Easy tips to create a rustic hallway

Wall art painting by Ant Fox for Hallway

A modern rustic vibe is an often-used term, so much so that you can be forgiven for wondering exactly what it means. Does it mean everything that reminds you of a farmhouse, or is it something different? The rustic style is not so much farmhouse but the use of raw wood, matched with stone or uncovered brick work.

It means neutral, simple fabrics matched to wood furniture with texture and warmth. It means layering different coloured woods. It means simplicity, but with warmth.

Here are some tips on how to create a rustic hallway.

A Rustic Styled Hallway

The hallway is a busy space. You want it to be stylish and uncluttered, but still have a practical feel.

Console Table

The console table has, for a long, time held a favourite spot in our hearts because it provides storage for the smaller things such as keys, letters and other little bits.

An investment, a rustic console table is one that will outlast all modern trends and fashions, providing practical space combined with a classic, endless style.

Shop Worcester Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Use a Range of Woods

The rustic style is essentially about wood, a material that was in plentiful. Fast growing soft woods are popular in many styles but slow growing hard woods are the most coveted.

However, we use them quicker than they can grow and this has led to a welcome resurgence in using repurposed or reclaimed wood. To get the true rustic style, mixing the different weathered woods is a great way to pay homage.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Wall Mirror for Hallway

There are many ways of doing this, including adding a reclaimed wood mirror. Great for bouncing light and ambient light about the space, this mirror introduces another depth of colour too.

Animals and the Landscape

An original rustic styled home would look to nature for the answers in all facets of life. Art was also part of the look of a rustic home, from hand drawn pencil sketches to magnificent water colours.

Grey Hare Canvas Art Wall Painting for Hallway and Living Room for Easter

For your rustic hallway, why not take a look at a rustic canvas painting to add detail to a space? Seeing as it is spring and we are so close to Easter, a mad March Hare seems the perfect choice!

Large ‘Statement’ Pieces

The rural home was practical in every way which is probably why it is a popular styling option for the home today.

Large Rustic Metal and Gold Wall Clock 76cm for Hallway

The hallway can be a great place to have a statement piece to draw attention to one spot in the hallway. We love the idea of adding a large rustic wall clock – perfect for timing the school run just right – or maybe a grand light fitting that adds a touch of glamour.

Add a Bench

Key to a rustic style is adding a bench to the whole scheme. In the hallway, what could be better?

The perfect platform for storing school shoes and bags, as well as for little people who need help with their shoes in a morning, the reclaimed wood bench offers practicality, as well as the warmth of wood.

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The rustic look is popular, classic and timeless – perfect for any space, in so many ways. Why not incorporate it into your home?

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