary or contrasting!) to any of our tweet or Moon wool armchairs. The checked Harris tweed works well with the supple brown leather, as well as with the large range of Moon wool patterns too.

The Power of Colour

Colour, no matter what shade or hue, has the power to transform a room. It adds detail, warmth and detail to the eye, perfectly complimenting any style.